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Primary view of Revision of the Pocket Gophers of the Genus Thomomys
Bailey, Vernon
November 15, 1915
Primary view of Standard Test Specimens of Zinc Bronze (Cu 88, Sn 10, Zn 2) - Parts 1 and 2: Part 1. - Preparation of Specifications, Part II. - Microstructure
Karr, C. P. & Rawdon, Henry S.
March 15, 1916
Primary view of Theory of an Airplane Encountering Gusts, 3
Wilson, Edwin Bidwell
October 15, 1918
Primary view of Aircraft Accidents: Method of Analysis
Special Committee on the Nomenclature, Subdivision, and Classification of Aircraft Accidents
August 15, 1928
Primary view of An Extended Theory of Thin Airfoils and Its Application to the Biplane Problem
Millikan, Clark B.
March 15, 1930
Primary view of Elastic Instability of Members Having Sections Common in Aircraft Construction
Trayer, George W. & March, H. W.
October 15, 1930
Primary view of Pressure distribution tests on a series of Clark Y biplane cellules with special reference to stability
Noyes, Richard W.
October 15, 1931
Primary view of Measurement of the Differential and Total Thrust and Torque of Six Full-Scale Adjustable-Pitch Propellers
Stickle, George W.
April 15, 1932
Primary view of Rates of fuel discharge as affected by the design of fuel-injection systems for internal-combustion engines
Gelalles, A. G. & Marsh, E. T.
May 15, 1932
Primary view of Photomicrographic studies of fuel sprays
Lee, Dana W. & Spencer, Robert C.
December 15, 1932
Primary view of Relative loading on biplane wings
Diehl, Walter S.
February 15, 1933
Primary view of The Effect of Spray Strips on the Take-Off Performance of a Model of a Flying-Boat Hull
Truscott, Starr
June 15, 1934
Primary view of Some effects of injection advance angle, engine-jacket temperature, and speed on combustion in a compression-ignition engine
Rothrock, A. M. & Waldron, C. D.
January 15, 1935
Primary view of Hydrogen as an auxiliary fuel in compression-ignition engines
Gerrish, Harold C. & Foster, Hampton H.
April 15, 1935
Primary view of Flight measurements of the dynamic longitudinal stability of several airplanes and a correlation of the measurements with pilots' observations of handling characteristics
Soulé, Hartley A.
July 15, 1936
Primary view of Electrical thermometers for aircraft
Peterson, John B. & Womack, S. H. J.
December 15, 1936
Primary view of Model Study of the Outlet Structures for the Wappapello Dam
Waterways Experiment Station (U.S.)
August 15, 1938
Primary view of A study of air flow in an engine cylinder
Lee, Dana W.
September 15, 1938
Primary view of The unsteady lift of a wing of finite aspect ratio
Jones, Robert T.
June 15, 1939
Primary view of Correlation of Cooling Data From an Air-Cooled Cylinder and Several Multicylinder Engines
Pinkel, Benjamin & Ellerbrock, Herman H., Jr.
August 15, 1939
Primary view of Effect of fuel-air ratio, inlet temperature, and exhaust pressure on detonation
Taylor, E. S.; Leary, W. A. & Diver, J. R.
November 15, 1939
Primary view of An Analysis of the Stability of an Airplane With Free Controls
Jones, Robert T. & Cohen, Doris
August 15, 1940
Primary view of Summary report on the induction of water to the inlet air as a means of internal cooling in aircraft-engine cylinders
Rothrock, Addison M. & Jones, Anthony W.
August 15, 1942
Primary view of Poisoning and Production in a Power Plant
Ashkin, J.; Christy, Robert F., 1916-2012 & Feld, Bernard T. (Bernard Taub), 1919-1993
December 15, 1942
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