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Primary view of Biliary Excretion of /Sup 99m/Tc Albumin Microaggregate Degradation Products (a Method for Measuring Kupffer Cell Digestive Function.).
Kitani, K. & Taplin, G. V.
October 31, 1971
Primary view of A unified theory of resonant excitation of kinetic ballooning modes by energetic ions/alpha particles in tokamaks
Biglari, H. & Chen, L.
October 1, 1991
Primary view of Non-linear instability of DIII-D to error fields
La Haye, R. J. & Scoville, J. T.
October 1, 1991
Primary view of Fifth high-energy heavy-ion study
unknown creator
October 1, 1981
Primary view of Radon alpha-track survey of a potential geothermal resource area. [Buffalo Valley, Nevada]
Wollenberg, H.A.
October 1, 1974
Primary view of Accidental Radiogold (198Au) Liver Scan Overdose With Fatal Outcome
Baron, J.M.; Yachnin, S.; Polcyn, R.; Fitch, F.W. & Sturner, W.G.
October 31, 1969
Primary view of Sol-Gel Processes for Isotopic Heat Sources.
unknown creator
October 31, 1969
Primary view of Recording Equipment for Internal Friction Measurements
Stephenson, R. L. & McCoy, H. E. Jr.
October 31, 1961
Primary view of (Environmental investigation of ground water contamination at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio)
unknown creator
October 1, 1991
Primary view of Sodium Chemistry, Fission Product Contamination.
Silberberg, M.; Guon, J. & Zwetzig, G.
October 31, 1969
Primary view of Intermediate-depth geothermal temperature study. Gradient holes: 11-33 and 63-33, Soda Lake, NV
Hill, D.G.
October 1, 1979
Primary view of Establishment of viscometer capability for geopressured fluids. Project 61024 final report, November 19, 1978-December 31, 1979
Rockar, E. & Randolph, P.
October 1, 1980
Primary view of ORR Operations for Period April 1961 to April 1962
Binford, F.T.; Casto, W.R. & Colomb, A.L.
October 16, 1962
Primary view of Two-photon physics
Bardeen, W.A.
October 1, 1981
Primary view of Exploring novel silicon-containing polymers---From preceramic polymers to conducting polymers with nonlinear optical properties
Pang, Yi.
October 7, 1991
Primary view of Final Report of Modeling of CWM Droplet Combustion
Pandalai, Krish; Aggarwal, Suresh & Sirignano, William
October 1, 1983
Primary view of Joining of ceramics for high performance energy systems. Mid-term progress report, August 1, 1979-March 31, 1980
Smeltzer, C E & Metcalfe, A G
October 6, 1980
Primary view of Light Absorption and Scattering Mechanisms in Laser Fusion Plasmas
Barnes, C.; Estabrook, K. G.; Kruer, W. L.; Langdon, A. B.; Lasinski, B. F.; Max, C. E. et al.
October 4, 1977
Primary view of Potential for efficient frequency conversion at high average power using solid state nonlinear optical materials
Eimerl, D.
October 28, 1985
Primary view of Discovery and History of $sup 252$Cf.
Fields, P. R.
October 31, 1969
Primary view of Diffusion of Slow Electrons in Gases
Forester, D. W. & Cochran, L. W.
October 24, 1961
Primary view of Effect of fuel recycling on radioactivity and thermal power of high-level wastes
Wachter, J.W.
October 1, 1977
Primary view of The interpretation of reflectometry measurements of plasma fluctuations
Bretz, N.
October 1, 1991
Primary view of Thermodynamic model for calorimetric and phase coexistence properties of coal derived fluids
Kabadi, V. N.
October 1, 1991
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