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Brain-reactive antibodies: molecular specificity and relationship to biological aging

Description: Brain-reactive antibodies (BRA) increase in frequency with age in several mammalian species and may be involved in the pathogenesis of age-related dementia. In this experiment, the molecular specificity of BRA in mouse sera was determined using an immunoblot assay, and the relationship of BRA to longevity was studied by comparing the rate of formation of specific BRAs in diet restricted C57BL/6NNia, B6D2F1/NNia, and DBA/2NNia, genotypes which differ markedly in life-span.
Date: May 1991
Creator: Apte, Vaijayanti
Partner: UNT Libraries

Are the Needs of North Dakota's Aging Population with Developmental Disabilities Being Overlooked?

Description: North Dakota is faced with the challenge of meeting the needs of its growing population of elderly persons aging with a developmental disability. The challenge of creating new service models presents itself to professionals in the fields of Aging and Developmental Disabilities. Traditionally, the aging person with a developmental disability has been sent to nursing homes or grouped into community programs with younger persons with developmental disability. North Dakota is looking toward the future of caring for this special population through integration with elderly without disabilities.
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Date: May 2002
Creator: Clark, Amy Klein
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Journal for Vocational Special Needs Education

Description: This issue of the Journal for Vocational Special Needs focuses on the aging process and its effects on society and the workforce. Aging is the one experience that we all have in common. Individuals are expected to live longer in the future. Many will undoubtedly work beyond the traditional retirement age. This means that the composition of workers will be a blend of people, both young and old.
Date: 1998
Creator: Allen, Jeff M.; Sarkees-Wircenski, Michelle & West, Lynda L.
Partner: UNT College of Information

Get Up and Move: Independence and Maneuverability Related to Regular Exercise among Non-institutionalized Elderly Adults [Presentation]

Description: Presentation for the 2007 University Scholars Day at the University of North Texas discussing research on independence and maneuverability related to regular exercise among non-institutionalized elderly adults.
Date: March 29, 2007
Creator: Soltau, Heather & Swan, James H.
Partner: UNT Honors College

Effect of Age on Likelihood to Test for Hiv

Description: HIV/AIDS can affect individuals of any age. Efforts to educate those considered to be most at-risk, based on the age at which the most individuals are infected, are ongoing and public. Less work and mainstream education outreach, however, is being directed at an older population, who can be more likely to contract HIV, is more susceptible to the effects of HIV, and more likely to develop AIDS, than younger persons. Guided by the Health Belief Model theory, research was conducted to determine what, if any, relationship existed between age of an individual and the possibility that an HIV test will be sought. Factors of gender, education, ethnicity and marital status were included in analyses. the research indicated that as age increased, likelihood for getting an HIV test decreased. Overall, most individuals had not been tested for HIV. the implications of an aged and aging population with HIV include a need for coordinated service delivery, increased education and outreach.
Date: May 2012
Creator: Dreyer, Katherine
Partner: UNT Libraries

Artificial Aging of Riveted Joints Made in Alclad 24S-T Sheet Using A17S-T, 17S-T, and 24S-T Rivets

Description: Note presenting an investigation of the effect of artificial aging on the strengths of driven rivets of the alloys used commercially for rivets: specifically, A17S-T, 17S-T, and 24S-T. The change in shear strength for each type of rivet after being exposed to artificial aging treatment of 10 hours at 375 degrees Fahrenheit applied to the driven rivets is described.
Date: September 1944
Creator: Zamboky, A. N.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Effect of Aging Aircraft Structures on Magnesium Parts

Description: Note presenting an analysis of a procedure for artificially aging assemblies and subassemblies to improve the strength properties of the wrought aluminum alloys comprising their principal structure. Information is given on the magnesium alloys which may be present. The forms in which magnesium alloys may be encountered are casings, extrusions, forgings, and sheet.
Date: April 1945
Creator: Winston, A. W.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Aging Is a Determinant in Anoxia Stress Tolerance in Caenorhabditis Elegans

