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Thermodynamic study of the MWG system/components and measurement of the oxygen partial pressure in the heat source capsule

Description: A thermodynamic study of the Milliwatt Generator heat source capsule was performed to determine the effects of the oxide fuel on container materials at elevated temperatures in order to evaluate the factors affecting embrittlement of T-111 alloy. The study indicates that relatively slow oxidation of the T-111 of the capsule occurs during pretreatment. Yttrium added to the /sup 238/PuO/sub 2/ fuel charge is functioning in its designed role as an oxygen getter and is stabilizing at an O/Pu ratio of 1.75. The free energy of formation of hafnium oxide has been measured and found to be -70632 cal/mole; this suggests that the ability of hafnium to strongly function as an oxygen getter may be largely determined by the kinetics, and the free energy may play a lesser role.
Date: June 23, 1980
Creator: David, D.J.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department