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Studies of the Resonance Integrals of Re and Tm. Monthly Progress Report, May 1, 1963-May 31, 1963

Description: The branching ratio for the beta decay of Tm/sup 170/ was determined to be 0.22 with an uncertainty of 2%, and the internal conversion coefficient of Yb/ sup 170/ was determined by two different methods to be 7.27 and 8.8 plus or minus 0.5, respectively. Preliminary work on resonance integral and reactivity measured is described. (D.C.W.)
Date: June 1, 1963
Creator: Zagotta, W. E.
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Two RICH detectors as velocity spectrometers in the CKM experiment

Description: We present the design of two velocity spectrometers, to be used in the recently approved CKM experiment. CKM's main goal is the measurement of the branching ratio of K{sup +} {yields} {pi}{sup +} {nu}{bar {nu}} with a precision of 10%, via decays in flight of the K{sup +}. The design of both RICH detectors is based on the SELEX Phototube RICH. We will discuss the design and the expected performance, based on studies with SELEX data and Monte Carlo Simulations.
Date: September 4, 2002
Creator: al., Jurgen Engelfried et
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A high energy physics perspective

Description: The status of the Standard model and role of symmetry in its development are reviewed. Some outstanding problems are surveyed and possible solutions in the form of additional {open_quotes}Hidden Symmetries {close_quotes} are discussed. Experimental approaches to uncover {open_quotes}New Physics{close_quotes} associated with those symmetries are described with emphasis on high energy colliders. An outlook for the future is given.
Date: January 13, 1997
Creator: Marciano, W. J.
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{epsilon}{prime}/{epsilon} and rare KL decays from KTeV Experiment

Description: The authors update the current status for the measurement of the direct-CP violation parameters {epsilon}{prime}/{epsilon} in the KTeV experiment at Fermilab. Substantial statistics have been accumulated during the 1996-7 run and 1999 run for both {epsilon}{prime}/{epsilon} and rare K{sub L} decay searches. The first KTeV result on {epsilon}{prime}/{epsilon} published last year was Re({epsilon}{prime}/{epsilon}) = (28.0 {+-} 4.1) x 10{sup {minus}4} based on the 23% data from 1996-7 run. Combining with the previous E731, NA31 and the recent preliminary NA48 results, the grand average is Re({epsilon}{prime}/{epsilon}) = (19.3 {+-} 3.6) x 10{sup {minus}4} (with S = 1:49), more than 5{sigma} above zero. More data from both KTeV and NA48 after completing the analysis will further improve the precision of this measurement in the near future and hopefully further improve the agreement. New results on the branching ratio and form factor measurements of K{sub L} {r_arrow} {mu}{sup +} {mu}{sup {minus}} {gamma} using 1997 data are also presented. We find that BR(K{sub L} {r_arrow} {mu}{sup +} {mu}{sup {minus}} {gamma}) = (3.66 {+-} 0.04{sub stat} {+-} 0.07{sub syst}) x 10{sup {minus}7}. The form factor parameter {alpha}{sub K}* is measured to be {alpha}{sub K}* = {minus}0.157{sub {minus}0.027}{sup +0.025}. We make the first measurement of the parameter {alpha} from the D'Ambrosio, Isidori, and Portoles form factor, finding {alpha} = {minus}1.53 {+-} 0.09. This measurement of {alpha} limits the CKM parameter {rho} > {minus}0.2.
Date: January 16, 2001
Creator: Hsiung, Yee Bob
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MEASUREMENT OF B(K{sup +} {yields} {pi}{sup +} {nu}{bar {nu}})

Description: The experimental measurement of K{sup +} {yields} {pi}{sup +} {nu}{bar {nu}} is reviewed. New results from experiment E787 at BNL are presented: with data from 1995-97 the branching ratio has been measured to be B(K{sup +} {yields} {pi}{sup +} {nu}{bar {nu}}) = (1.5{sub {minus}1.2}{sup +3.4}) x 10{sup {minus}10}. The future prospects for additional data in this mode are examined.
Date: May 22, 2000
Creator: KETTELL,S.H.
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The CKM Experiment

