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Traditional Bullying and Cyberbullying in Korean Children and Youth with Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities: Examination of Contributing Factors

Description: Children and Adolescents with emotional and behavioral disabilities (EBD) are often involved in aggression, acting out, bullying, violence, substance abuse, and juvenile crime. However, the limited Korean studies have focused primarily on bullying of students with developmental disabilities or intellectual disabilities. Therefore, the current study aimed to explore contributing factors to traditional bullying and cyberbullying in Korean children and adolescents with EBD. The current study surveyed 112 students with EBD between ages of 10 and 15 and their parents (guardians). The results revealed that internalizing problem behaviors including anxious/depression, withdrawal/depression, and somatic problems significantly affected traditional bullying victimization of Korean students with EBD. The peer support was a significant factor affecting cyberbullying victimization. Furthermore, the maternal psychological control was a meaningful factor affecting perpetration at school and in cyber world. Based on the findings, the present study described implications regarding prevention and intervention programs for addressing traditional bullying and cyberbullying victimization and perpetration.
Date: August 2015
Creator: Baek, Ji Eun
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Response of Elderly People to a B-6 Supplement

Description: Vitamin B-6 status was examined in a group of 46 elderly subjects who were selected from nursing home residents, hospital patients, and free living individuals in Denton County. Subjects were limited to men and women over 60 years of age. Erythrocyte aspartate aminotransferase stimulation with pyridoxal phosphate (in-vitro) was studied as the biochemical criterion of vitamin B-6 status. The pyridoxine status of these 46 subjects (the reference group) was measured in order to be able to identify people with a relatively poor B-6 status. A sub-group of the reference group was composed of 4 subjects who took B-6 supplements (supplemented group). There was no significant difference (0.05 level) in the basal activity, stimulated activity, percentage stimulation, or body weight, after treatment with 10 mg pyridoxine hydrochloride for 4 weeks, even though all 4 subjects had an improved B-6 status (based on percentage stimulation) after taking the supplement. The data indicated that of the 4 subjects tested, 2 showed a large change in the basal activity, stimulated activity, and percentage stimulation. The lack of significant difference (0.05 level) was probably due to a small sample size. One subject reported an increased appetite and body weight after treatment with pyridoxine.
Date: August 1985
Creator: Chaomuangbon, Sunthorn
Partner: UNT Libraries

Factors Affecting Perception of Fit of Jeans

Description: The purpose of this research was to determine if perception of fit in jeans will vary by target wearer, sex, educational background, political-social attitudes, and brand name. One hundred and sixteen usable questionnaires were completed by students enrolled in the 1987 spring semester at a university in North Texas. The questionnaire gathered data about perception of fit in jeans, social-political attitudes, clothing interest, and jeans consumption. No differences were found between perception of fit by sex or target wearer. Factors found to affect perception of fit were educational background, political-social attitudes, brand name, and clothing interest. Subjects indicated fit was the most important factor considered when purchasing jeans.
Date: August 1987
Creator: Chen, Hsin-Teh
Partner: UNT Libraries

Evening Meal Patterns and Meal Management Decisions in Families of Employed and Nonemployed Mothers

Description: The purpose of this research was to determine if evening meal patterns and meal management decisions are related to the marital and employment status of mothers. Two hundred eighty-two usable questionnaires were completed by mothers who attended elementary school parent-teacher meetings in a suburban city in North Texas. The questionnaire gathered data about family demographics, family evening meal patterns, and factors affecting meal management decisions. Little difference was found between meal patterns of employed and nonemployed mothers in single and two-parent households. Factors found to affect meal pattern decisions were values, traditions, time, energy, nutrition, and family influence. A traditional family evening meal was important to the families studied.
Date: August 1986
Creator: Stubbs, Rochelle L. (Rochelle Lundberg)
Partner: UNT Libraries

