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Quarterly Health Physics Report. Through June 30, 1959

Description: A resume of Health Physics activities for April, May, and June, 1959 is presented. Discussions and tabulations which summarize results of field surveys, biooassy, personnel monitoring, and environmental surveys are included. The thorium redrumming program reactivated for the summer. Work is in progress to move th "HH" Building process to the "T" Building. The ventilation system for the Hot Gas Facility was extended to handle the ventilation requirements for tthe R-108 Surveillance facility. "Hot" work in R-108 began in June. During this quarter "hot" work was initiated in the new Plutonium Alloy Research facility. Health Physics design criteria for the proposed Clover facility has been submitted to the Engineeering Department. The installation of the air monitoring systems in the new Cryogenics facility and iin the new Ceramics facility is essentially complete. We have embarked on the program of converting all of our personnel monitoring and survey record keeping systems to the IBM system.
Date: August 18, 1959
Creator: Meyer, H.E.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Mound Laboratory Progress Report for December, 1964

Description: This monthly report has the following sections: (1) Radioelements - Uranium-234, Hydrolytic Separations of Protactinium, Polonium-208 and Polonium-209; (2) Isotope Separation and Purification - Carbon-13, Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon, Thermal Diffusion Research, and Helium Research; (3) Analytical and Instrumentation - Neptunium Analysis, Cobalt Analysis, Analysis of Enriched Uranium-234 for Comparison Purposes, Analysis of Stearic Acid in Silver Powder, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies, Semiconductor Radiation Detectors, and Calorimetry.
Date: December 21, 1964
Creator: EIchelberger, J.F.; Grove, G.R. & Jones, L.V.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Quarterly Report for General Research January - February - March, 1950

Description: The thermal conductivity of the gradient medium plays a very important part in the development of a calorimeter. It is a large factor in determining the sensitivity. The thermal conductivity apparatus was built primarily to find out why the measured sensitivities of the microcalorimeters were so much smaller than the calculated values. This question haa been resolved. The apparatus is now being used to study the thermal conductivity of Santocel, a granular insulating material produced by Monsanto Chemical Company. The Interesting fact is that though this material is in the solid phase it has a lower thermal conductivity than air. In a previous quarterly report approximate evidence was submitted to show that Santocel A has a lower conductivity than air at room temperatures. This result was worth verification, since this material would then prove useful in the construction of microcalorimeters. A verification is submitted in this report.
Date: April 1, 1950
Creator: Haring, M.M.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Quarterly Report for General Research October - November - December, 1949 (Deleted Version)

Description: The extraction of radium from uranium residues was proposed either by the use of the old (Curie) process or by the development and use of a new process. Qualitative procedures for the extraction of radium from pitch-blende are found recorded in the literature but little quantitative data are available. In order to become acquainted with the process and techniques involved, an attempt was made to use the method developed by the Curies, which essentially is being used by the Eldorado Gold Mines, Limited, Port Hope, Ontario.
Date: January 1, 1950
Creator: Haring, M.M.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department