Description: I describe the CKM experiment, a new initiative using the Fermilab Main Injector to obtain {approx} 100 events of the ultra-rare decay mode K{sup +} {yields} {pi}{sup +}{nu}{bar {nu}}. The branching ratio will be used to extract |V*{sub ts}V{sub td}|. Due to the decay mode's theoretical cleanliness, it plays a key role in over-constraining the Standard Model description of CP violation.
Date: October 25, 2002
Creator: Nguyen, Hogan H.
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Branching ratios from B{sub s} and {Lambda}{sub b}{sup 0}

Description: CDF Run II relative branching ratio measurements for 65 pb{sup -1} of data in the channels B{sub s} {yields} D{sub s}{sup {-+}}{pi}{sup {-+}}, {Lambda} {sub b}{sup 0} {yields} {Lambda}{sub c}{sup {+-}}{pi}{sup {-+}} and B {yields} h{sup +}h{sup -} are presented. Further, an observation of B{sub s} {yields} K{sup {+-}} K{sup {-+}} and a measurement of A{sub CP} are presented.
Date: May 28, 2004
Creator: Martin, Matthew S.
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Description: Recently a T = 1 resonance in the {Lambda}{pi} system called Y*{sub 1} has been observed with a mass of 1385 Mev. Two types of resonances have been predicted that might relate this observation to other elementary-particle interactions: (1) P 3/2 resonances in the {Lambda}{pi} and {Sigma}{pi} systems predicted by global symmetry corresponding to the (3/2, 3/2) resonance of the {pi}N system; (2) a spin-1/2 Y-{pi} resonance resulting from a bound state in the KN system. The position and width of the observed Y*{sub 1} resonance agree with both theories, but since the spin and parity have not yet been determined, it is impossible at present to distinguish between the two theoretical interpretations.
Date: April 25, 1961
Creator: Alston, Margaret H.; Alvarez, Luis W.; Eberhard, Philippe; Good,Myron L.; Graziano, William; Ticho, Harold K. et al.
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Flavor Changing Neutral Currents in ttbar Decays at D\O

Description: We present a search for flavor changing neutral currents (FCNC) in decays of top quarks. The analysis is based on a search for t{bar t} {yields} {ell}'{nu}{ell}{bar {ell}} + jets ({ell},{ell}' = e, {mu}) final states using 4.1 fb{sup -1} of integrated luminosity of p{bar p} collisions at {radical} s = 1.96 TeV. We extract limits on the branching ratio B(t {yields} Zq) (q = u, c quarks), assuming anomalous tuZ or tcZ couplings. We do not observe any sign of such anomalous coupling and set a limit of B < 3.2% at 95% C.L.
Date: September 1, 2011
Creator: McGivern, C.L. & U., /Kansas
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Reinvestigation of the Direct Two-proton Decay of the Long-lived Isomer 94Agm [0.4 s, 6.7 MeV, (21+)]

Description: An attempt to confirm the reported direct one-proton and two-proton decays of the (21+) isomer at 6.7(5) MeV in 94Ag has been made. The 0.39(4) s half-life of the isomer permitted use of a helium-jet system to transport reaction products from the 40Ca + natNi reaction at 197 MeV to a low-background area; 24 gas Delta E-(Si) E detector telescopes were used to identify emitted protons down to 0.4 MeV. No evidence was obtained for two-proton radioactivity with a summed energy of 1.9(1) MeV and a branching ratio of 0.5(3)percent. Two groups of one-proton radioactivity from this isomer had also been reported; our data confirm the lower energy group at 0.79(3) MeV with its branching ratio of 1.9(5)percent.
Date: March 5, 2009
Creator: Cerny, J.; Moltz, D. M.; Lee, D. W.; Perajarvi, K.; Barquest, B. R.; Grossman, L. E. et al.
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Final Results from the KTeV Experiment on the Decay K(L) ---> pi0 gamma gamma