Description: Oxygen availability is critical for survival for most organisms. The nematode, C. elegans, has been useful for studying genetic regulation of anoxia tolerance due to the oxygen deprivation response mechanisms shared with other metazoans. Studies examining long-term anoxia (72h, LTA) tolerance have only been conducted at adult day 1. To investigate the effect of aging on anoxia tolerance wild-type and mutant strains were exposed to LTA between adult day 1 and day 9. Wild-type isolates and daf-16(mu86) (FOXO transcription factor regulated by insulin-signaling) and aak-2(gt33) (catalytic subunit of AMP-activated protein kinase) strains were anoxia sensitive at day 1 and displayed increased LTA tolerance with aging correlated with reproductive senescence followed by a decline in survivorhsip through day 9. The daf-2(e1370) (insulin receptor homologue of C. elegans), glp-1(e2141) (a lin-12/Notch receptor) and fog-2(q71) (required for spermatogenesis) strains were LTA-tolerant through day 5. I conclude that aging influences LTA-tolerance in a strain- and age-dependent manner. In addition to being LTA-tolerant the daf-2(e1370) and glp-1(e2141) strains have a longevity phenotype that is suppressed by loss of kri-1 or daf-12. While loss of kri-1 did not suppress the LTA-tolerant phenotype of glp-1(e2141) at day 1 the portion of impaired survivors increased at day 3 and by day 5 tolerance was suppressed. Similarly, when exposed to 4 days of anoxia the glp-1(e2141);daf-12(rh41rh611) double mutant had a reduced survivor rate at all ages analyzed compared to glp-1(e2141) controls. To better understand formation of an anoxia-tolerant physiology I exposed adults to one or more 24h bouts. Recurrent bouts increased LTA tolerance in wild-type hermaphrodites in a dose-dependent manner. Bout-treated daf-16(mu86) animals had increased survival rate compared to controls yet maximum survival remained below age-matched wild-type. Anoxia bouts decreased LTA-tolerance in aak-2(gt33) mutants, indicating the requirement for ATP regulation in establishing an LTA-tolerant phenotype. These data support the ...
Date: May 2013
Creator: Goy, Jo M.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Witchcraft: a Targeted Societal Discrimination Against Women in Northern Ghana

Description: A combination of aging and poverty is becoming dominant in African society today, at a time when African countries are expected to be recovering from poverty, and are projected to house the economic growth of the next century. The emergence of aging in African context and the aging of the world population will expose the weakness of the current mechanisms used for older people around the world. As economies grow around the world, the distribution gap between the affluent and the poor widens, and the constant struggles for wealth, power, and social status, amidst scarce resources, continue to be sustained. To remain in charge of economic resources, the powerful few devise means to disenfranchise the weak, and witchcraft accusation is one of such tools used in Northern Ghana today. A new wave of witchcraft accusation has caught the attention of many in Northern Ghana. These victims with certain socioeconomic characteristics appear helpless and without defense against such accusations. As a result, they suffer untold hardships and are often compelled to leave their homes and to reside in camps reserved for witches. This study was undertaken to identify those sociodemographic characteristics, which are commonly shared by witchcraft accusation victims. These sociodemographic characteristics can be used to predict those who are most likely to be discriminated against using accusations of witchcraft in Northern Ghana. As age places more strain on existing systems and as more people survive into old age with inadequate healthcare, more accusations may be predicted to occur against the elderly, unless enough government intervention is used to address the present redistribution of income in third world countries.
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Date: December 2013
Creator: Atumah, Oscar Nwagbo
Partner: UNT Libraries

Proceedings of the Inaugural Meeting of the International Forum for Reactor Aging Management (IFRAM)

Description: In almost all countries with nuclear power plants (NPPs), regulatory authorities and the nuclear industry are looking at some form of extended operating periods. To support life extension activities it is necessary to ensure the continued safety and reliability of system, structures, and components, and the component materials. Internationally, a variety of individual national and international activities have been initiated including Plant Life Management through the International Atomic Energy Agency, Electric Power Research Institute’s Long Term Operation program, and various national programs in managing materials degradation and related topics. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) engaged the international community in workshops in 2005-2006 to identify research needs and to collect information in an expert panel report on Proactive Management of Materials Degradation (PMMD), which was reported in NUREG/CR-6923. These results are also available via an Information Tool on the internet at http://pmmd.pnl.gov. This information builds on the extensive compilations known as the GALL Report (Generic Aging Lessons Learned, NUREG-1801, Vols. 1 and 2). Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) recently issued a report on the review of various international activities in PMMD (PNNL-17779). There have also been initiatives by Electricite de France, Tokyo Electric Power Company, EPRI, and others to establish a "Materials Aging Institute." Within the materials degradation research community there are also networks and technical meetings focused on some elements of PMMD. In spite of all these efforts, there is currently no forum to bring together these diverse activities and provide coordinated information exchange and prioritization of materials aging management/PMMD topics. It is believed that the International Forum for Reactor Aging Management (IFRAM) would be a good way to achieve this goal and help develop new approaches for ensuring continued safe operation in existing and future nuclear power plants. To begin addressing this need, NRC has established a Proactive ...
Date: September 1, 2011
Creator: Bond, Leonard J. & Brenchley, David L.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Non-Poissonian statistics, aging and "blinking'" quantum dots.

