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The Fermilab upgrade

Description: This paper discusses the upgrades needed at Fermilab Tevatron facility to meet the future physics needs. Historical aspects are also discussed. 3 figs.
Date: September 25, 1988
Creator: Lederman, L.M.
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Electromagnetic and weak interactions at Isabelle

Description: A survey is given of the present status and expectations for studying mu /sup plus or minus and W/sup plus or minus production in pp interactions using the Isa belle muon detector. A brief description is given of the experimental arrangement. Some predictions based on the DrellYan parton-- antiparton annihilation model and the modified Drell-Yan model are discussed. (LBS)
Date: January 1, 1974
Creator: Lederman, L.M.
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A one-campus SSC

Description: Advantages of the one-campus superconducting super collider with bypass-clustered Interaction Region arrangement are enumerated. Designs for double-bypass arrangements with 4 and 6 interaction points are examined and presented. Compared to the conceptual design given in the Conceptual Design Report, the only drawback identified is the additional dipoles required which amounts to approx.20% for the 6 Interaction Point arrangements and approx.10% for the 4 Interaction Point arrangements. (LSP)
Date: April 1, 1987
Creator: Lederman, L.M. & Teng, L.C.
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Neutrino Physics

Description: The prediction and verification of the neutrino are reviewed, together with the V-A theory for its interactions (particularly the difficulties with the apparent existence of two neutrinos and the high-energy cross section). The Brookhaven experiment confirming the existence of two neutrinos and the cross section increase with momentum is then described, and future neutrino experiments are considered. (D.C.W.)
Date: January 1, 1963
Creator: Lederman, L. M.
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Task D, Participation in high energy physics

Description: This grant was initiated in December of 1989. My request for DOE funds (July 7, 1989) listed three activities which would require support from DOE. These were communication of HEP and Basic Research activities via lectures, articles, TV, etc., science education activities and participation in E789, a fixed-target research on beauty physics at Fermilab. These activities are discussed in this report.
Date: September 1, 1990
Creator: Lederman, L.M.
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Description: The spectrum of electrons arising from the decay of the negative mu meson has been determined. The muons are arrested in the gas of a high pressure hydrogen filled diffusion cloud chamber. The momenta of the decay electrons are determined from their curvature in a magnetic field of 7750 gauss. The spectrum of 415 electrons has been analyzed according to the theory of Michel. The shape parameter, {rho}, is found to be 0.64 {plus_minus} .10. The significance of this result in terms of the beta interaction is discussed.
Date: March 1, 1955
Creator: Sargent, C.P.; Rinehart, M.; Lederman, L.M. & Rogers, K.C.
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Study of lepton pairs from proton-nuclear interactions: search for intermediate bosons and lee-wick structure

Description: The authors propose to observe lepton pairs emerging from high energy proton-nuclear collisions. Large effective mass pairs probe the hadronic electromagnetic structure. The continuum mass spectrum will be measured and any resonant structures in the mass range up to {approx}28 GeV will be detected with great sensitivity. The data provides a prediction, via Conserved Vector Current theory, for the production cross section for weak vector bosons and these are also sought in the mass range {approx} 8-28 GeV. They also propose an initial photon-electron beam survey at high transverse momentum which is also a W-search with good sensitivity.
Date: June 1, 1970
Creator: Lee, W.; Lederman, L.M.; Appel, J.; U., /Columbia; Tannenbaum, M.; U., /Harvard et al.
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Opportunities for high-sensitivity charm physics at Fermilab

Description: The CO initiative under consideration at Fermilab makes feasible a charm experiment reconstructing >10{sup 9} charm decays, four orders - of magnitude beyond the largest extant sample. The experiment might commence data-taking as early as 1999. In addition to programmatic charm physics such as spectroscopy, lifetimes, and QCD tests, it will have significant new-physics reach in the areas of CP violation, flavor-changing neutral-current and lepton-number-violating decays, and D{sup o} {bar D} {bar {sup o}} mixing, and should observe direct CP violation in Cabibbo-suppressed D decays if it occurs at the level predicted by the Standard Model.
Date: July 1, 1996
Creator: Kaplan, D.M.; Burnstein, R.A.; Lederman, L.M.; Rubin, H.A.; Brown, C.N.; Christian, D.C. et al.
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Evidence for the decay Sigma+ ---> p mu+ mu-

Description: We report the first evidence for the decay {Sigma}{sup +} {yields} p{mu}{sup +}{mu}{sup -} from data taken by the HyperCP (E871) experiment at Fermilab. Based on three observed events, the branching ratio is {Beta}({Sigma}{sup +} {yields} p{mu}{sup +}{mu}{sup -}) = [8.6{sub -5.4}{sup +6.6}(stat) {+-} 5.5(syst)] x 10{sup -8}. The narrow range of dimuon masses may indicate that the decay proceeds via a neutral intermediate state, {Sigma}{sup +} {yields} pP{sup 0},P{sup 0} {yields} {mu}{sup +}{mu}{sup -} with a P{sup 0} mass of 214.3 {+-} 0.5 MeV/c{sup 2} and branching ratio {Beta}({Sigma}{sup +} {yields} pP{sup 0}, P{sup 0} {yields} {mu}{sup +}{mu}{sup -}) = [3.1{sub -1.9}{sup +2.4}(stat) {+-} 1.5(syst)] x 10{sup -8}.
Date: January 1, 2005
Creator: Park, HyangKyu; U., /Michigan; Burnstein, R. A.; Chakravorty, A.; Chen, Y. C.; Choong, W. S. et al.
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Search for Delta S = 2 nonleptonic hyperon decays