Description: The authors report on a new measurement of the branching ratio B(K{sub L} {yields} {pi}{sup 0}{gamma}{gamma}) using the KTeV detector. They reconstruct 1982 events with an estimated background of 608, that results in B(K{sub L} {yields} {pi}{sup 0}{Gamma}{gamma}) = (1.29 {+-} 0.03{sub stat} {+-} 0.05{sub syst}) x 10{sup -6}. They also measure the parameter, a{sub V}, which characterizes the strength of vector meson exchange terms in this decay. They find a{sub V} = -0.31 {+-} 0.05{sub stat} {+-} 0.07{sub syst}. These results utilize the full KTeV data set collected from 1997 to 2000 and supersede earlier KTeV measurements of the branching ratio and a{sub V}.
Date: May 1, 2008
Creator: Abouzaid, E.; /Illinois U., Chicago; Arenton, M.; U., /Virginia; Barker, A.R.; U., /Colorado et al.
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CP-conserving and CP-violating properties in semileptonic Bs decays with the D0 experiment

Description: A search for CP violation has been performed in a sample of semileptonic B{sub s} decays corresponding to approximately 5 fb{sup -1} of data collected by the D0 detector in Run II at the Fermilab Tevatron collider. A time-dependent fit to the distributions of B{sub s} candidates yields the flavor-specific asymmetry as a{sub fs}{sup s} = [-1.7 {+-} 9.1(stat){sub -2.3}{sup +1.2}(syst)] x 10{sup -3}, corresponding to the most precise measurement to date for this CP violation parameter. Furthermore a search for the semi-inclusive process B{sub s} to D{sub s}{sup (*)}D{sub s}{sup (*)} has been performed on a data sample of 2.8 fb{sup -1}. 26.6 {+-} 8.4 signal events are observed with a significance of 3.2 standard deviations above background, leading to a branching ratio of 0.035 {+-} 0.010(stat) {+-} 0.011(syst). Under certain theoretical assumptions, these double-charm final states saturate CP-even eigenstates in the B{sub s} decays, resulting in a width difference of {Delta}{Lambda}{sub s}{sup CP}/{Lambda}{sub s} = 0.072 {+-} 0.021(stat) {+-} 0.022(syst).
Date: August 1, 2009
Creator: Sonnenschein, Lars
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First Observation of the Cabibbo-suppressed Decays Xi+(c) ---> Sigma+ pi- pi+ and Xi+(c) ---> Sigma- pi+ pi+ and Measurement of their Branching Ratios

Description: The authors report the first observation of two Cabibbo-suppressed decay modes, {Xi}{sub c}{sup +} {yields} {Sigma}{sup +}{pi}{sup -}{pi}{sup +} and {Xi}{sub c}{sup +} {yields} {Sigma}{sup -} {pi}{sup +}{pi}{sup +}. They observe 56 {+-} 13 over a background of 21, and 23 {+-} 7 over a background of 12 events, respectively, for the signals. The data were accumulated using the SELEX spectrometer during the 1996-1997 fixed target run at Fermilab, chiefly from a 600 GeV/c {Sigma}{sup -} beam. The branching ratios of the decays relative to the Cabibbo-favored {Xi}{sub c}{sup +} {yields} {Xi}{sup -}{pi}{sup +}{pi}{sup +} are measured to be B({Xi}{sub c}{sup +} {yields} {Sigma}{sup +}{pi}{sup -}{pi}{sup +})/B({xi}{sub c}{sup +} {yields} {Xi}{sup -} {pi}{sup +}{pi}{sup +}) = 0.50 {+-} 0.20, and B({Xi}{sub c}{sup +} {yields} {Sigma}{sup -}{pi}{sup +}{pi}{sup +})/B({Xi}{sub c}{sup +} {yields} {Xi}{sup -}{pi}{sup +}{pi}{sup +}) = 0.23 {+-} 0.11, respectively. They also report branching ratios for the same decay modes of the {Lambda}{sub c}{sup +} relative to {Lambda}{sub c}{sup +} {yields} pK{sup -}{pi}{sup +}.
Date: April 1, 2008
Creator: Vazquez-Jauregui, E.; U., /San Luis Potosi; Engelfried, J.; U., /San Luis Potosi; Akgun, U.; U., /Iowa et al.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Measurement of the Branching Ratio Lambda_c+ -> p pi+ pi-