Description: This dissertation addresses the delicate problem of aging in complex systems characterized by non-Poissonian statistics. With reference to a generic two-states system interacting with a bath it is shown that to properly describe the evolution of such a system within the formalism of the continuous time random walk (CTRW), it has to be taken into account that, if the system is prepared at time t=0 and the observation of the system starts at a later time ta>0, the distribution of the first sojourn times in each of the two states depends on ta, the age of the system. It is shown that this aging property in the fractional derivative formalism forces to introduce a fractional index depending on time. It is shown also that, when a stationary condition exists, the Onsager regression principle is fulfilled only if the system is aged and consequently if an infinitely aged distribution for the first sojourn times is adopted in the CTRW formalism used to describe the system itself. This dissertation, as final result, shows how to extend to the non-Poisson case the Kubo Anderson (KA) lineshape theory, so as to turn it into a theoretical tool adequate to describe the time evolution of the absorption and emission spectra of CdSe quantum dots. The fluorescence emission of these single nanocrystals exhibits interesting intermittent behavior, namely, a sequence of "light on" and "light off" states, departing from Poisson statistics. Taking aging into account an exact analytical treatment is derived to calculate the spectrum. In the regime fitting experimental data this final result implies that the spectrum of the "blinking" quantum dots must age forever.
Date: August 2004
Creator: Aquino, Gerardo
Partner: UNT Libraries

Histological and fine structural alterations in the aging rat ventral prostate gland

Description: The purpose of this study was to examine the ventral prostate from Sprague-Dawley rats of the ages two, twelve, and twenty-four months to determine the extent of histological and fine structural change. The tissue was processed for routine light and electron microscopy.
Date: August 1982
Creator: Bentley, Evert Randall
Partner: UNT Libraries

Legal Compliance in Guardianship Cases An Exploratory Study: Investigating Denton County Probate Court Visitors' Program Success with Legal Compliance in Guardianship Cases in 2013

Description: Dabner, Carol P. Legal Compliance in Guardianship Cases. An Exploratory Study: Investigating Denton County Probate Court Visitors' Program Success with Legal Compliance in Guardianship Cases. Doctor of Philosophy (Applied Gerontology), December 2016, 140 pp., 18 tables, references, 20 titles. Aim: To evaluate the effectiveness of the legal compliance of the Denton County Probate Court Visitor's program in the year 2013. Rationale: Guardianship case management success is based on the presence of legal compliance of both guardians and the Court. When a guardian is legally compliant, a ward is receiving the statutorily minimum standards of care. Legal compliance equates (evidence of) the Ward receiving legally sufficient care. Research has not been vast; it has been consistent as to necessity of guardianship training, monitoring, and narrow focus of research. Evidence based research will assist in defining and developing appropriate court monitoring programs, which can add to the quality of care for elderly and disabled adults. Methods: 1,300 guardianship cases in the probate court. Of these cases, 910 had annual reports of the person filed, which 304 were reviewed using the Legal Compliance Audit. Eight (8) factors of compliance were reviewed with three (3) being Court actions and five (5) being guardian actions. Results: Exploratory study provides evidence based research of the necessary changes to develop the Denton County Probate Court Visitor's program. The guardians are more legal compliant than the Court.
Date: December 2016
Creator: Dabner, Carol Patrice
Partner: UNT Libraries

Effect of Aging on Mechanical Properties of Aluminum-Alloy Rivets

Description: "Curves and tabular data present the results of strength tests made during and after 2 1/2 years of aging on rivets and rivet wire of 3/16-inch nominal diameter. The specimens were of aluminum alloy: 24s, 17s, and a17s of the duralumin type and 53s of the magnesium-silicide type" (p. 353).
Date: February 7, 1941
Creator: Roop, Frederick C.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Effect of Aging on Mechanical Properties of Aluminum-Alloy Rivets

Description: "Curves and tabular data present the results of strength tests made during and after 2 1/2 years of aging on rivets and rivet wire of 3/16-inch nominal diameter. The specimens were of aluminum alloy: 24S, 17S, and A17S of the duralumin type and 53S of the magnesium-silicide type" (p. 1).
Date: April 1941
Creator: Roop, Frederick C.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Effects of an Aging Treatment on Life of Small Cast Vitallium Gas-Turbine Blades

Description: Note presenting an investigation conducted to determine the effects of an aging treatment on the life of a small cast Vitallium gas-turbine blades operated at a blade temperature of approximately 1500 degrees Fahrenheit and a stress of 20,000 pounds per square inch at the blade-failure plane. Twenty blades that were aged for 48 hours at 1500 degrees Fahrenheit were compared with 33 unaged blades. Results regarding turbine evaluation and metallurgical examination are provided.
Date: March 1950
Creator: Hoffman, Charles A. & Yaker, Charles
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Practical Issues in Component Aging Analysis

Description: This paper examines practical issues in the statistical analysis of component aging data. These issues center on the stochastic process chosen to model component failures. The two stochastic processes examined are repair same as new, leading to a renewal process, and repair same as old, leading to a nonhomogeneous Poisson process. Under the first assumption, times between failures can treated as statistically independent observations from a stationary process. The common distribution of the times between failures is called the renewal distribution. Under the second process, the times between failures will not be independently and identically distributed, and one cannot simply fit a renewal distribution to the cumulative failure times or the times between failures. The paper illustrates how the assumption made regarding the repair process is crucial to the analysis. Besides the choice of stochastic process, other issues that are discussed include qualitative graphical analysis and simple nonparametric hypothesis tests to help judge which process appears more appropriate. Numerical examples are presented to illustrate the issues discussed in the paper.
Date: September 1, 2008
Creator: Kelly, Dana L.; Rodionov, Andrei & Uwe-Klugel, Jens
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department