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Integral capture cross-section measurements in the CFRMF for LMFBR control materials

Description: Integral capture-cross sections for separated isotopes of Eu and Ta are reported for measurements in the Coupled Fast Reactivity Measurements Facility (CFRMF). These cross sections along with that measured in the CFRMF for $sup 10$B(n,$alpha$) provide an absolute standard for evaluating the relative reactivity worth of Eu$sub 2$O$sub 3$, B$sub 4$C and Ta in neutron fields typical of an LMFBR core. Based on these measurements and for neutron fields characterized by the $sup 235$U:$sup 238$U reaction rate spectral index ranging from 23 to 50, the infinitely dilute relative worth of Eu$sub 2$O$sub 3$ has been estimated to be 25 to 40 percent higher than that for B$sub 4$C and 80 percent to 100 percent higher than that for Ta. 11 references. (auth)
Date: January 1, 1975
Creator: Anderl, R.A.; Harker, Y.D.; Turk, E.H.; Nisle, R.G. & Berreth, J.R.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department