Description: The confirmation of the Cabibbo-suppressed charm baryon decay mode {Lambda}{sub c}{sup +} {yields} p{pi}{sup +}{pi}{sup -} is reported. All data analyzed are from SELEX, a fixed target experiment at Fermilab that took data during 1996 and 1997, mainly with a 600 GeV/c {Sigma}{sup -} beam. The branching ratio of the Cabibbo-suppressed decay mode {Lambda}{sub c}{sup +} {yields} p{pi}{sup +}{pi}{sup -} relative to the Cabibbo-favored mode {Lambda}{sub c}{sup +} {yields} pK{sup -}{pi}{sup +} is measured to be: {Gamma}({Lambda}{sub c}{sup +} {yields} p{pi}{sup +}{pi}{sup -})/{Gamma}({Lambda}{sub c}{sup +} {yields} pK{sup -}{pi}{sup +}) = 0.103 {+-} 0.022.
Date: March 1, 2008
Creator: Lopez-Hinojosa, Guillermo & U., /San Luis Potosi
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

A Measurement of the Branching Ratio of the pi0 Dalitz Decay using K(L) ---> 3 pi0 Decays from KTeV

Description: The authors present a measurement of B({pi}{sup 0} {yields} e{sup +}e{sup -}{gamma})/B({pi}{sup 0} {yields} {gamma}{gamma}) using data taken in 1999 by the E832 KTeV experiment at Fermilab. The {pi}{sup 0}s were produced by K{sub L} decays in flight that are fully reconstructed. They find 63,693 K{sub L} {yields} 3{pi}{sup 0} {yields} {gamma}{gamma} {gamma}{gamma} e{sup +}e{sup -}{gamma} decays in KTeV data (an increase of a factor of {approx} 20 in event statistics over previous experiments), and normalize to K{sub L} {yields} 3{pi}{sup 0} {yields} 6{gamma}, to extract B({pi}{sup 0} {yields} e{sup +}e{sup -}{gamma}, m{sub e{sup +}e{sup -}} > 15 MeV/c{sup 2})/B({pi}{sup 0} {yields} {gamma}{gamma}) = (3.920 {+-} 0.016 {+-} 0.036) x 10{sup -3}, where the first error is statistical and the second is systematic. Using the Mikaelian and Smith prediction for the e{sup +}e{sup -} mass spectrum as implemented in the KTeV Monte Carlo to correct to the full e{sup +}e{sup -} mass range yields B({pi}{sup 0} {yields} e{sup +}e{sup -}{gamma})/B({pi}{sup 0} {yields} {gamma}{gamma}) = (1.1559 {+-} 0.0046 {+-} 0.0107)%. This result is consistent with previous measurements and with theoretical predictions, and the uncertainty is a factor of three smaller than any previous measurement.
Date: August 1, 2007
Creator: Abouzaid, Erin E. & U., /Chicago
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Measurement of the branching ratios psi-prime ---> e+ e-, psi-prime ---> J/psi pi pi and psi-prime ---> J/psi eta

Description: The authors have measured several branching ratios for {psi}' decay using the data collected by FNAL E835 experiment during year 2000, obtaining {beta}({psi}' {yields} e{sup +}e{sup -}) = 0.0068 {+-} 0.0001 {+-} 0.0004, {beta}({psi}' {yields} J/{psi}{pi}{sup +}{pi}{sup -}) = 0.292 {+-} 0.005 {+-} 0.018, {beta}({psi}' {yields} J/{psi}{pi}{sup 0}{pi}{sup 0}) = 0.167 {+-} 0.005 {+-} 0.014 and {beta}({psi}' {yields} J/{psi}{eta}) = 0.028 {+-} 0.002 {+-} 0.002. They also present a measurement of the dipion mass distribution in the decays {psi}' {yields} J/{psi}{pi}{pi}.
Date: February 1, 2005
Creator: Andreotti, M.; Bagnasco, S.; Baldini, W.; Bettoni, D.; Borreani, G.; Buzzo, A. et al.
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Measuring the branching ratio of the rare decay pi0 --> e+ e-