Description: A sensitive search for the rare decays {Omega}{sup -} {yields} {Lambda}{pi}{sup -} and {Xi}{sup 0} {yields} p{pi}{sup -} has been performed using data from the 1997 run of the HyperCP (Fermilab E871) experiment. Limits on other such processes do not exclude the possibility of observable rates for |{Delta}S| = 2 nonleptonic hyperon decays, provided the decays occur through parity-odd operators. They obtain the branching-fraction limits {Beta}({Omega}{sup -} {yields} {Lambda}{pi}{sup -}) < 2.9 x 10{sup -6} and {Beta}({Xi}{sup 0} {yields} p{pi}{sup -}) < 8.2 x 10{sup -6}, both at 90% confidence level.
Date: March 1, 2005
Creator: White, C. G.; /IIT, Chicago; Burnstein, R. A.; Chakravorty, A.; Chan, A.; Chen, Y. C. et al.
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Operation of silicon microstrip detectors in a high radiation environment

Description: A Silicon Microstrip Spectrometer was recently installed and operated in an 800 GeV proton beamline at Fermilab as a major new component of experiment E789. The detectors received an estimated radiation exposure of up to 7.8 {times} 10{sup 12} minimum ionizing particles per cm{sup 2} over a period of two months. We report on the changes in detector performance that we have observed following preliminary data analysis. 5 refs., 4 figs.
Date: January 1, 1990
Creator: Kapustinsky, J.S.; Alde, D.M.; Boissevain, J.G.; Jeppesen, R.G.; Lane, D.W.; Leitch, M.J. et al.
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Search for CP violation in hyperon decays.

Description: Direct CP violation in nonleptonic hyperon decays can be established by comparing the decays of hyperons and anti-hyperons. For {Xi} decay to {Lambda} {pi} followed by {Lambda} to p{pi}, the proton distribution in the rest frame of Lambda is governed by the product of the decay parameters {alpha}{sub {Xi}} {alpha}{sub {Lambda}}. The asymmetry A{sub {Xi}{Lambda}}, proportional to the difference of {alpha}{sub {Xi}}{alpha}{sub {Lambda}} of the hyperon and anti-hyperon decays, vanishes if CP is conserved. We report on an analysis of a fraction of 1997 and 1999 data collected by the Hyper CP (E871) collaboration during the fixed-target runs at Fermilab. The preliminary measurement of the asymmetry is {Alpha}{sub {Xi}{Lambda}} = [-7 {+-} 12(stat) {+-} 6.2(sys)] x 10{sup -4}, an order of magnitude better than the present limit.
Date: October 25, 2002
Creator: Zyla, Piotr; Chan, A.; Chen, Y.C.; Ho, C.; Teng, P.K.; Choong, W.S. et al.
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Examining CP symmetry in strange baryon decay

Description: Non-conservation of CP symmetry can manifest itself in non-lepton ichyperon decays as a difference in the decay parameter between the strange-baryon decay and its charge conjugate. By comparing the decay distribution in the {Lambda} helicity frame for the decay sequence {Xi}{sup -} {yields} {Lambda}{pi}{sup -}, {Lambda} {yields} p{pi}{sup -} with that of {bar {Xi}}{sup +} decay, E756 at Fermilab did not observe any CP-odd effect at the 10{sup -2} level. The status of a follow-up experiment, HyperCP (FNAL E871), to search for CP violation in charged {Xi}-{Lambda} decay with a sensitivity of 10{sup -4} is also presented.
Date: April 5, 2000
Creator: Luk, Kam-Biu; Collaboration, Fermilab E756; Collaboration, HyperCP; Burnstein, R.A.; Chakravorty, A.; Chan, A. et al.
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Beauty and charm production from Fermilab experiment 789

Description: Experiment 789 is a fixed-target experiment at Fermilab designed to study low-multiplicity decays of charm and beauty. During the 1991 run. E789 collected {approx} 10{sup 9} events using an 800 GeV proton beam incident upon gold and beryllium targets. Analyses of these data include searches for b {yields} J/{psi}+{Chi} decays and {Alpha}- dependence measurements of neutral D meson production. Preliminary results from the 1991 run are presented in this paper.
Date: June 1, 1993
Creator: Jansen, D.M.; Boissevain, J.; Carey, T.A.; Jeppesen, R.G.; Kapustinsky, J.S.; Lane, D.W. et al.
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Preliminary results from Fermilab E789

Description: Fermilab experiment 789 studies low-multiplicity decays of neutral D and B mesons in a high-rate fixed-target environment. Preliminary results from the 1991 run are presented.
Date: December 1, 1992
Creator: Peng, J. C.; Boissevain, J.; Carey, T. A.; Jansen, D. M.; Jeppesen, R.; Kapustinsky, J. S. et al.
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