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The Place of the Napoleonic Myth in The Red and the Black

Description: The problem contained in this study was Stendhal's use of the Napoleonic myth in his novel The Red and the Black. This study dealt primarily with Stendhal's purpose in using the myth as a basis for his novel and with the extent to which the principal character, Julien Sorel, patterned himself after the myth.
Date: May 1971
Creator: Kappel, Mary
Partner: UNT Libraries

Lamb's Self-Revelations as "Elia"

Description: The purpose of this thesis is to determine the nature of Charles Lamb as revealed in his Elia essays. To this end, these essays form the major portion of the text. The general procedure for ascertaining what these excerpts indicate is as follows: first, the characteristics of Charles Lamb are determined from a study of the Elia essays; second, these characteristics are considered in relation to information derived from biographies. Careful attention is given to significant discrepancies between the essays and other sources.
Date: January 1968
Creator: Rushing, Paula B.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Equal Representation and State Legislative Apportionment: a Study of the Political Impact of the Legislative Reapportionment Decisions

Description: This study is concerned with the political impact of the Supreme Court's decisions concerning state legislative apportionment. First, an attempt is made to describe the political environment in which they were made, with special reference to the existing bases of representation in the states and the political reaction to the decisions. Secondly, the study traces the major issues relating to judicial enforcement of the apportionment standards enunciated by the Supreme Court and the modification and development of those standards that followed the initial decisions. Finally, the extent to which reapportionment has been successfully enforced by the courts may suggest some tentative conclusions about the viability and utility of the equal population doctrine as a constitutional standard, as well as some of the possible political consequences of enforcement of that standard.
Date: January 1968
Creator: Clark, Robert B.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Impeachment as a Political Weapon

Description: This study is concerned with the problem of determining the nature of impeachable offenses through an analysis of the English theory of impeachment, colonial impeachment practice, debates in the constitutional convention and the state ratifying conventions, The Federalist Papers and debates in the first Congress, In addition, the precedents established in American cases of impeachment particularly in the trials of Judge John Pickering, Justice Samuel Chase and President Andrew Johnson are examined. Materials for the study included secondary sources, congressional records, memoirs, contemporary accounts, government documents, newspapers and trial records, The thesis concludes that impeachable offenses include non-indictable behavior and exclude misconduct outside official duties and recommends some alternative method of removal for federal judges.
Date: December 1977
Creator: Collins, Sally Jean Bumpas
Partner: UNT Libraries

Implementation and Administration of Radical Education in Texas: Politics or Reform in Education from 1870-1873

Description: This study examines the efforts of Radicals (Republicans) to establish a state-wide public school system in Texas between 1870 and 1873. Primary sources cover the chronological fringes of the period being examined. This study follows a chronological narrative with the four chapters examining first, educational trends in the southern states and Texas prior to Reconstruction, followed by examination of the Radical system in Texas, and, finally, its destruction by Conservative Texans. The final chapter focuses on immediate and long range results of Radical education. In examining the Radical educational program, an attempt has been made to dispel ideas popularly held by present-day Texans who believe that the Radical school program was simply another "carpetbagger" scheme for raiding the state treasury and building Radical patronage. This paper contends that the Radicals established as good a public school system as could be created at the time, and that it was administered in an honest and efficient manner. The system was destroyed by politicians and a grass roots revolt of taxpayers who had no faith in its methods, goals, or administrators.
Date: August 1976
Creator: McClellan, Michael E.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Aspects of the Thermal Ecology of Largemouth Bass (Micropterus salmoides) in North Central Texas

Description: The coefficient of body temperature change (K) ranged from -0.53 to -0.072 for bass weighing 73-1440 g. The double log regression of K on weight was similar to that reported for other poikilotherms (slope = -0.57; R = 0.93). Fingerling bass were eurythermal, being capable of surviving instantaneous temperature changes over a 20 C range at acclimation temperatures of 15, 25 and 30 C and over a 15 C range at acclimation temperatures of 20 and 35 C. Preferred temperatures for adult bass measured in the laboratory ranged from 27-32 C with no relationship to day or night. The overall mean preferred temperature was 29 C. The laboratory determined preferred temperatures were supported by limited field determined body temperatures taken in a vertical temperature gradient near the discharge of a power plant effluent. Routine metabolic rates of bass from a heated reservoir and a nearby hatchery were similar from 10-30 C in summer and winter. The weight exponent (0.77) and Q^gS (1*6-2.9) were similar to those published for more northern bass populations; however, the Texas bass had lower metabolic rates than those published for the northern populations. Bass exposed to rapid temperature increase (0.2 C/min) from 25-30 C increased their metabolic rate by 53% but showed no detectable increase in opercular rate. Bass warmed from 30-35 C and 30-33 C increased their metabolic rate by 140%, and their opercular rates increased to over 100 beats per minute before death.
Date: December 1976
Creator: Venables, Barney J.
Partner: UNT Libraries