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Ab Initio Calculations and Kinetic Modeling of Halon and Halon Replacements

Description: Paper for the 1996 Halon Options Technical Working Conference (HOTWC). This paper discusses ab initio calculations and kinetic modeling of halon and halon replacements.
Date: May 7, 1996
Creator: Paige, Harvey L.; Berry, Rajiv; Schwartz, Martin; Marshall, Paul; Burgess, Donald R.; Zachariah, Michael Russel, 1957- et al.
Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences
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Abstraction Augmented Markov Models

Description: Article discussing the abstraction augmented Markov models.
Date: December 2010
Creator: Caragea, Cornelia; Silvescu, Adrian; Caragea, Doina & Honavar, Vasant
Partner: UNT College of Engineering
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AC 2007-1844: An Innovative Mechanical and Energy Engineering Curriculum

Description: This paper discusses the addition of a new Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering at the University of North Texas (UNT). Those involved see the curriculum for this new program as a new model of engineering education that parallels the innovations of UNTs current Learning to Learn (L2L) project-oriented concept course with the addition of innovative approaches for mechanical engineering and emphasis on energy engineering education.
Date: 2007
Creator: Michaelides, Efstathios & Mirshams, Reza
Partner: UNT College of Engineering
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Accountability versus Autonomy? Toward a More Responsible Practice of Science

Description: This paper was awarded a Nicholas and Anna Ricco Ethics Award for 2013. In this paper, the author discusses issues related to accountability versus autonomy and suggestions toward a more responsible practice of science.
Date: February 2013
Creator: Barr, Kelli R.
Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences

The Action of Action Research: An Analysis of Action Research Projects Completed in the UNT/Denton ISD PDS

Description: This paper discusses an analysis of action research projects completed in the UNT/Denton Independent School District (ISD). Action research is the inquiry part of a Professional Development School (PDS) model that all UNT elementary education, pre-service teacher/student interns complete with mentor teachers during student teaching.
Date: April 19, 2012
Creator: Potter, Codi & Tunks, Jeanne L.
Partner: UNT Honors College
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"Actus non facit reum, nisi mens sit rea": An investigation into the treatment of mens rea in the quest to hold individuals accountable for genocide

Description: This paper discusses a research investigation into the treatment of mens rea in the quest to hold individuals accountable for genocide. This paper focuses on doctrinal controversies and examines how genocide is and has been addressed by modern tribunals, with special emphasis on the subjective mens rea (mental element) required for genocide.
Date: March 30, 2006
Creator: Jung, Andrew M. & King, Kimi L.
Partner: UNT Honors College
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African American Parental Involvement

Description: This paper discusses a research project on the relationship between African American parent volunteer involvement and student reading scores.
Date: April 15, 2010
Creator: Brookshire, Nikki & Tunks, Jeanne L.
Partner: UNT Honors College
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Agile Practices in Data Science and Data Analytics Projects: A Research Agenda

Description: The digital age comes with transformational activities (also referred to as digital transformation) triggered by emerging fields and technologies, such as data science and analytics, cybersecurity, cloud computing, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and nanotechnology; helping organizations stay current and competitive. This paper focuses on agile frameworks that support the delivery of data science/analytics projects to ensure organizations rapidly deliver analytics products and services to their cus… more
Date: December 2020
Creator: Atolagbe-Olaoye, Abidemi
Partner: UNT College of Information
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Aging and Rejuvenation with Fractional Derivatives

Description: Article on aging and rejuvenation with fractional derivatives.
Date: February 2, 2008
Creator: Aquino, Gerardo; Bologna, Mauro; Grigolini, Paolo & West, Bruce J.
Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences
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An Algorithm for Open Text Semantic Parsing

Description: This paper describes an algorithm for open text shallow semantic parsing.
Date: August 2004
Creator: Shi, Lei & Mihalcea, Rada, 1974-
Partner: UNT College of Engineering
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Amazon Mechanical Turk for Subjectivity Word Sense Disambiguation

Description: In this paper, the authors discuss research on whether they can use Mechanical Turk (MTurk) to acquire good annotations with respect to gold-standard data, whether they can filter out low-quality workers (spammers), and whether there is a learning effect associated with repeatedly completing the same kind of task.
Date: June 2010
Creator: Akkaya, Cem; Conrad, Alexander; Wiebe, Janyce M. & Mihalcea, Rada, 1974-
Partner: UNT College of Engineering
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America 2000 and Special Education: Can the Two Be Merged?

Description: This paper uses systems theory and force field analysis to evaluate the potential for combining special education with America 2000 national educational strategy and goals.
Date: April 9, 1993
Creator: Pazey, Barbara L.
Partner: UNT College of Education
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Análise da Relação Entre Liderança e Capacidade Absortiva do Conhecimento: uma revisão sistemática da literatura

Description: Paper attempts to systematically map scientific productions that address the relationship between leadership and the absorptive capacity of knowledge through a systematic literature review.
Date: December 4, 2019
Creator: de Oliveira Massad, Daniela; de Oliveira Archanjo de Souza, Daniele Santos; Salgado, Andreia Maria Pedro; Lapolli, Édis Mafra & Marins, Fernando Augusto Silva
Partner: UNT College of Information
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The Analytics Edge: Use of Analytics in University Libraries

Description: This paper explores how libraries use data analytics for decision-making on various aspects of day-to-day library operations
Date: November 9, 2018
Creator: Roy Aalia, Prodip Kumer; Mercieca, Paul & Sarkar, Pradip K.
Partner: UNT College of Information
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Analyzing the Persistence of Referenced Web Resources with Memento

Description: Paper presenting the results of a study into the persistence and availability of web resources reference from papers in scholarly repositories.
Date: June 2011
Creator: Sanderson, Robert; Phillips, Mark Edward & Van de Sompel, Herbert
Partner: UNT Libraries
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Anchor Nodes Placement for Effective Passive Localization

Description: This paper discusses anchor nodes placement for effective passive localization. The authors show that, for effective passive localization, the optimal placement of the anchor nodes is at the center of the network in such a way that no three anchor nodes share linearity.
Date: 2011
Creator: Akl, Robert G.; Pasupathy, Karthikeyan & Haidar, Mohamad
Partner: UNT College of Engineering
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