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Sub-pilot testing of an acoustically enhanced cyclone for PFBC

Description: The overall program objective is to demonstrate, on the subpilot-scale, the effectiveness of an acoustically enhanced cyclone collector under high temperature, high pressure conditions found in coal-fired pressurized fluidized bed combustion (PFBC) combined cycle power generating systems. The data obtained will be used to design an acoustically enhanced cyclone gas cleanup system which can meet the New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) particulate control level with capital and operating costs significantly lower than currently available with conventional cyclones and post turbine particulate control.
Date: January 1, 1992
Creator: Galica, M.A. & Rawlins, D.C.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Full-scale and bench-scale testing of a coal-fueled gas turbine system

Description: Components for a coal-fueled industrial gas turbine were developed and tested at both benchscale and full-scale. The components included a two stage slagging combustor, a particulate rejection impact separator (PRIS), and a secondary particulate filter. The Integrated Bench Scale Test Facility (IBSTF) was used for the filter tests ana some of the PRIS testing. Full-scale combustor testing has been carried-out both with and without the PRIS. Bench-scale testing has included evaluating the feasibility of on-site CWM preparation, developing a water-cooled impactor and an extended run with new secondary candle filters.
Date: January 1, 1992
Creator: Roberts, P.B.; LeCren, R.T.; Cowell, L.H.; Galica, M.A.; Stephenson, M.D. & Wen, C.S.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Advanced coal-fueled industrial cogeneration gas turbine system

Description: Advances in coal-fueled gas turbine technology over the past few years, together with recent DOE-METC sponsored studies, have served to provide new optimism that the problems demonstrated in the past can be economically resolved and that the coal-fueled gas turbine can ultimately be the preferred system in appropriate market application sectors. The objective of the Solar/METC program is to prove the technical, economic, and environmental feasibility of a coal-fired gas turbine for cogeneration applications through tests of a Centaur Type H engine system operated on coal fuel throughout the engine design operating range. The five-year program consists of three phases, namely: (1) system description; (2) component development; (3) prototype system verification. A successful conclusion to the program will initiate a continuation of the commercialization plan through extended field demonstration runs.
Date: July 1, 1991
Creator: LeCren, R.T.; Cowell, L.H.; Galica, M.A.; Stephenson, M.D. & Wen, C.S.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Advanced Turbine Systems Program: Conceptual design and product development

Description: Objective is to provide the conceptual design and product development plant for an ultra high efficiency, environmentally superior, and cost competitive industrial gas turbine system to be commercialized by the year 2000 (secondary objective is to begin early development of technologies critical to the success of ATS). This report addresses the remaining 7 of the 9 subtasks in Task 8, Design and Test of Critical Components: catalytic combustion, recuperator, high- temperature turbine disc, advanced control system, and ceramic materials.
Date: December 31, 1996
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department