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Description: A new method for the determination of the spins of neutron resonances from capture gamma-ray spectra is described. A study of the resonance levels of Na/sup 24/ was completed up to 860 kev. The levels were analyzed up to 630 kev and the distribution of the angular momenta, neutron widths, and level spacings is given. The study of the levels of F/sup 20/, and of lithium (present in the LiF sample), was started wd data were obtained up to 280 kev. The "full" condition of a liquid-nitrogen cold trap ts detected by a small carbon resistor working inio a transistor d-c amplifier. An interesting sidelight on the loss of liquid nitrogen due to materials used in the transfer of the coolant is presented. The fluorescence spectrum of a commercial plastic scintillator was determined under various experimental conditions. Studies of the influence of temperature on the efficiency of energy transfer from naphthalene to anthracene in liquid solutions are reported. A detailed study was made of reduced widths extracted from the measured differential cross sections of stripping and pickup reactions. A method for computing the imaginary part of the Delbruck scattering amplitude was developed and applied for gamma energies of 2.62 and 6.14 Mev. The magnetic moments of the er studies. A l and Houdry ThO/sub hyperons were computed with the aid of mass spectral representations. (For preceding period see ANL- 6130.) (W.D.M.)
Date: October 31, 1960
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department