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Primary view of 04 nuclear safety: pressure piping crack monitoring detection of metal overstress by acoustic emission. Progress report, July-September 1966
Hutton, P H
October 28, 1966
Primary view of 9-ANGIE : a Two-Dimensional, Multigroup, Neutron-Diffusion-Theory Reactor Code for the IBM 709 or 7090
Stone, Stuart P.
October 28, 1960
Primary view of 401(k) Plans: Several Factors Can Diminish Retirement Savings, but Automatic Enrollment Shows Promise for Increasing Participation and Savings
United States. Government Accountability Office.
October 28, 2009
Primary view of 1998 federal energy and water management award winners
unknown creator
October 28, 1998
Primary view of 3D field calculation of the GEM prototype magnet and comparison with measurements
Lari, R.J.
October 28, 1983
Primary view of Ab Initio Enhanced calphad Modeling of Actinide-Rich Nuclear Fuels
Morgan, Dane & Yang, Yong Austin
October 28, 2013
Primary view of Active and passive computed tomography for nondestructive assay
Bernardi, R. T.; Camp, D. E.; Clard, D.; Jackson, J. A.; Martz, H. E.; Decman, D. J. et al.
October 28, 1998
Primary view of Additional Development of a Dedicated Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle (ULEV)
Technologies, IMPCO
October 28, 1998
Primary view of An Advanced Fracture Characterization and Well Path Navigation System for Effective Re-Development and Enhancement of Ultimate Recovery from the Complex Monterey Reservoir of South Ellwood Field, Offshore California, 2005, October 28
Horner, Steve
October 28, 2005
Primary view of Advanced Light Source beam position monitor
Hinkson, J.
October 28, 1991
Primary view of Advanced Light Source Beam Position Monitor
Hinkson, J.
October 28, 1991
Primary view of Advanced software algorithms
Berry, K. & Dayton, S.
October 28, 1996
Primary view of Advanced ST Plasma Scenario Simulations for NSTX
Kessel, C.E.; Synakowski, E.J.; Gates, D.A.; Harvey, R.W.; Kaye, S.M.; Mau, T.K. et al.
October 28, 2004
Primary view of Advances in materials science, metals and ceramics division. Triannual progress report, June-September 1980
Truhan, J.J.; Hopper, R.W. & Gordon, K.M. (eds.)
October 28, 1980
Primary view of Adverse Childhood Experiences and Forensic Typologies: Getting Specific about Trauma among Institutionalized Youth
Jahic, Ilma; Trulson, Chad R.; Caudill, Jonathan W.; Bonner, Taea; Slemaker, Alexandra & DeLisi, Matt
October 28, 2021
Primary view of Aerodynamic Characteristics of Two All-Movable Wings Tested in the Presence of a Fuselage at a Mach Number of 1.9
Conner, D. William
October 28, 1948
Primary view of Afghanistan Casualties: Military Forces and Civilians
Chesser, Susan G.
October 28, 2010
Primary view of Africa's Great Lakes Region: Current Conditions in Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda
Dagne, Theodore S. & Farrell, Maureen
October 28, 2003
Primary view of Agency Enforcement of the Prohibition Against Sex Discrimination Mandated by Title IX and EO 13160
Feder, Jody
October 28, 2002
Primary view of [The AIDS Memorial Quilt on display at Dallas Market Hall]
unknown creator
Primary view of [AIDS Memorial Quilt panel for Bill Nelson]
unknown creator
Primary view of Air Force Bomber Contract Awarded
Gertler, Jeremiah
October 28, 2015
Primary view of Alloy sputtering at high fluence: Preferential sputtering and competing effects
Sigmund, P. & Oliva, A.
October 28, 1992
Primary view of Alternative Waste Forms for Electro-Chemical Salt Waste
Crum, Jarrod V.; Sundaram, S. K.; Riley, Brian J.; Matyas, Josef; Arreguin, Shelly A. & Vienna, John D.
October 28, 2009
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