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Beta Magnet Current Stability

Description: Abstract: A TEC regulator amplifier driving an Eaterline-Angus recording meter was used to record magnet current variations. Tests were made to determine magnet current variations. Tests were made to determine magnet current stability for currents from 500 amperes to 4000 amperes. Changes were necessary in both the TEC and GE regulators before currents below 2500 amperes could be regulated. Regulation to 0.025 percent for and hour was obtained for currents of 1000 to 4000 amperes with the TEC and GE regulators, and regulation to 0.05 percent for 500 ampere currents.
Date: June 8, 1947
Creator: Hudson, E. D. & Becker, M. C.
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Strong Mid-Depth Currents and a Deep Cyclonic Gyre in the Gulf of Mexico

Description: This report is about the exploration of the possibility that the deep flow around the edges of the Gulf circulates in a cyclonic, or counter-clockwise direction. The existence of this flow was purely theoretical but this study shows that such is observed reliably.
Date: May 2004
Creator: Sturges, Wilton; Chassignet, Eric & Ezer, Tal
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Gliding in Convection Currents

Description: "A survey of the possibilities of gliding in convection currents reveals that heretofore only the most simple kind of ascending convection currents, that is, the "thermic" of insolation, has been utilized to any extent. With the increasing experience in gliding, the utilization of the peculiar nature of the "wind thermic" and increased glider speed promises further advances. Evening, ocean, and height "thermic" are still in the exploration stage, and therefore not amenable to survey in their effects" (p. 1).
Date: January 1935
Creator: Georgii, W.
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The Law Relating to Air Currents

Description: In the subdivided wing section profile, the diagram of the current is entirely changed and the harmful formation of eddies is avoided through premature deflection. Pressure equalization does not occur between the upper and under sides. This report presents a discussion of the various laws relating to wing design with the conclusion being that lift increases with more acute angles of attack.
Date: March 1921
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Rotogenerative Detection of Corrosion Currents

Description: Note presenting a new technique for studying corrosion phenomena. The method permits the detection of the presence of currents produced by local cells on the surface of a corroding metal specimen. The method can be applied to the study of stress corrosion; in this case a hollow specimen if subjected to sufficient hydraulic pressure to produce the desired stress level.
Date: November 1951
Creator: McAndrew, Joseph B.; Colner, William H. & Francis, Howard T.
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Measurement of Large, High-Frequency, Short-Pulse Currents Using a Radial Shunt

Description: Abstract: "The measurement of large, high-frequency, short-pulse currents--ordinarily complicated by inductance, stray magnetic fields, and magnetic forces that tend to disassemble the measuring device--is simplified and made with an average error of 2-1/2% by the use of a specially developed noninductive radial shunt in conjuntion with an oscilloscope. The skin-effect correction is derived theoretically and the accuracy of the method is demonstrated."
Date: May 22, 1956
Creator: McFarlane, H. Bruce
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Measurements of Vertical Air Currents in the Atmosphere

Description: To summarize, the experiments with balloons, sailplanes and light airplanes conducted thus far, reveal the vertical velocities of the air to be primarily dependent on the vertical temperature distribution. Stable stratifications result in up-and-down currents forced by the contour of the ground, which are readily recognized in flight and, if need be, may be avoided.
Date: November 1931
Creator: Lange, K. O.
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Analysis of Alternating-Current Waves by the Method of Fourier, with Special Reference to Methods of Facilitating the Computations

Description: Report issued by the Bureau of Standards over analysis of alternating currents. These currents are applied with the Fourier method. Descriptions of the method, and the results are presented. This report includes tables, and illustrations.
Date: 1913
Creator: Grover, Frederick W.
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Renormalization of currents for massive fermions

Description: The renormalization of vector and axial-vector currents for massive fermions (in the ''Fermilab formalism'') is discussed. We give results for non-degenerate masses, which are needed for semi-leptonic form factors.
Date: December 1, 1998
Creator: Hashimoto, Andreas S. Kronfeld and Shoji
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Turbulent Pinch Experiments

Description: This report follows studies that were made the quasi-stable pinch produced by a relatively long duration low voltage capacitor discharge (5ma, 5kv) in a 600 cm long, 15 cm diameter metal tube.
Date: 1957
Creator: Sawyer, G. A. & Stratton, T. F.
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A Direct Current Emission Regulator

Description: The following report describes a current beam modulation designed to replace the standard regulator and to achieve an ion beam free from amplitude modulation.
Date: August 4, 1945
Creator: White, J. R. & Cameron, A. E.
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Some Remarks Concerning Soaring Flight

