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The Bei Construction: A Focus Device in Chinese

Description: The bei construction has often been identified as a passive construction. This thesis uses Davis's (1983) semantic framework and Hsueh's (1989) descriptive corollaries to account for the various characteristics of the bei construction and proposes that the bei construction is not a passive construction but a more general Focus device.
Date: August 1992
Creator: Fu, Minyue
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Description: The body of the instrument is an elongated pear shape with decoration in a continuous pattern of hexagons across the entire front of the body. Inside each hexagon is an animal, a person, a tree or a flower.
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Date: 1475/1525~
Partner: UNT College of Visual Arts + Design

A Survey of Selected Chinese Students in the United States to Determine How They Receive Hometown News

Description: The problem of this study was to determine how Chinese students obtain news from home. The study was conducted in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Denton, with 182 respondents from six universities. The study determined that Chinese students obtained Chinese news from Chinese newspapers circulating in the United States. The longer Chinese students remained in the United States, the fewer letters they received from home and the fewer newspapers and clippings their family and friends sent them. The conclusion of the study was that Chinese students read Chinese newspapers because they wish to maintain ties with their hometown and culture. Students stated that Hong Kong local news was their primary item in reading Chinese newspapers.
Date: August 1981
Creator: Yang, Joe T. (Joe Tsi)
Partner: UNT Libraries

Colorful Diary

Description: Chapter I describes how my works are grounded in a Chinese point of view, based on sociological and anthropological approaches as defined in my work. The questions in my Statement of Problem deal with how I use "imbalance" in my works, yet still find a way to make acceptable compositions to better tell my stories. I relate how my work constitutes a positive act or event in an evolving world culture. Chapter II discusses the work I focused around the questions posed in Chapter I. Chapter III expresses my conclusion about my work and my goals for the future.
Date: May 2004
Creator: Wang, Nanfei
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Saxophone in China: Historical Performance and Development

Description: The purpose of this document is to chronicle and describe the historical developments of saxophone performance in mainland China. Arguing against other published research, this document presents proof of the uninterrupted, large-scale use of the saxophone from its first introduction into Shanghai's nineteenth century amateur musical societies, continuously through to present day. In order to better describe the performance scene for saxophonists in China, each chapter presents historical and political context. Also described in this document is the changing importance of the saxophone in China's musical development and musical culture since its introduction in the nineteenth century. The nature of the saxophone as a symbol of modernity, western ideologies, political duality, progress, and freedom and the effects of those realities in the lives of musicians and audiences in China are briefly discussed in each chapter. These topics are included to contribute to a better, more thorough understanding of the performance history of saxophonists, both native and foreign, in China.
Date: August 2018
Creator: Pockrus, Jason R
Partner: UNT Libraries

Filial Therapy with Chinese Parents

Description: The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of filial therapy in: (a) increasing Chinese parents' empathic behavior with their children; (b) increasing Chinese parents' attitude of acceptance toward their children; and (c) reducing Chinese parents' stress related to parenting. The experimental group, consisting of 18 Chinese parents, received 10 weekly 2-hour filial therapy training sessions and conducted a weekly 3 0-minute play session with one of their children. The control group, consisting of 16 Chinese parents, received no treatment during the ten weeks. All the parents were videotaped playing with their child before and after the training as a means of measuring change in empathic behavior. The two written self-report instruments completed for pretesting and posttesting purposes were the Porter Parental Acceptance Scale and the Parenting Stress Index. Analyses of Covariance revealed that the Chinese parents in the experimental group had significant changes in all 12 hypotheses, including (a) a significant increase in their level of empathic interactions with their children; (b) a significant increase in their attitude of acceptance toward their children; and (c) a significant reduction in their level of stress related to parenting. This study supports filial therapy as an effective intervention for Chinese parents and their children. Filial therapy equips Chinese parents with healthy parenting skills and knowledge and indirectly empowers Chinese children who experience an increase in parental empathy and acceptance. Thus, filial therapy offers significant possibilities for promoting the parent-child relationship and well-being of Chinese families.
Date: May 1996
Creator: Chau, Iris Yuen-Fan
Partner: UNT Libraries

An Analysis of the 4:2:1 Documentary

Description: As a Chinese filmmaker, I feel obligated to reveal a true story about Chinese international students. Through my subjects and my stories, I am planning to express the messages that both adapting to a new culture and paying the financial cost of a foreign education have never been simple, but we will never give up our dreams.
Date: May 2014
Creator: Li, Tingting
Partner: UNT Libraries

How To Hold a Calligraphy Brush

Description: The outline of a hand is depicted holding a calligraphy brush. To the right is Chinese text.
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Date: 1628/1644
Creator: Hu Zhengyan
Partner: UNT College of Visual Arts + Design

The King Arrives: Chinese Government Inspections and Their Effects

Description: This dissertation studies a critical facet of Chinese politics, inspections by higher Chinese government to villages. Principally, it looks at how village economic development determines government inspection decisions and how inspections, once conducted, impact village politics. Specifically, I argue that villages perceived as destabilizing to the Chinese regime, villages with higher levels of economic inequality and villages located at the two extremes of economic development, should see more inspections. In addition, I argue that inspections, in return, drive village politics: they increase village leaders' governing efficacy and raise villagers' political awareness. This theory has received strong support from both field work and quantitative empirical tests using the Chinese Household Income Project (2002) dataset.
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Date: August 2017
Creator: Xi, Jinrui
Partner: UNT Libraries

An analysis of the attempted amalgamation of western and Chinese musical elements in Huang Anlun's Piano concerto in G minor, opus 25B, a lecture recital, together with three recitals of selected works by Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Mozart, Schubert and Schumann

Description: While China possesses one of the world's richest musical heritages, it remained unaffected by Western music until early in this century. Subsequently there was a movement of nationalism in music approximately three decades after the introduction of Western music. This movement, aimed at utilizing the Western compositional techniques to create musical works that still would be uniquely Chinese, continues even today.
Date: August 1997
Creator: Pei, Yushu
Partner: UNT Libraries