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DUMAND data acquisition with triggering

Description: A data acquisition scheme for the standard DUMAND array that includes a simple triggering scheme as a fundamental part of the system is presented. Although there are a number of not yet fully understood parameters, it is assumed that thresholds can be set in such a manner as to give rise to a triggered signal that is not so dominated by randoms that it gives a substantial decrease in the data acquisition rate over that which would be required by a nontriggered system. It is also assumed that the triggering logic is relatively simple and does not need major computational capabilities for a trigger logic decision. With these assumptions, it is possible to generate the trigger at the array and restrict the data transfer to shore. However, with a not unreasonable delay of 200 microseconds, it is even possible to transmit the information for the trigger to shore and perform all that logic on the shore. The critical point is to send the minimum amount of information necessary to construct the trigger such that one need not send all the possible information in all detectors of the array continuously to shore. 1 figure. (RWR)
Date: March 31, 1980
Creator: Brenner, A.E.; Theriot, D. & March, R.H.
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Experiments in a neutral hyperon beam

Description: The authors propose a survey experiment for a neutral hyperon beam, to measure production of {Lambda}{sup 0}, {bar {Lambda}}{sup 0}, {Xi}{sup 0}, {bar {Xi}}{sup 0}, K{sub 1}{sup 0} - K{sub 2}{sup 0} near zero mrad. by 200 GeV protons on complex nuclei. The detector will be sensitive to polarization of the hyperons. The same apparatus will then be used to search for {Xi}{sup 0} {yields} p{pi}{sup -} and to measure {Lambda}{sup 0} and {bar {Lambda}}{sup 0} total and diffractive elastic cross sections in hydrogen.
Date: June 1, 1970
Creator: March, R.H.; Pondrom, L.G.; /Wisconsin U., Madison; Overseth, O.E. & U., /Michigan
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Measurement of the sigma^o Lifetime

Description: The Coulomb production of {Sigma}{sup 0} hyperons on uranium and nickel nuclei has been measured in a beam of {Lambda} hyperons at the CERN Proton Synchrotron. The results for the {Sigma}{sup 0} lifetime, {tau}{Sigma}{sup 0} = (0.58 {+-} 0.13) x 10{sup -19} sec, and for the {Sigma}{sup 0}-{Lambda} magnetic transition moment, |{mu}{Sigma}{sub {Lambda}}| = (1.82{sub -0.18}{sup +0.25}) nuclear magnetons, are in agreement with SU(3) predictions.
Date: March 1, 1972
Creator: Devlin, T.J.; U., /Rutgers; March, R.H.; Pondrom, L.G.; U., /Wisconsin; Overseth, O.E. et al.
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Measurement of the K{sup 0}{sub S} - K{sup 0}{sub L} mass difference by the time dependence of strangeness

Description: The magnitude of the K{sup 0}{sub S} - K{sup 0}{sub L} mass difference has been measured by monitoring the time dependence of the strangeness of neutral K's produced in hydrogen and deuterium in the LRL 25 '' hydrogen bubble chamber. The particles originate as K-bar{sup 0} in K{sup -} change-exchange scatters at .85 to 1.15 Bev/c; the signature for an S = -1 reaction is the production of a hyperon. Seventy- seven events were found, obtaining {Delta}{omega} = 0.50 =- 0.15, measured in units of inverse K{sup 0}{sub S} lifetime. This and two other recent measurements using the same method are consistent with one another and with measurements of {Delta}{omega} by other means. A combined ''world average'' of nine reasonably consistent measurements gives {Delta}{omega} = 0.60 +- 0.06.
Date: April 1, 1966
Creator: Camerini, U.; Cline, D.; English, J. B.; Fischbein, W.; Fry, W. F.; Gaidos, J. A. et al.
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