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$sup 235$U enrichment determination using $sup 4$He proportional counters

Description: Two independent techniques ---one passive and one active ---for determining /sup 235/U enrichment in UF/sub 6/ have been developed utilizing /sup 4/He proportional counters. Enrichment value precisions with both techniques on the order of 3- to 5-% have been demonstrated during three field trials at the Oak Ridge and Goodyear Atomic Gaseous Diffusion Plants. With the prototype system used during field trials statistical precisions of better than 2% were obtained for typical type 30 and 48 UF/sub 6/ cylinders in count periods of 300 seconds or less for both techniques. The same portable electronics package and / sup 4/He counter system are used for both techniques. The principle of the active technique is that of thermal neutron-induced fission of /sup 235/U followed by fast prompt neutron detection. (auth)
Date: January 1, 1973
Creator: Caldwell, J.T.; Evans, J.L.; Fehlau, P.E. & Whittlesey, T.H.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

UF$sub 6$ enrichment monitor: operating procedures manual

Description: This manual describes the construction and operation of a UF/sub 6/ enrichment monitor for the continuous measurement of percent /sup 235/U and percent /sup 234/U in a liquid UF/sub 6/ stream. The system uses a gamma enrichment meter to measure /sup 235/U and /sup 3/He neutron detectors to measure /sup 234/U. It is presently installed at the Goodyear Atomic Corporation gaseous diffusion plant in Piketon. Ohio. (auth)
Date: January 1, 1974
Creator: Reilly, T.D.; Martin, E.R. & Parker, J.L.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department