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Low-energy neutral-beam injection in the central cell of TMX-U

Description: The purpose is to estimate the central-cell parameters that can be reached by injection of low-energy neutral beams. The main advantages of low energy (2-keV full-energy component) over high energy (15-keV full-energy component) are the following: (1) creation of a beam-fueled, potentially confined, central-cell plasma (n approx. = 10/sup 13/ cm/sup -3/, E/sub ic/ approx. = 1 keV, T/sub ec/ approx. = 0.4 keV) without the use of cold-gas injection or ICRH heating; and (2) reduced shielding requirement against neutrals external to the plasma. The reasons for these expectations are the larger ionization cross section and plasma radius (normalized to ion gyroradius) for low-energy compared to high-energy beams.
Date: September 24, 1984
Creator: Turner, W.C.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department