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DOE Hanford Network Upgrades and Disaster Recovery Exercise Support the Cleanup Mission Now and into the Future - 14303

Description: In 2013, the U.S. Department of Energy�s (DOE) Hanford Site, located in Washington State, funded an update to the critical network infrastructure supporting the Hanford Federal Cloud (HFC). The project, called ET-50, was the final step in a plan that was initiated five years ago called �Hanford�s IT Vision, 2015 and Beyond.� The ET-50 project upgraded Hanford�s core data center switches and routers along with a majority of the distribution layer switches. The upgrades allowed HFC the network intelligence to provide Hanford with a more reliable and resilient network architecture. The culmination of the five year plan improved network intelligence and high performance computing as well as helped to provide 10Gbps capable links between core backbone devices (10 times the previous bandwidth). These improvements allow Hanford the ability to further support bandwidth intense applications, such as video teleconferencing. The ET-50 switch upgrade, along with other upgrades implemented from the five year plan, have prepared Hanford�s network for the next evolution of technology in voice, video, and data. Hand-in-hand with ET-50�s major data center outage, Mission Support Alliance�s (MSA) Information Management (IM) organization executed a disaster recovery (DR) exercise to perform a true integration test and capability study. The DR scope was planned within the constraints of ET-50�s 14 hour datacenter outage window. This DR exercise tested Hanford�s Continuity of Operations (COOP) capability and failover plans for safety and business critical Hanford Federal Cloud applications. The planned suite of services to be tested was identified prior to the outage and plans were prepared to test the services ability to failover from the primary Hanford datacenter to the backup datacenter. The services tested were: � Core Network (backbone, firewall, load balancers) � Voicemail, � Voice over IP (VoIP) � Emergency Notification � Virtual desktops and; � Select set of production applications and ...
Date: November 7, 2013
Creator: Eckman, Todd J.; Hertzel, Ali K. & Lane, James J.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department