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Studies of the Extraction and Coking of Coal and their Significance in Relation to its Structure

Description: From Summary: "This Paper is concerned with two aspects of the behavior of coal: (1) Dispersion by solvents at atmospheric pressure and high temperature and (2) the destruction and regeneration of the coking properties of coal."
Date: 1951
Creator: Orchin, M.; Golumbic, C.; Anderson, J. E. & Storch, H. H.
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Fluid Flow Through Packed and Fluidized Systems

Description: From Introduction: "Examination of published correlations revealed that considerable uncertainty existed in the correlation of the operating variables of such equipment with the pressure drops which could be expected through packaged and fluidized systems; correlations proposed in the literature differed from each other frequently by as much as 75 to 100 percent. The following study was begun in 1946 to develop correlations that would be suitable for the design of new equipment in which fluids are brought into contact with granular materials."
Date: 1951
Creator: Leva, M.; Weintraub, M.; Grummer, M.; Pollchik, M. & Storch, H. H.
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Hydrogenation of Coal and Tar

Description: From Abstract: "This bulletin traces the development of high-pressure, coal and tar hydrogenation technology, based on intensive review of the pertinent literature. The bulletin was written as a part of the Bureau of Mines research program on synthetic liquid fuels. It covers the history and economics of the process; the chemical aspect of hydrogenation of coal, tar, and middle oil; the engineer aspect of converting coal and tar to liquid fuels, principally gasoline; and the equipment of the process."
Date: 1968
Creator: Wu, W. R. K. & Storch, H. H.
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Characterization of Tar Acids from Coal-Hydrogenation Oils

Description: From Introduction: "The purpose of this investigation was to separate and identify as many of the principal phenolic compounds produced by the mild hydrogenation of Pittsburgh-bed (Bruceton) coal as possible and to determine with the greatest possible accuracy the proportions in which they are present."
Date: 1950
Creator: Woolfolk, E. O.; Golumbic, C.; Friedel, R. A.; Orchin, Milton & Storch, H. H.
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Physical Chemistry of the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis

Description: From Summary: "This paper summarizes the results of physicochemical studies of the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis (the catalytic hydrogenation of carbon monoxide) undertaken by the Federal Bureau of Mines as part of its program on improving processes for producing liquid fuels from coal."
Date: 1959
Creator: Anderson, R. B.; Shultz, J. F.; Hofer, L. J. E. & Storch, H. H.
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Development of the Fischer-Tropsch Oil-Recycle Process

Description: From Introduction: "This report on the development of the oil-recycle process covers: 1. Review of the work in Germany on the first oil-circulation process. 2. Work by the Bureau of Mines, United States Department of the Interior. (a) Preliminary experiments on a laboratory scale, consisting of orientation tests and bench-scale operation, employing a 1-foot bed of catalyst in a 3-inch diameter vessel. (b) Operation of 2 pilot plants with a 4- or - 8 foot bed of catalyst in 3-inch-diameter reactors. Up to 3 gallons of C2+ hydrocarbons was produced per day in each of these plants. (c) Operation of a barrel-per-day pilot plant with an 8-foot bed of catalyst in an 8-inch-diameter reactor."
Date: 1957
Creator: Benson, H. E.; Field, J. H.; Bienstock, D.; Nagel, R. R.; Brunn, L. W.; Hawk, C. O. et al.
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