Description: A precise branching ratio measurement of the rare decay {pi}{sup 0} {yields} e{sup +}e{sup -} has been made. The measurement was made with the rare kaon decay experiment KTeV at Fermilab where the source of {pi}{sup 0}s was K{sub L} {yields} {pi}{sup 0}{pi}{sup 0}{pi}{sup 0} decaying in flight. A total of 794 fully reconstructed K{sub L} {yields} 3{pi}{sup 0} events consistent with two of the intermediate {pi}{sup 0}s decaying into {gamma}{gamma} and one into e{sup +}e{sup -} were collected. An estimated 53.2 {+-} 11.0 of these events were expected to be background. Normalizing to the {pi}{sup 0} Dalitz decay they found Br({pi}{sup 0} {yields} e{sup +}e{sup -}, (m{sub e{sup +}e{sup -}}/m{sub {pi}{sup 0}}){sup 2} > 0.95) = (6.44 {+-} 0.25(stat) {+-} 0.22(syst)) x 10{sup -8} where internal radiation, {pi}{sup 0} {yields} e{sup +}e{sup -}({gamma}), was limited by the requirement (m{sub e{sup +}e{sup -}}/m{sub {pi}{sup 0}}){sup 2} > 0.95 which separated it from the tree level Dalitz decay, {pi}{sup 0} {yields} e{sup +}e{sup -}P{gamma}.
Date: February 1, 2006
Creator: Niclasen, Rune & U., /Colorado
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Semileptonic Form-factors from B-> K* gamma Decays in the Large Energy Limit

Description: Making use of the measurement of the $B\to K^*\gamma$ branching ratio together with the relations following from the limit of high recoil energy, we obtain stringent constraints on the values of the form-factors entering in heavy-to-light $B\to V\ell\ell'$ processes such as $B\to K^*\ell^+\ell^-$, $B\to K^*\nu \bar\nu$ and $B\to \rho\ell\nu$ decays. We show that the symmetry predictions, when combined with the experimental information on radiative decays, specify a severely restricted set of values for the vector and axial-vector form-factors evaluated at zero momentum transfer, $q^2=0$. These constraints can be used to test model calculations and to improve our understanding of the $q^2$-dependence of semileptonic form-factors. We stress that the constraints remain stringent even when corrections are taken into account.
Date: November 21, 2000
Creator: Burdman, Gustavo & Hiller, Gudrun
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Search for the decay K+ to pi+ gamma gamma in the pi+ momentum region P > 213 MeV/c

Description: We have searched for the K{sup +} {yields} {pi}{sup +}{gamma}{gamma} decay in the kinematic region with {pi}{sup +} momentum close to the end point. No events were observed, and the 90% confidence-level upper limit on the partial branching ratio was obtained, B(K{sup +} {yields} {pi}{sup +}{gamma}{gamma}, P > 213 MeV/c) < 8.3 x 10{sup -9} under the assumption of chiral perturbation theory including next-to-leading order ''unitarity'' corrections. The same data were used to determine an upper limit on the K{sup +} {yields} {pi}{sup +}{gamma} branching ratio of 2.3 x 10{sup -9} at the 90% confidence level.
Date: May 1, 2005
Creator: Artamonov, A.V.; Bassalleck, B.; Bhuyan, B.; Blackmore, E.W.; Bryman, D.A.; Chen, S. et al.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Measurement of BR(Bu to phi K)/BR(Bu to J/psi K) at the collider detector at Fermilab

