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Final Safety Analysis Addendum to Hazard Summary Report, Experimental Breeder Reactor No. II (EBR-II): the EBR-II Cover-Gas Cleanup System

Description: This report evaluates abnormal and accident conditions postulated for the EBR-II cover-gas cleanup system (CGCS). Major considerations include loss of CGCS function with a high level of cover-gas activity, loss of the liquid-nitrogen coolant required for removing fission products from the cover gas, contamination of the cover gas from sources other than the reactor, and loss of system pressure boundary. Calculated exposures resulting from the maximum hypothetical accident (MHA) are less than 2% of the 5-Rcm limit stipulated in U. S. Regulation 10 CFR 100; i.e., a person standing at any point on an exclusion boundary (area radius of 600 m) for 2 h following onset of the postulated release would receive less than 0.45 Rem whole-body dose. The on-site whole-body dose (10 m from the source) would be less than 16 Rem.
Date: April 1979
Creator: Fryer, R. M.; Monson, L. R.; Price, C. C. & Hooker, D. W.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Application of the Pulsed-Neutron Activation Technique for Flow Measurements at EBR-II

Description: This report describes the pulsed-neutron-activation (PNA) flow-measuring technique as applied to in situ fluid-flow measurement at EBR-II. Analytic relationships are derived for modeling the process and estimating the uncertainty in measurement. Results from measurements of both water flow and secondary-sodium flow are presented. Results from PNA measurements of water side of the EBR-II steam system have led better definition of plant parameters. Results from sodium-flow measurements are used to provide a correlation for in situ calibration of the electromagnetic sodium flowmeter in the secondary system.
Date: November 1977
Creator: Price, C. C.; Sackett, J. I.; Curran, R. N.; Livengood, C. L.; Kehler, P. & Forster, G. A.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department