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Radiation stability of a hydrogen getter material (DPPE). [Dimerized phenyl propargyl ether containing Pd on CaCO/sub 3/ catalyst]

Description: An investigation was made on a hydrogen getter material (DPPE) to determine its radiation stability. Such material has potential for nuclear industry applications. The material is composed of 75 percent of an unsaturated organic compound (1,6-diphenoxy-2,4-hexadiyne) and 25 percent catalyst (5 percent palladium on calcium carbonate). The radiation stability of this material and of the hydrogenated product was determined by exposing them to gamma radiation in air and vacuum and analyzing for radiolysis products and hydrogen capacity. The major products formed were phenol and carbon dioxide. Numerous solid compounds were also formed in much smaller yields. Product yields were much larger in air than in vacuum. Hydrogen uptake curves showed that the hydrogen capacity decreased appreciably after an absorbed dose of about 10/sup 8/ rads, and that irradiation is more detrimental in air than in vacuum. (For SI (metric) use: rads have been replaced by grays (Gy) and 1 gray = 1 joule per kilogram, and 10/sup 8/ rads = 1 megajoule per kilogram.)
Date: October 18, 1976
Creator: Kazanjian, A. R.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department