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Effects of self-radiation damage on electronic properties of {sup 244}Cm{sup 3+} in an orthophosphate crystal of YPO{sub 4}

Description: Electronic energy level of alpha-emitting isotope {sup 244}Cm{sup 3+} (t{sub {1/2}}=18.1 y) doped into single crystals of YPO{sub 4} has been studied using site-selected laser spectroscopic methods. Electronic transitions between the nominal {sup 8}S{sub 7/2} state of Cm{sup 3+} were utilized to characterize the effects of alpha-decay induced structural damage. The total splitting of the four crystal field doublets in the ground multiplet is 12.5 cm{sup -1} and that of the excited multiplet is 611 cm{sup -1}. Due to radiation damage accumulated in 17 years since the crystals were grown, the inhomogeneous line width of the {sup 8}S{sub 7/2} {leftrightarrow} {sup 6}D{sub 7/2} transitions in broader than 50 cm{sup -1} as measured without site selection. The line width of resonant fluorescence line narrowing (RFLN) is less than 1 cm{sup -1} at 4 K. A total of 12 satellite lines were observed symmetrically spacing about the RFLN line. The position, width, and intensity of these satellite lines have been analyzed to gain information on the electronic and structural properties of the actinide ions in the metamict phases of Cm{sup 3+}:YPO{sub 4}.
Date: October 1, 1997
Creator: Liu, G.K.; Li, S.T.; Beitz, J.V. & Abraham, M.M.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department