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Primary view of A Report on the Kinematics of High Energy Electron Scattering
Bernstein, Jeremy
May 23, 1957
Primary view of Amplitude and Phase Functions for the Revised Parameters of the Cambridge Electron Accelerator
Lanza, G.
May 27, 1957
Primary view of Progress Report No. 54 for the Period through April 30, 1959
unknown creator
May 1, 1959
Primary view of A Transistorized Binary Counter for Extreme Environments
Marceau, J. E.
May 27, 1955
Primary view of Counting Room Equipment and Procedures and Sample Preparation
Weiss, M. M. & Marshall, J. B.
May 1954
Primary view of A Study of Location Times for Positions Arranged on a Panel in a Random and an Ordered Manner
Beeler, J. R.
May 25, 1955
Primary view of Frequency Components of a Step Function and a Sinusoid
McGehee, R. M.
May 10, 1955
Primary view of Principles and Techniques of Ultrasonic Inspection
Psillas, Harold C.
May 23, 1955
Primary view of The Propagation of Spherical Shock Waves
Ungar, Eric E.
May 4, 1953
Primary view of Report of Fire in Laboratory Hood, Wing I, Building 4500
Lain, J. E. & Hungerford, T. W.
May 22, 1959
Primary view of Sizes of U. S. Steam- Electric Plants
Robertson, R. C.
May 26, 1959
Primary view of Uranyl Sulfate-Dovex 21K Anion Exchange: A Literature Survey, Review of Preliminary Data and Outline of a Proposal Experimental Program
Jury, S. H. & Adams, J. B.
May 14, 1959
Primary view of Problems in Accountability Measurements Associated with the Interim Chemical Processing Program
Arnold, E. D. & Gresky, A. T.
May 28, 1959
Primary view of Reprocessing of ARE Fuel, Volatility Pilot Plant Runs E-1 and E-2
Culler, F. L.
May 11, 1959
Primary view of The Development of a Fluidized Bed Reactor for the Fluorox Process: Unit operations Monthly Status Reports for the Period November, 1958, Through May, 1959
Bresee, J. C.; Scott, C. D. & Horton, R. W.
May 26, 1959
Primary view of Nuclear and Radiation Hazards Evaluation of SRE Fuel Processing and Storage
Suddath, J. C.
May 20, 1959
Primary view of Brief Review of Heat Transfer Problems Encountered in the Production of Magnetic Fields
Alexander, L. G.
May 25, 1959
Primary view of Volatility: Fluorinator Design FV-100, Zr-U Fuel Element Processing Phase
Ruch, J. B.
May 28, 1959
Primary view of Design Criteria for a Pile Oscillator
Dresner, Lawrence
May 25, 1959
Primary view of Determination of Thickness of Oxide Film on Phosphor Bronze
White, J. C.
May 19, 1959
Primary view of High-Frequency Titration as Applied to the Determination of Thorium, Uranium, Sulfate, and Free Acid. Parts I Through V.
Menis, Oscar
May 11, 1959
Primary view of Flame Photometric Determination of Iron Parts I, II, III and IV
Menis, Oscar
May 6, 1959
Primary view of Thermodynamic Properties of Dilute Aqueous Hydrochloric Acid Solutions at Elevated Temperatures from Electromotive Force Measurements
Greeley, Richard Stiles
May 1959
Primary view of Operation of the HRT Mockup with Boiling Fuel in a Titanium Pressurizer, Run CS-23
Korsmeyer, R. B. & Harley, P. H.
May 19, 1959
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