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Test of Proportional Wire Chambers in Hybrid Systems

Description: This is an agreement between the National Accelerator Laboratory and Professor I. Pless of MIT representing the experimenters to provide selected instrumentation for the beam to the 30-inch bubble chamber, and to use the hybrid chamber for an experiment. This document contains an enumeration of the major items needed for the proper execution of Experiment No. 154 as expressed in the proposal for the experiment, subsequent correspondence, and the draft agreement. This agreement covers phases I and II of the experiment. In Phase I the experimenters will design, construct and bring into operation a complete upstream proportional chamber system. This system will tag incident beam particles as to type by correlating the Cerenkov signals furnished by NAL with the proper incoming particle. In addition, the system will measure the position of the incident particle which passed through the momentum slit. The system will contain three proportional wire chambers (3 planes each) which will provide data suitable for defining the incident beam both as to position and angle. The experimenters will furnish the computer, magnetic tape units, programs, and all necessary readout and interface hardware. When the system is installed, debugged, documented and completely functional, it will be turned over to NAL to be operated as a general facility. Phase II of the experiment consists of an exposure of about 20,000 30-inch bubble chamber pictures ({approx}6 beam tracks per picture) correlated with data from a set of proportional wire chambers downstream from the chamber. The experimenters expect to demonstrate the utility of the proportional chamber spectrometer by attempting to analyze every event. They will do this before requesting a major exposure.
Date: June 23, 1971
Creator: Fong, D.G.; Shapiro, A.M.; Widgott, M.; U., /Brown; Ascoli, G.; Eisenstein, B. et al.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Hadron spectra from high energy proton proton interactions

Description: It is proposed to measure the hadron spectra resulting from high energy proton-proton collisions using a single arm focusing spectrometer. These measurements will provide elastic and inelastic P-P cross sections for incident beam energies up to 200 GeV/c and for momentum transfers |t| from 0.01 up to about 10 to 15 (BeV/c){sup 2}. In addition, they will obtain yields of pions and kaons produced in the interactions.
Date: June 1, 1970
Creator: Diebold, R.; /Argonne; Guerriero, L.; U., /Bari; Lanou, R.; U., /Brown et al.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department