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Primary view of Mark-1 Cryostat Status Report Q1 and Q2, FY03
Bernat, T. P.
July 1, 2003
Primary view of Physical and Liquid Chemical Simulant Formulations for Transuranic Waste in Hanford Single-Shell Tanks
Rassat, Scot D.; Bagaasen, Larry M.; Mahoney, Lenna A.; Russell, Renee L.; Caldwell, Dustin D. & Mendoza, Donaldo P.
July 30, 2003
Primary view of Practical Physiological Monitoring Protocol for Heat Strain Control
Anderson, R. B.; Johnson, J. S.; Burastero, S. R. & Gilmore, O.
July 1, 2003
Primary view of Investigation into the Role of Initial Conditions on Rayleigh-Taylor Instabilities by Low Atwood Experiments and Simulations
Mueschke, N; Andrews, M & Schilling, O
July 14, 2003
Primary view of Nonradiological Environmental Report Maamora Site, Morocco
Althouse, P E; Blake, R G; Bandong, B B; Belghit, H & Dehbi, N
July 17, 2003
Primary view of A Database of LLNL Sensor Technologies
Twogood, R E & O'Brien, K
July 23, 2003
Primary view of Chemistry and Materials Science Directorate 2003 Postdoctoral Symposium
Arsenlis, A.
July 16, 2003
Primary view of Fish Passage Through a Simulated Horizontal Bulb Turbine Pressure Regime: A Supplement to"Laboratory Studies of the Effects of Pressure and Dissolved Gas Supersaturation on Turbine-Passed Fish"
Abernethy, Cary S.; Amidan, Brett G. & Cada, G. F.
July 31, 2003
July 31, 2003
Primary view of Renewable Energy for Water Pumping Applications In Rural Villages; Period of Performance: April 1, 2001--September 1, 2001
Argaw, N.; Foster, R. & Ellis, A.
July 1, 2003
Primary view of Area Monitoring Dosimeter Program for the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory: Results for CY 2002
Bivins, Steven R. & Stoetzel, Gregory A.
July 9, 2003
Primary view of Science& Technology Review July/August 2003
McMahon, D H
July 1, 2003
Primary view of Properties of Wide-Gap Chalcopyrite Semiconductors for Photovoltaic Applications: Final Report, 8 July 1998 -- 17 October 2001
Rockett, A.
July 1, 2003
Primary view of Edge Detection to Isolate Motion in Adaptive Optics Systems
Chan, C W
July 11, 2003
Primary view of NIF Anti-Reflective Coating Solutions: Preparation, Procedures and Specifications
Suratwala, T; Carman, L & Thomas, I
July 1, 2003
Primary view of Energy Design Analysis and Evaluation of a Proposed Air Rescue and Fire Fighting Administration Building for Teterboro Airport
Griffith, B.; Pless, S.; Talbert, B.; Deru, M. & Torcellini, P.
July 1, 2003
Primary view of Nondestructive Evaluation Quality Procedure: Personnel Qualification and Certification Radiographic Testing-Levels I& II
Dolan, K; Rikard, R D & Rodriquez, J
July 1, 2003
Primary view of 2003 Initial Assessments of Closure for the C Tank Farm Field Investigation Report (FIR):Numerical Simulations
Zhang, Z. F.; Freedman, Vicky L. & White, Mark D.
July 15, 2003
Primary view of Simulation of Time-Reversal Processing for Electromagnetic Communication
Burke, G J & Poggio, A J
July 25, 2003
Primary view of Wind Energy Resource Atlas of Armenia
Elliott, D.; Schwartz, M.; Scott, G.; Haymes, S.; Heimiller, D. & George, R.
July 1, 2003
Primary view of Policies and Market Factors Driving Wind Power Development in the United States
Bird, L.; Parsons, B.; Gagliano, T.; Brown, M.; Wiser, R. & Bolinger, M.
July 1, 2003
Primary view of Radionuclide Decay and In-growth Technical Basis Document
Kersting, A. B.; Finnegan, D. L.; Tompson, A. F. B.; Esser, B. K.; Smith, D. K.; Zavarin, M. et al.
July 1, 2003
Primary view of 40 Years of Discovery
Heller, Arnie; Henke, Amy; Weinstein, Bert & Thomas, Cindy
July 8, 2003
Primary view of Next Generation Natural Gas Vehicle Program Phase I: Clean Air Partners 0.5 g/hp-h NOx Engine Concept; Final Report
Wong, H. C.
July 1, 2003
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