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EXAFS Signatures of Structural Zn at Trace Levels in Layered Minerals

Description: Many in situ XAFS studies have shown that zinc incorporated in layered minerals is a major form of zinc in Zn-contaminated soils. Quantitative information on the local structural environment(s) and ordering of Zn in these minerals is required to better understand its behavior in soils. In this study, EXAFS spectroscopy was used to assess the structural environment of zinc incorporated at trace levels (40 ppm to 4,000 ppm) within the octahedral sheets of various natural and synthetic layered minerals. Results indicate that EXAFS data analyzed using ab initio FEFF calculations (FEFF 8.10) can unambiguously distinguish between zinc incorporation within the octahedral sheet of dioctahedral versus trioctahedral layered minerals and can determine the distribution (random or ordered) of zinc cations within the octahedral sheets of these minerals.
Date: December 13, 2006
Creator: Juillot, Farid; Morin, Guillaume; Hazemann, Jean-Louis; Proux, Olivier; Belin, Stephanie; Briois, Valerie et al.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department