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In-situ radiation measurements of the C1 and C2 waste storage tank vault

Description: In August of 1996, the Applied Radiation Measurements Department (ARMD) of the Waste Management and Remedial Action Division (WMRAD) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) was tasked with characterizing the radiation fields in the C{sub 1} and C{sub 2} Liquid Low Level Waste (LLLW) tank vault located at ORNL. These in-situ measurements were made to provide data for evaluating the potential radiological conditions for personnel working in or around the vault during future planned activities. This report describes the locations where measurements were made, the types of radiation detection instruments used, the methods employed, the problems encountered and resolved, and discusses the results obtained.
Date: September 1996
Creator: Yong, L. K.; Womble, P. C. & Weems, L. D.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Technical Competencies for the Safe Interim Storage and Management of 233U at U.S. Department of Energy Facilities

Description: Uranium-233 (with concomitant {sup 232}U) is a man-made fissile isotope of uranium with unique nuclear characteristics which require high-integrity alpha containment biological shielding, and remote handling. The special handling considerations and the fact that much of the {sup 233}U processing and large-scale handling was performed over a decade ago underscore the importance of identifying the people within the DOE complex who are currently working with or have worked with {sup 233}U. The availability of these key personnel is important in ensuring safe interim storage, management and ultimate disposition of {sup 233}U at DOE facilities. Significant programs are ongoing at several DOE sites with actinides. The properties of these actinide materials require many of the same types of facilities and handling expertise as does {sup 233}U.
Date: February 17, 1999
Creator: Campbell, D. O.; Krichinsky, A. M.; Laughlin, S. S.; Van Essen, D. C. & Yong, L. K.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department