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Search for Oscillation of the Electron-Capture Decay Probability of Pm-142

Description: We have searched for time modulation of the electron capture decay probability of 142Pm in an attempt to confirm a recent claim from a group at the Gesellschaft fur Schwerionenforschung (GSI). We produced 142Pm via the 124Sn(23Na, 5n)142Pm reaction at the Berkeley 88-Inch Cyclotron with a bombardment time short compared to the reported modulation period. Isotope selection by the Berkeley Gas-filled Separator is followed by implantation and a long period of monitoring the 142Nd K alpha x-rays from the daughter. The decay time spectrum of the x-rays is well-described by a simple exponential and the measured half-life of 40.68(53) seconds is consistent with the accepted value. We observed no oscillatory modulation at the proposed frequency at a level 31 times smaller than that reported by Litvinov (Phys. Lett. B 664 (2008) 162). A literature search for previous experiments that might have been sensitive to the reported modulation uncovered another example in 142Eu electron-capture decay. A reanalysis of the published data shows no oscillatory behavior.
Date: July 3, 2008
Creator: Vetter, Paul A; Vetter, Paul; Clark, Roderick; Dvorak, Jan; Freedman, Stuart; Gregorich, Kenneth et al.
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Population of Nuclei Via 7Li-Induced Binary Reactions

Description: The authors have investigated the population of nuclei formed in binary reactions involving {sup 7}Li beams on targets of {sup 160}Gd and {sup 184}W. The {sup 7}Li + {sup 184}W data were taken in the first experiment using the LIBERACE Ge-array in combination with the STARS Si {Delta}E-E telescope system at the 88-Inch Cyclotron of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. By using the Wilczynski binary transfer model, in combination with a standard evaporation model, they are able to reproduce the experimental results. This is a useful method for predicting the population of neutron-rich heavy nuclei formed in binary reactions involving beams of weakly bound nuclei formed in binary reactions involving beams of weakly bound nuclei and will be of use in future spectroscopic studies.
Date: August 8, 2005
Creator: Clark, Rodney M.; Phair, Larry W.; Descovich, M.; Cromaz, Mario; Deleplanque, M.A.; Fall on, Paul et al.
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New Superheavy Element Isotopes: 242Pu(48Ca,5n)285114

Description: The new, neutron-deficient, superheavy element isotope {sup 285}114 was produced in {sup 48}Ca irradiations of {sup 242}Pu targets at a center-of-target beam energy of 256 MeV (E* = 50 MeV). The {alpha} decay of {sup 285}114 was followed by the sequential {alpha} decay of four daughter nuclides, {sup 281}Cn, {sup 277}Ds, {sup 273}Hs, and {sup 269}Sg. {sup 265}Rf was observed to decay by spontaneous fission. The measured {alpha}-decay Q values were compared with those from a macroscopic-microscopic nuclear mass model to give insight into superheavy element shell effects. The {sup 242}Pu({sup 48}Ca,5n){sup 285}114 cross section was 0.6{sub -0.5}{sup +0.9} pb.
Date: October 22, 2010
Creator: Ellison, Paul A; Gregorich, Kenneth E.; Berryman, Jill S.; Bleuel, Darren L.; Clark, Roderick M.; Dragojevic, Irena et al.
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Lifetime Measurement of the 2{sup +}{sub 1} state in {sup 20}C

Description: Establishing how and when large N/Z values require modified or new theoretical tools is a major quest in nuclear physics. Here we report the first measurement of the lifetime of the 2{sup +}{sub 1} state in the near-dripline nucleus {sup 20}C. The deduced value of {tau}{sub #28;2{sup +}{sub 1}} = 9.8 ± 2.8(stat){sup +0.5}{sub −1.1}(syst) ps gives a reduced transition probability of B(E2;2{sup +}{sub 1}{yields}0{sup +}{sub g.s.}) = 7.5{sup +3.0}{sub −1.7}(stat){sup +1.0}{sub −0.4}(syst) e{sup 2}fm{sup 4} in good agreement with a shell model calculation using isospin-dependent effective charges.
Date: June 28, 2011
Creator: Petri, Marina-Kalliopi; Fallon, Paul; Macchiavelli, Augusto; Paschalis, Stephanos; Starosta, Krzysztof; Baugher, Travis et al.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department