Description: The publication of the following details is due to the desire of the editor to have the problems of soaring flight treated on the occasion of the Rhone Soaring Flight Contest. Soaring flight is defined as motorless flight without loss of height. Some calculations are provided in order to maximize the potential effects of wind and air currents.
Date: October 1921
Creator: Prandtl, L.
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Direct-Reading Integrator

Description: Abstract: "An instrument is described which makes use of a standard watthour meter in conjunction with an amplifier to register the time integral of a varying voltage. When a suitable current shunt is used as the input element, the instrument becomes a direct-reading coulombmeter. In any of its applications the instrument is accurate to plus or minus two per cent."
Date: 1945
Creator: Waithman, V. B.; Macleish, K. G. & Frey, H. B.
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Tests of. mu. -e universality for weak neutral currents at PEP

Description: Two techniques are proposed to test the universality of the ..mu../minus/e weak neutral current interaction of large Q/sup 2/. Both techniques require large statistics and some degree of longitudinal e/sup +/,e/sup minus/ polarization but are otherwise feasible at PEP.
Date: January 1, 1988
Creator: Cline, D.B. & Resvanis, L.K.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

DO -- antiMixing and Rare Charm Decays

Description: We review the current status of flavor-changing neutral currents in the charm sector. We focus on the standard-model predictions and identify the main sources of theoretical uncertainties in both charm mixing and rare charm decays. The potential of these observables for constraining short-distance physics in the standard model and its extensions is compromised by the presence of large nonperturbative effects. We examine the possible discovery windows in which short-distance physics can be tested and study the effects of various extensions of the standard model. The current experimental situation and future prospects are reviewed.
Date: October 6, 2003
Creator: Miller, Jeanne M & Burdman, Gustavo
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

31305: Tevatron searches for compositeness

Description: Tevatron experiments have recently set or improved limits on quark and lepton compositeness. Included here are results from {radical}s = 1.8 TeV p{anti p} collider experiments D0 and CDF and from fixed target neutrino experiment CCFR, who report limits on quark-quark, quark-lepton, and quark-neutrino compositeness, respectively.
Date: November 1, 1997
Creator: Gallas, E. & Collaborations, E740 and E741
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Description: ing. Radiography was used to ore fter bending. The ultrainspect the alloys cores, ished fuel elements. as used to determine element core blanks. at ing fatigue tests were performed in the range 1300 to 1500 F, for frequencies of 6 and 60 cpm. Continuous traces of load and strain were made to determine relationships between stress, strain, and lifetime, for lifetimes vithin the range of 10/sup 3/ and 10/sup 5/ cycles. The data obtained indicate that fatigue strength, whether measured in stress, total strain, or plastic strain, is a function of both temperature and frequency. It was found that the relationship between stress and strain varies with cycles of stress reversal, never reaching an equilibrium condition. In addition, the strain behavior of a specimen during stress cycling is not continuous. Strain in the plastic region was found to occur in sudden, steplike increments which are predictable functions of temperature, stress, frequency, and cycles. (auth)
Date: June 1, 1959
Creator: Renken, C.J. & Myers, R.G.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Calculation of Eddy Currents In the CTH Vacuum Vessel and Coil Frame

Description: Knowledge of eddy currents in the vacuum vessel walls and nearby conducting support structures can significantly contribute to the accuracy of Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) equilibrium reconstruction in toroidal plasmas. Moreover, the magnetic fields produced by the eddy currents could generate error fields that may give rise to islands at rational surfaces or cause field lines to become chaotic. In the Compact Toroidal Hybrid (CTH) device (R0 = 0.75 m, a = 0.29 m, B ≤ 0.7 T), the primary driver of the eddy currents during the plasma discharge is the changing flux of the ohmic heating transformer. Electromagnetic simulations are used to calculate eddy current paths and profile in the vacuum vessel and in the coil frame pieces with known time dependent currents in the ohmic heating coils. MAXWELL and SPARK codes were used for the Electromagnetic modeling and simulation. MAXWELL code was used for detailed 3D finite-element analysis of the eddy currents in the structures. SPARK code was used to calculate the eddy currents in the structures as modeled with shell/surface elements, with each element representing a current loop. In both cases current filaments representing the eddy currents were prepared for input into VMEC code for MHD equilibrium reconstruction of the plasma discharge. __________________________________________________
Date: September 25, 2012
Creator: Zolfaghari, A.; Brooks, A; Michaels, A.; Hanson, J. & Hartwell, G.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department