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RADIOISOTOPE FUELED AUXILIARY POWER UNIT. Quarterly Progress Report No. 6, April 1958-July 1958

Description: A modular concept has evolved which permits testing of SNAP-1 as an attachable unit. Integrity testing of fuel elements in simulated pad aborts is reported. The adequacy of a full-scale boiler mockup in vaporizing mercury at the design point was tested; a new boiler coil designed to prevent slugging was tested. The sintering properties of CeO/sub 2/ were further investigated. Dynamic mercury corrosion testing of Croloy 5 Si and Croloy 5 Ti is reported. Static lead tests of CeO/sub 2/ pellets, brazed joints, and flame sprayed coatings continued. Testing of the power conversion system turbine, centrifugal pumps, controls, radial gap alternator, bearings, and steels is described. Design of a facility for testing the APU module is under way. A conceptual design of SNAP-3 was delineated. (N.W.R.)
Date: October 31, 1963
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department