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Total-head meter with small sensitivity to yaw

Description: The total-head meter is essentially a venturi, housing a pitot tube for obtaining the total head. In yaw the flow within the nozzle is deflected, depending upon the degree of yaw, to a greater or lesser extent into the axial direction of the nozzle. After experimenting with several nozzle forms as to their suitability, the best design was finally adopted. When, with the chosen nozzle form, the total head is 0.5 entrance section diameter downstream, the instrument supplies the genuine total head at low Reynolds Numbers up to 43 degrees yaw.
Date: August 1, 1935
Creator: Kiel, G
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Extraction of uranium from seawater: chemical process and plant design feasibility study

Description: A major assessment was made of the uranium resources in seawater. Several concepts for moving seawater to recover the uranium were investigated, including pumping the seawater and using natural ocean currents or tides directly. The optimal site chosen was on the southeastern Puerto Rico coast, with the south U.S. Atlantic coast as an alternate. The various processes for extracting uranium from seawater were reviewed, with the adsorption process being the most promising at the present time. Of the possible adsorbents, hydrous titanium oxide was found to have the best properties. A uranium extraction plant was conceptually designed. Of the possible methods for contacting the seawater with the adsorbent, a continuous fluidized bed concept was chosen as most practical for a pumped system. A plant recovering 500 tonnes of U/sub 3/O/sub 8/ per year requires 5900 cubic meters per second of seawater to be pumped through the adsorbent beds for a 70% overall recovery efficiency. Total cost of the plant was estimated to be about $6.2 billion. A computer model for the process was used for parametric sensitivity studies and economic projections. Several design case variations were developed. Other topics addressed were the impact of co-product recovery, environmental considerations, etc.
Date: February 1, 1979
Creator: Campbell, M.H.; Frame, J.M.; Dudey, N.D.; Kiel, G.R.; Mesec, V.; Woodfield, F.W. et al.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department