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Report of working group on accelerator problems

Description: There are many experimental elementary particle objectives which are uniquely achievable with polarized proton beams. These objectives require both higher beam energies and intensities than are presently available. The polarized ion source working group concluded that it looks quite practical to produce polarized H sources with output currents of several mA. The significance of this is best demonstrated by the fact that the ZGS operates at its space charge limit using a 6 mA H/sup -/ impolarized ion source and charge exchanger injection. Thus, polarized H/sup -/ ions offer the possibility of operating high energy synchrotrons at their ''normal'' intensity. With interesting physics to be done and the high probability of adequate intensities for both fixed target and colliding beam machines, the question to be answered is whether or not it is possible to accelerate polarized protons and/or deuterons to energies above the presently available 12 GeV/c of the ZGS and to store beams in a colliding beam machine such as the ISR or ISABELLE. This question was considered by the accelerator physics working group, and the conclusions reached are discussed.
Date: October 18, 1977
Creator: Cho, Y.; Montague, B.W.; Kubischta, W.; Turrin, A.; Courant, E.D. & Ratner, L.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department