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Synthesis and properties of lanthanide-exchanged Preyssler`s heteropolyanions

Description: Na{sup +} in the Preyssler heteropolytungstate anion [NaP{sub 5}W{sub 30}O{sub 110}]{sup 14{minus}} can be exchanged for a trivalent lanthanide ion. The potential significance of this new class of lanthanide heteropolyanions relates to their applications in catalysis science. This view follows from the fact that Keggin heteropolyanions and their free acids are used as heterogeneous solid catalysts and homogeneous solution catalysts. The authors describe synthetic conditions that lead to the incorporation of Ce{sup 3+} and Pr{sup 3+} within the Preyssler anion, and the coprecipitation of Ce{sup 3+} and the Preyssler anion. Initial studies indicate that the latter, coprecipitated, material deserves study for bifunctional catalytic activity.
Date: December 1994
Creator: Antonio, M. R.; Malinsky, J. & Soderholm, L.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department