Assessment of Computer Uses in Texas University and College Foodservice

Description: The purposes of this study were. to identify current uses of computers by university foodservice operations and to determine if there.are any differences in computer use among university foodservice operations. The twelve university foodservice directors who responded to the research questionnaire varied significantly in their computer usage and computer characteristics. Institutions serving more than 1,000 meals per day represented 91% of the sample using computers. Chi Square analysis found a significant use of menu-costing programs. The computers were used more than six hours a day by 75% of the sample. The.problems relating to hardware and software selection indicate a lack of assessment of operational needs for foodservice operations. Guidelines to assist foodservice directors in computerization are needed.
Date: August 1988
Creator: Sahba, Afsaneh
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Vitamin B-6 Status of Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Description: The problem of this study is to determine the vitamin B-6 status of patients who have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Erythrocyte aspartate transaminase assay was the method for measuring vitamin B-6 status. The vitamin B-6 status was examined in thirty subjects (ten COPD subjects and twenty control subjects). An unpaired t-test was used to compare the vitamin B-6 status of the COPD group versus the control group. Four determinants (percentage stimulation, ratio of basal to stimulated activity, basal activity, and stimulated activity) were used to determine vitamin B-6 status in both groups of subjects. Percentage stimulation and ratio of basal to stimulated activity were not significantly different (control group versus COPD group) at the .05 level. However, two of ten COPD subjects had values for percentage stimulation that were two standard deviations above the mean, indicating a poor B-6 status. In contrast, basal activity and stimulated activity of erythrocyte aspartate transaminase were found to be significantly lower at the .05 level in the COPD group than the control group. Therefore, the COPD subjects as a group had some biochemical characteristics of a lower level of vitamin B-6 than the controls.
Date: December 1986
Creator: Anurak Bhunthurat
Partner: UNT Libraries

Relationships Between Adolescent Premarital Sexual Activity and Involvement in the Home, School and Church

Description: The purpose of the study was to find the relationship between adolescent premarital sexual activity and involvement in the family, school, and church. The sample was composed of 192 adolescents. The data were analyzed for significant relationships by using chi square test of independence. The study found that there were significant relationships between adolescent premarital sexual activity and family structure, family mobility, parental employment, grade level achievement, and parental attendance at school functions. Since the findings of a study of this nature are pertinent to society, further research needs to be done using a more heterogeneous sample and a more refined, limited instrument. The instrument should be further tested for reliability and validity.
Date: August 1988
Creator: Henegar, Abbie Gayle
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Effects of Oat Fiber and Corn Bran on Blood Serum Cholesterol and Triglyceride Levels

Description: Forty Sprague Dawley rats were randomly placed in five groups with eight rats per group. Each group varied in dietary composition for fiber type and carbohydrate source. Groups one and two received oat fiber and either sucrose or corn starch as the carbohydrate source. Groups three and four received corn bran as the fiber source and either sucrose or corn starch as the carbohydrate source. Group five (considered the control group), received Purina standard rat chow. Analysis of variance showed only significant differences for food intake, and the control group had a significantly higher food intake. Weight gain, serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels showed no significant differences.
Date: August 1985
Creator: Broeder, Craig E. (Craig Elliot)
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Relationship of Unmet Employee Child Care Needs and Absenteeism: A Case Study

Description: The problem of this study was to determine if employee child care difficulties were related to absenteeism. A case study was conducted among sixty-three employees at a north Dallas bank using a survey questionnaire. Descriptive statistics were used to analyze child care difficulties. A majority of employees experienced difficulty when co-workers had child care problems. A majority of the parent employees had difficulty finding sick or emergency/temporary child care, affording child care, and working overtime due to child care. The majority of parents had child care related absences and work interruptions and thirty-nine percent of them considered quitting their jobs due to child care problems. This study implied the need for employer-supported child care options for the bank employees.
Date: December 1987
Creator: Lucas, Anna F. (Anna Fonda)
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Psychological Effects of a Therapeutic Camping Experience on First Time Campers with Spina Bifida

Description: Camping has been identified as a resource for educational, therapeutic, and recreational growth. The purpose of this study was to determine the psychosocial effects of a therapeutic camping experience with first time campers with spina bifida. In this study with four first time campers with spina bifida, three areas related to the camp experience were observed and measured: recreation participation, fun/pleasure, and self esteem. Both qualitative and quantitative methods were used, including the Coopersmith Self Esteem Inventory, the Recreation Participation and Fun Inventory, participant and non-participant observations, interviews, and a counselor questionnaire. The measurements of self esteem, recreation participation, and fun/pleasure were taken at three intervals, before camp, during camp and three weeks following the camp experience. The four camper case studies demonstrated that each camper experienced his/her own unique first time camp experiences.
Date: December 1994
Creator: Burns, Joanna L. (Joanna Lynn Brannan)
Partner: UNT Libraries

Effects of English and Bilingual Storybook Reading and Reenactment on the Retelling Abilities of Preschool Children

