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Recent Violent Crime Trends in the United States

Description: This report provides an analysis of changes in violent crime since 1960, with a focus on changes from 2014 to 2016 in violent crime and homicide rates in the 48 largest cities in the United States for which violent crime and homicide data were submitted to the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Uniform Crime Reporting Program.
Date: June 20, 2018
Creator: James, Nathan
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Tribal Criminal Jurisdiction over Non-Indians in the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Reauthorization and the SAVE Native Women Act

Description: A report looking at incidences of violence against women of American Indian ethnicity in relation to legal jurisdiction. American Indians experience violent crimes at a rate much higher than the general population. This trend carries over to domestic violence: American Indian women experience domestic and dating violence at more than twice the rate of non-Indian women. Most of this violence involves an offender of a different race. This fact creates a jurisdictional problem because tribal courts do not have criminal jurisdiction over crimes committed within the tribe's jurisdiction by non-Indians.
Date: April 18, 2012
Creator: Smith, Jane M. & Thompson, Richard M., II
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Why is Violence Rebounding in Mexico?

Description: This report discusses violence in Mexico fueled by organized crime cartels and the rising homicide rate which for 2017 based on preliminary reports will be above 18 per 100,000 persons. The rate in 2016 was 16.2 per 100,000. Various possible causes of the increase in violence discussed are the fragmentation of the Sinaloa Cartel, the increase in heroin trafficking and sales in the U.S., and the removal of major cartel bosses by the Mexican military leading to a power struggle in the organizations.
Date: November 8, 2017
Creator: Beittel, June S.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

History of the Clery Act: Fact Sheet

Description: This report discusses the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (Clery Act, 20 U.S.C. 1092). The Clery Act was enacted to increase the accountability and transparency of Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs) in meeting certain responsibilities with regard to the safety and security of students on their campuses.
Date: October 20, 2014
Creator: McCallion, Gail
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Gangs in Central America

Description: This report describes the gang problem in Central America, discusses country approaches to deal with the gangs, and analyzes U.S. policy with respect to gangs in Central America.
Date: October 17, 2008
Creator: Seelke, Clare Ribando
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

A Guide to Sources of Texas Criminal Justice Statistics

Description: This reference work was compiled as a resource for those needing assistance in locating Texas criminal justice statistics. R. Scott Harnsberger has compiled more than 600 entries describing statistical sources for Texas crime; criminals; law enforcement; courts and sentencing; adult and juvenile corrections; capital punishment and death row; victims of crime; driving/boating under the influence; traffic fatalities; substance abuse and treatment; polls and rankings; and fiscal topics such as appropriations, revenues, expenditures, and federal aid.
Date: 2011
Creator: Harnsberger, R. Scott
Partner: UNT Press

The Impact of a Model Cities Program on the Convergence of Crime Rates in a Model City Area and Residual Areas

Description: One purpose of the national Model Cities Program was to reduce the incidence of crime and delinquency in poverty blighted areas to levels prevailing in the remainder of the community. A measurable goal projected by the Austin program was to reduce crime in its Model City Area (in comparison to the rest of the city) by at least 8.73 per cent during the operational years of the program. The central problem of the study was to examine the relationships between official crime rates in the Austin Model City Area in comparison to residual areas of the city. Robbery, burglary, and auto theft rates were singled out for intensive study over the six year operational period of the program to see if they were converging with comparable rates in the rest of the city. Ultimate implication: the Model Cities Program was probably a contributing factor in the reduction of selected crimes in the Model Neighborhood and census tracts containing it.
Date: December 1976
Creator: Tinkler, B. Rollo
Partner: UNT Libraries

[News Clip: Jamaican gangs]

Description: B-roll video footage from the KXAS-TV/NBC station in Fort Worth, Texas, covering a news story about Jamaican gangs, showing a police press meeting about the cases and still image of an unidentified man. This story aired at 10pm.
Date: January 8, 1990, 10:00 p.m.
Creator: KXAS-TV (Television station : Fort Worth, Tex.)
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[News Clip: Drug war]

Description: Video footage from the KXAS-TV/NBC station in Fort Worth, Texas, covering a news story about the drug war in Dallas between the police department and drug dealers and DPD asset seizures as a police tactic. This story aired at 10pm.
Date: December 27, 1989
Creator: KXAS-TV (Television station : Fort Worth, Tex.)
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections