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[Uncut Photographs Featuring Ted Craeger, Chuck Suber, Marshall Brown, and Gene Hall]

Description: Photographs depicting multiple scenes that feature Ted Craeger, Chuck Suber, Marshall Brown, and Gene Hall. There photos are arranged in four columns and three rows. The first row is made up of three shots of two women in a dark room. One woman is in the background and largely obscured by darkness. The woman in the foreground has short hair, is wearing a floral print, and is reading a magazine. The second column has Gene Hall standing to the right among other men. The bottom photograph has Hall standing while other men sit at tables in a room with brick walls. The first picture of the third column is of four men standing together in a room. A man wearing glasses and holding a cigarette addresses the other three. The second photo of the third column features the same man talking to two other people in a dark room decorated with small chairs and tall curtains. The third photo is of a man in a white shirt addressing a dark room of boys holding instruments and sitting at desks with sheet music. The fourth column features three similar photos, wherein images are made over a young man's left shoulder as he blows into his instrument while the white shirted man from the previous pictures gesticulates.
Date: 195u
Partner: UNT Music Library