Description: The purpose of this study was to investigate the story retelling abilities of preschool children who have experienced storybook reading and storybook reenactment bilingually, in English and Spanish, and preschool children who have experienced storybook reading and storybook reenactment in English only. This is a clinical case study employing both quantitative and qualitative measures comparing four treatment groups. Three evaluation instruments were developed by the researcher and used for posttesting; a story comprehension test, a story retelling guidesheet/scoresheet, and a storybook literacy response evaluation. In addition, participant observation and teacher interviews were used to gather qualitative data regarding learning center extensions of the target text and teacher beliefs and practices about the use of storybooks. The findings from this study show that scores for children who experienced storybook reading and storybook reenactment were significantly better on both the story retelling and story comprehension measures. In addition, a larger proportion of children who experienced storybook reading and reenactment were found to perform at the second level of literacy response on the Levels of Literacy evaluation. No differences were found in relationship to the language used on any of the dependent measures. Findings fromqualitative data showed that children were involved in limited extensions of the storybook read to them regardless of whether they experienced storybook reenactment or discussion. Teacher beliefs and practices related to their role during learning center play was believed to have some influence on children's choices regarding story extensions or dramatic play theme content. Recommendations were made to pre-school teachers that story reenactment was an effective technique with both bilingual and monolingual presentation. Additional research questions were posed also.
Date: December 1996
Creator: Gutierrez-Gomez, Catalina
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Relationship of Developmentally Appropriate Beliefs and Practices of Greek Kindergarten Teachers

Description: Sixty Greek kindergarten teachers were surveyed regarding their teaching beliefs and practices using the Teachers Questionnaire based on guidelines recommended by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. A Varimax factor analysis produced four factors for the Teacher Belief Scale and five factors for the Instructional Activities Scale. Scores on developmentally appropriate factors were consistently higher than factors classified developmentally inappropriate. Correlation between appropriate beliefs and activities was significant (r = .470); correlation between inappropriate beliefs and practices was significant (r = .475). However, developmentally inappropriate beliefs were also positively correlated with developmentally appropriate practices (r = .537). Developmentally appropriate beliefs were not correlated with inappropriate practices. Results were discussed with possible theoretical and practical implications for future research and teacher development.
Date: December 1997
Creator: Syrrakou, Ioanna
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Relationship between Work-Family Role Strain and Parenting Styles in Mothers of Young Children

Description: The relationship between work-family role strain and parenting styles (permissive, authoritarian, and authoritative) was examined. Questionnaires were completed by 45 mothers whose children (ages newborn to three years) were enrolled in early childhood centers in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Denton, Texas, area. Participants were primarily Caucasian, high-income mothers who had attended college. Results indicated no significant relationship between role strain and parenting styles. Open-ended questions revealed insights into mothers' reported role strain. This research may provide employers and professionals who work with families with information to assist mothers in reducing role strain. They may also recognize that parenting style may be independent of a successful balance of work and family.
Date: August 1997
Creator: Lucas, Kimber Ghormley
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Relationship of Chinese Malaysian Maternal Child Rearing Practices and Preschool Children's Empathy

Description: The purpose of the study was to examine the relationship between Malaysian maternal child-rearing practices and preschool children's empathic behavior. This study additionally investigated the relationship between socioeconomic status (SES) and child-rearing practices, as well as explored whether gender differences exist in preschool children's empathy.
Date: December 1994
Creator: Lee, Yit-Fong
Partner: UNT Libraries

Maternal Stress and Cystic Fibrosis

Description: The purpose of the current study was to examine the relationship between parent and child factors for mothers of children diagnosed with cystic fibrosis to predict mother's psychological distress. Mothers were surveyed to identify measurement models in areas of Child and Parental characteristics and a Full Causal Model of Maternal distress. Factors related to Child Characteristics include general parental stressors and cystic fibrosis specific parental stressors. Factors related to Parental Characteristics include the mother's sense of parental competence and self-esteem. Additional factors related to the Full Causal Model include social support, major and minor life events, and demographics. Results were analyzed using LISREL IV structural equation modeling. Measurement model analysis found a good fit for the Child Characteristics model (Chi Square = 6.85, df = 4, JD = .144, Goodness of Fit Indices = .972) and Parental Characteristics model (Chi Square = 5.89, df = 3, p = .117, Goodness of Fit Indices = .971), but not for the full causal model of maternal distress (Chi Square = 114.98, df = 66, E = .000, Goodness of Fit Indices = .853)
Date: August 1996
Creator: Bizzell, Laurie
Partner: UNT Libraries