Description: This thesis presents evidence for the decay mode B{sup {+-}} {yields} {phi}K{sup {+-}} in p{bar p} collisions at {radical}s = 1.96 TeV using (120 {+-} 7)pb{sup -1} of data collected by the Collider Detector at Fermilab (CDF). This signal is then used to measure the branching ratio relative to the decay mode B{sup {+-}} {yields} J/{psi}K{sup {+-}}. The measurement starts from reconstructing the two decay modes: B{sup {+-}} {yields} {phi}K{sup {+-}}, where {phi} {yields} K{sup +}K{sup -} and B{sup {+-}} {yields} J/{psi}K{sup {+-}}, where J/{psi} {yields} {mu}{sup +}{mu}{sup -}. The measurement yielded 23 {+-} 7 B{sup {+-}} {yields} {phi}K{sup {+-}} events, and 406 {+-} 26 B{sup {+-}} {yields} J/{psi}K{sup {+-}} events. The fraction of B{sup {+-}} {yields} J/{psi}K{sup {+-}} events where the J/{psi} subsequently decayed to two muons (as opposed to two electrons) was found to be f{sub {mu}{mu}} = 0.839 {+-} 0.066. The relative branching ratio of the two decays is then calculated based on the equation: BR(B{sup {+-}} {yields} {phi}K{sup {+-}})/BR(B{sup {+-}} {yields} J/{psi}K{sup {+-}}) = N{sub {phi}K}/N{sub {psi}K} {center_dot}f{sub {mu}{mu}} BR(J/{psi} {yields} {mu}{sup +}{mu}{sup -})/BR({phi} {yields} K{sup +}K{sup -}) {epsilon}{sub {mu}{mu}}K/{epsilon}KKK R({epsilon}{sub iso}). The measurement finds BR(B{sup {+-}} {yields} {phi}K{sup {+-}})/BR(B{sup {+-}} {yields} J/{psi}K{sup {+-}}) = 0.0068 {+-} 0.0021(stat.) {+-} 0.0007(syst.). The B{sup {+-}} {yields} {phi}K{sup {+-}} branching ratio is then found to be BR(B{sup {+-}} {yields} {phi}K{sup {+-}}) = [6.9 {+-} 2.1(stat.) {+-} 0.8(syst.)] x 10{sup -6}. This value is consistent with similar measurements reported by the e{sup +}e{sup -} collider experiments BaBar[1], Belle[2], and CLEO[3].
Date: October 1, 2004
Creator: Napora, Robert A. & U., /Johns Hopkins
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Study of the Rare Decay K(L) ---> pi0 gamma gamma at KTeV

Description: The authors study on the rare decay K{sub L} {yields} {pi}{sup 0}{gamma}{gamma}, measure a{sub V}, and branching ratio by analyzing 96, 97 and 99 data. The measurements were taken by KTeV at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. After all cuts, they have 1982 K{sub L} {yields} {pi}{sup 0}{gamma}{gamma} candidate. The background level is estimated as 30%. K{sub L} {yields} {pi}{sup 0}{gamma}{gamma} branching ratio is measured as (1.29 {+-} 0.03(stat) {+-} 0.04(sys)) x 10{sup -6}. By using D'Ambrosio's theory to fit a{sub V}, a{sub V} = -(-0.31 {+-} 0.05(stat) {+-} 0.07(sys)).
Date: August 1, 2007
Creator: Wang, Jianbo & U., /Arizona
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

First measurement of the b^0_s semileptonic branching ratio to an orbitally excited d _s** state

Description: In a data sample of approximately 1.3 fb{sup -1} collected with the D0 detector between 2002 and 2006, the orbitally excited charm state D{sub s1}{sup {+-}}(2536)has been observed with a measured mass of 2535.7 {+-} 0.6(stat) {+-} 0.5(syst) MeV/c{sup 2} via the decay mode B{sub s}{sup 0} {yields} D{sub s1}{sup -}(2536){mu}{sup +}{nu}X followed by D{sub s1}{sup {+-}}(2536) {yields} D*{sup {+-}}K{sub S}{sup 0}. By normalizing to the known branching ratio Br({bar b} {yields} D*{sup -} {mu}{sup +}{nu}X) and to the number of reconstructed D* mesons with an associated identified muon, a first-ever measurement is made of the product branching ratio ({bar b} {yields} D{sub s1}{sup -}(2536){mu}{sup +}{nu}X) {center_dot} Br(D{sub s1}{sup -} {yields} D*{sup -}K{sub S}{sup 0}). Assuming that D{sub s1}{sup -}(2536) production in semileptonic decay is entirely from B{sub s}{sup 0}, an extraction of the semileptonic branching ratio Br(B{sub s}{sup 0} {yields} D{sub s1}{sup -}(2536){mu}{sup +}{nu}X) is made. Comparisons are made with theoretical expectations.
Date: December 1, 2007
Creator: Rieger, Jason & U., /Indiana
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department