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Fabrication and electrical characterization of 0.55 eV n-on-p InGaAs thermophotovoltaic devices

Description: Results are presented on the characterization and testing of lattice mismatched 0.55 eV InGaAs/InP thermophotovoltaic (TPV) cells. A robust cell fabrication technique amenable to high throughput production is presented. A versatile light and dark I-V set up capable of fast screening of the TPV cells and an innovative approach for screening high performance cells are presented. The authors also report on the effect of lattice matched InAsP and InAlAs back surface field on the performance of the TPV cells.
Date: October 1, 1998
Creator: Nishikawa, W.; Joslin, D.; Krut, D.; Eldredge, J.; Takahashi, M.; Haddad, M. et al.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Neutron study of fracton excitations in percolating antiferromagnets

Description: The authors report the results of an inelastic neutron scattering experiment on nearly-percolating Heisenberg antiferromagnets (RbMn{sub c}Mg{sub 1{minus}o}F{sub 3}), in which the Mn concentrations (C = 0.31, 0.34 and 0.39) are very close to the percolation threshold (c{sub p} = 0.312). A broad peak superimposed on Ising-cluster excitations was observed throughout the Brillouin zone. The intensity of a broad peak increased on approaching the percolation threshold. The origin of this broad peak is attributed to the excitation of fractons in a percolating network.
Date: June 27, 1997
Creator: Ikeda, H.; Takahashi, M.; Fernandez-Baca, J.A. & Nicklow, R.M.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department