Texas Public School Mission Statements : a Factor in the Involvement of Parents, Family, and/or Home in Educational Reform

Description: Despite site-based decison making (SBDM) educational mandates, research determined the virtual exclusion of parents, family, and/or home as co-authoritative voice in Texas public school district mission statements. Qualitative analysis determined six parent roles within 155 inclusive mission statements through rhetorical deconstruction, a text-based grammatical evaluation procedure; quantitative analysis determined no significance between inclusive and exclusive districts in factors of size, socioeconomic status, and ethnicity. The implications of this study add further support to the growing parental insistence for greater educational decision-making options: ie., home schooling, voucher system, and charter schools.
Date: May 1996
Creator: Gillespie, Patricia T. (Patricia Todd)
Partner: UNT Libraries

Filial Therapy with Native Americans on the Flathead Reservation

Description: This study was designed to determine the effectiveness of the 10-week filial therapy model as an intervention for Native American parents and their children residing on the Flathead Reservation in Montana. Filial therapy is an approach used by play therapists to train parents to be therapeutic agents with their own children. Parents are taught basic child-centered play therapy skills and practice those skills during weekly play sessions with their children. The purpose of this study was to determine if filial therapy is effective in: 1) increasing parental acceptance of Native Americans residing on the Flathead Reservation of their children; 2) reducing the stress level of those parents; 3) improving empathic behaviors of those parents toward their children; 4) changing the play behaviors of children with their parents who participated in the training; and, 5) enhancing the self-concept of those children. The experimental group parents (N=11) received 10 weekly 2-hour filial therapy training sessions and participated in weekly 30-minute play sessions with one of their children. The control group (N=10) received no treatment during the 10 weeks. All adult participants completed the Porter Parental Acceptance Scale and the Parenting Stress Index. Child participants completed the Joseph Pre-school and Primary Self Concept Screening Test. Parent and child participants were videotaped playing together in 20-minute videotaped play sessions before and after the training to measure empathic behavior in parent-child interactions and desirable play behaviors in children. Analyses of Covariance revealed that the Native American parents in the experimental group significantly increased their level of empathy in their interactions with their children. Experimental group children significantly increased their level of desirable play behaviors with their parents. Although parental acceptance, parental stress, and children's self concept did not improve significantly, all measures indicated positive trends. In addition, this study gives rise to questions regarding the ...
Date: May 1996
Creator: Glover, Geraldine J.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Young Children's Construction of Physical Knowledge on Swings in the Outdoor Play Environment

Description: This investigation examined the development of young children's behaviors on swings in the outdoor play environment and their emerging understanding of the physics principles associated with those behaviors. The children's language interactions were also examined in an effort to determine the relationship between language and cognitive development in their construction of physical knowledge. The procedures involved observing the children's behaviors and collecting samples of their spontaneous language interactions during their swinging activities. Informal interviews were also conducted with individual and groups of children. The findings indicate that young children's swinging behaviors develop in eight hierarchical stages. As these behaviors develop, children experiment with the physics principles of balance, gravity, force, resistance, and resonance. Children's swinging behaviors develop in a social context. Many early behaviors are acquired through observing and modeling other children. Language provides the medium for more-experienced peers to assist novice swingers through encouragement and direct instruction. The stage development of swinging behaviors is compared to Cratty's Theory of Perceptual-Motor Development and Harrow's Taxonomy of the Psychomotor Domain. Children's cognitive processing and language interactions are discussed in the context of Piagetian and Vygotskian theories of development. Implications for instruction and suggestions for further research are discussed.
Date: December 1993
Creator: Fox, Jill Englebright
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Study of Student and Faculty Perceptions of Academic Advising at Ramkhamhaeng University

