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An Investigation of Euphonium Valve System Design

Description: The four-valve automatic compensating system as developed by David James Blaikley has become an integral part of the professional euphonium in use today. While the Blaikley system was designed to allow a euphonium to play chromatically down to the fundamental pitch of the instrument, it was hardly the only design to do so. Using a historical analysis of euphonium valve systems, the case is made for why Blaikley's design has been widely adopted in the face of criticism about the four-valve automatic compensating system. The analysis also clarifies the viability of Blaikley's, as well as others', euphonium valve system designs based upon the four factors of intonation, range, intuitiveness of use, and weight. These factors are further explored in a rubric in order to quantify the results of the analysis.
Date: May 2020
Creator: Watkins, Jonathan S
Partner: UNT Libraries
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Where Bach Meets Jazz: A Critical Edition of Anthony Plog's (B. 1947) Concerto for Flute and Wind Ensemble, with Commentary, Revisions, and Additions by the Composer

Description: Anthony Plog's Concerto for Flute and Wind Ensemble is a substantial but relatively unknown work from the composer's early compositional period. It deserves wider exposure and recognition in the repertoire for solo flute and wind ensemble, given its accessibility for both the soloist and the ensemble.
Date: August 2021
Creator: Flum, Kathryn
Partner: UNT Libraries
open access

Toward a Critical Edition of Gordon Jacob's William Byrd Suite: A Comparison of Extant Editions with The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book

Description: Despite being recognized as one of the most important compositions in the twentieth¬ century wind band repertoire, the William Byrd Suite presents many obstacles for the conductor and ensemble members. Since its initial publication in 1924, the piece has contained many discrepancies of pitch, articulation, rhythm, dynamics, and phrase completion that appear in the score as well as the parts. Although the work was reissued by Boosey & Hawkes in 1960 and 1991, many of the original errors remained intact. The sheer amount of inconsistencies causes great difficulties for the musicians involved in the rehearsal process, slowing efficiency and resulting in a frustrating impediment to a quality performance. The primary purpose of this study was the creation of a critical edition of Jacob's William Byrd Suite that eliminates errors of extant editions, incorporates modern instrumentation, and considers the source material. To accomplish this, the present project looks at all sources, including the autograph manuscript, orchestral version, published editions, and errata. The editorial process examines the governing philosophy, subsequent editorial decisions and indications, and the final organization of the parts. The study concludes with the inclusion of the full score of the new critical edition.
Date: August 2007
Creator: Trachsel, Andrew Jason
Partner: UNT Libraries
open access

A Pedagogical Guide to Teaching Tone Production for Elementary-Level Piano Students, with Examples from Appropriate Elementary-Level Music

Description: The early stage of piano students' training is one of the most important, because it is then that they establish their habits for life. Those who teach beginners need clear principles for developing a solid technical foundation and for preventing bad technical habits. One of the most difficult principles to inculcate in young students is that of tone production and quality. The primary purpose of this study is to provide a pedagogical guide to help piano teachers teach tone production to elementary-level students. To accomplish this purpose, the strategies of the twentieth-century pedagogues Josef Lhévinne, Josef Hofmann, and Heinrich Neuhaus are examined, and applied to the elementary-level piano literature. This study offers practical training suggestions to teachers of elementary piano students as well as musical examples from high-quality piano literature to accompany these suggestions.
Date: August 2020
Creator: Kim, Gyuwan
Partner: UNT Libraries
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