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Primary view of Neutron Age in Graphite-Water Lattices.
Simpson, D. E.
October 28, 1959
Primary view of A Radiofrequency Separator For High-Energy Particles
Good, Myron L.
October 28, 1959
Primary view of Nuclear Safety Specifications for Fuel Element Manufacturing Processes
Cooper, V. R. & Oseroff, W. J.
October 28, 1955
Primary view of Patent of Invention--Gr 5--Cl.3--Bearing
Fulpius, Edward
October 28, 1925
Primary view of The Temperature Coefficient of the Diffusion Length for Thermal Neutrons in Water
Wilson, V. C.; Bragdon, E. W. & Kanner, H.
October 28, 1944
Primary view of 9-ANGIE : a Two-Dimensional, Multigroup, Neutron-Diffusion-Theory Reactor Code for the IBM 709 or 7090
Stone, Stuart P.
October 28, 1960
Primary view of Scaling and performance of a 3-D radiation hydrodynamics code on message-passing parallel computers: final report
Hayes, J C & Norman, M
October 28, 1999
Primary view of Construction of an Improved Bayesian Clutter Suppression Model for Gas Detection
Heasler, Patrick G.; Anderson, Kevin K. & Hylden, Jeffrey L.
October 28, 2002
Primary view of Hanford Tanks 241-C-203 and 241-C-204: Residual Waste Contaminant Release Model and Supporting Data
Deutsch, William J.; Krupka, Kenneth M.; Lindberg, Michael J.; Cantrell, Kirk J.; Brown, Christopher F. & Schaef, Herbert T.
October 28, 2004
Primary view of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Annual Self-Evaluation Report: 2003
Cuello, Robert; Labarge, Randy R.; Gerke, Gretchen K.; Heartz, William T.; Stanley, Francis M.; Slonecker, Bruce D. et al.
October 28, 2003
Primary view of Tank 241-C-105 tank characterization plan
Schreiber, R. D.
October 28, 1994
Primary view of Uranium Industry Annual, 1992
unknown creator
October 28, 1993
Primary view of The Effect of Nitric Oxide on the Radiosensitivity of Bacteria
Howard-Flanders, P.
October 28, 1957
Primary view of Assessment of Unabated Facility Emission Potentials for Evaluating Airborne Radionuclide Monitoring Requirements at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory - 1999
Ballinger, Marcel Y.; Sula, Monte J.; Shields, Keith D. & Edwards, Daniel L.
October 28, 1999
Primary view of Winter Fuels Report: Week Ending October 22, 1993
unknown creator
October 28, 1993
Primary view of Development of improved iron Fischer-Tropsch catalysts. Quarterly technical progress report, 1 July 1991--30 September 1991
Bukur, D. B.
October 28, 1991
Primary view of HYLIFE-II reactor chamber mechanical design: Update
House, P. A.
October 28, 1992
Primary view of Synthesis of 6-Methyl-9-n-propyldibenzothiophene-4-ol. Quarterly technical progress report No. 5, July 28--October 28, 1991
unknown creator
October 28, 1991
Primary view of Preliminary remedial action objectives for the Tank 16 groundwater operable unit
Miles, W. C. Jr.
October 28, 1992
Primary view of Quarterly environmental radiological survey summary third quarter 1997 100, 200, 300, and 600 Areas
McKinney, S. M.
October 28, 1997
Primary view of Design review report for the Hanford K East and K West Basins MCO loading system
Brisbin, S. A.
October 28, 1997
Primary view of Internal graphite moderator forces study, C and K Reactors
Cooley, D. E.
October 28, 1963
Primary view of Expansion to 4.0 capacity factor: Purex Engineering Study
Doud, E.
October 28, 1960
Primary view of Alloy sputtering at high fluence: Preferential sputtering and competing effects
Sigmund, P. & Oliva, A.
October 28, 1992
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