Description: The purpose of this study was to assess the perceptions of academic advising needs by faculty advisors and students at Ramkhamhaeng University, Bangkok, Thailand, using the Academic Advising Needs Questionnaire developed by Thomas H. Burke. The assessment is based on age, sex, education level, academic rank, years of advising, and number of advisees. The questionnaire consisted of 15 items, using a four-point rating scale. The population consisted of a total of 280 faculty members and 700 resident students at all seven faculties at Ramkhamhaeng University, Bangkok, Thailand. A total of 230 faculty members or 82.14 percent of the sampling and a total of 561 students or 80.14 percent of the sampling participated in this study. The t-test, Spearman s Coefficient of Rank Correlation, and Kendall's Coefficient of Concordance W were used in the follow-up assessment, with the level of significance at .05. Data were collected by means of two Academic Advising Needs Questionnaires for this study. Questionnaires were distributed to faculty advisors and students. While students revealed some degree of need in all advising areas, the five highest ranked items were: (1) serve as a student's personal reference for prospective employers and/or graduate goals, (2) assist students in obtaining part-time work experiences (paid or unpaid) which complement their career and/or educational goals, (3) assist students with career/vocational planning, (4) help students explore possible graduate/professional school study, and (5) provide students with academic advice and suggestions for scholastic improvement. Faculty responses indicated student need in all advising areas; the five highest ranked items were: (1) assist students with career/vocational planning, (2) help students explore possible graduate/professional school study, (3) assist students in selecting a major, (4) inform students of the employment opportunities in the students' intended fields of study, and (5) assist students in obtaining part-time work experiences (paid or unpaid) ...
Date: May 1988
Creator: Chartchai Essarum
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Comparison of the Roles and Needs of Middle and Lower Class Thai Parents in Helping Their Children's Reading Development

Description: The problem of this study was a comparison of the roles and needs of middle and lower class Thai parents in helping their children's reading development. The sample was selected from the parents of the preprimary schools in Bangkok, Thailand, in the fall of 1986. A total of 366 parents, including 185 from middle class and 181 from lower class, participated in this study.
Date: May 1987
Creator: Nitaya Praphruitkit
Partner: UNT Libraries

Perceptions of Family Vacation and Family Cohesion and the Moderating Effects of Parenting Style

Description: Family cohesion, or emotional bonding, is important to family functioning. Shared activities such as family vacations offer opportunities for strengthening the family unit which can improve cohesion. Additionally, parenting style has direct influence on the family unit and family cohesion. This study’s purpose was to assess to what extent the perception of the family vacation experience predicted the perception of family cohesion and whether that relationship was moderated by parenting style. An online survey was conducted, resulting in 97 adult participants responding to items regarding their last family vacation, family cohesion, and parenting style. Using hierarchical multiple regression, a medium effect size was found for the predictive ability of a participant’s perception of their last family vacation on family cohesion. Findings also indicated a negative correlation between an authoritarian parenting style and perception of family cohesion, but a positive relationship between the interaction of family vacation experience and authoritarian parenting to family cohesion. Stronger predictive abilities were found for those with children in the 3-11 age group. Results may encourage parent and family educators to use family vacation as a tool in assisting families with the processes of building strong and cohesive families.
Date: May 2014
Creator: Kruenegel-Farr, Debbie S.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Hospitalized School-Age Children: Psychosocial Issues and Use of a Live, Closed-Circuit Television Program

Description: This descriptive study utilized semi-structured interviews and observations to examine the experiences of hospitalized school-age children, and explore the potential of a live, closed-circuit television program as a psychosocial intervention. Among findings, Phase I data from 16 subjects indicates a) concern with painful medical procedures, particularly intraveneous (IV) injections, b) a desire for more information, especially concerning medical equipment, c) a variety of responses to social issues among subjects, d) the importance of activities, and e) the central role of the hospital playroom. Phase II data indicates that live, closed-circuit television can provide ambulatory and room-bound children opportunities for making choices, social interaction, participation, and information on their environment. Conclusions and implications are included.
Date: August 1993
Creator: Ravert, Russell D. (Russell Douglas)
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Effects of Maternal Employment Status on the Evening Meals of Adolescents

Description: The purpose of this study was to determine whether maternal employment contributed to the general inadequacy of the adolescent's evening meal, and to examine the attitudes of adolescents regarding the mother's role in evening meal preparation. A questionnaire was administered to 1180 high school students in a suburban area of Dallas-Ft.Worth in May, 1987. The hypotheses were tested using Chi square, Pearson product moment correlation, and Anova. Results indicated that maternal employment affects adolescent evening meals in the number of meals offered per week, fully prepared by mother, and eaten away from home. The amount of adolescent participation in meal preparation was higher for the employed group. Attitudes are different between the sexes and those with employed and unemployed mothers.
Date: August 1987
Creator: Hebert, Karen A. Fleischman (Karen Ann Fleischman)
Partner: UNT Libraries