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Description: Heat loss tests were conducted with six insulation configurations for application in the riser regenerator and auxiliary regenerator sections of the loop. Insulation consisting of ten laminations of 0.003 in. stainless steel shim stock spaced 1/8 inch apart produced a temperature drop across the 15/16 inch annulus of 1200 F with a heat loss of 1.04 KW per foot of 2 inch schedule 40 pipe. The curve of heat loss vs. temperature difference is presented which, with results of similar tests with a 1/4 inch annulus, will permit the evaluation of a heat balance and temperature profile for the entire loop. (auth)
Date: August 17, 1959
Creator: Knight, R.B. & Helms, R.E.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

ORNL liquid low-level waste solidification

Description: The solidification of LLLW at ORNL has developed two basic strategies, a near-term or backup flowsheet is planned to alleviate the immediate capacity problem for storage of concentrated LLLW and a long-term or reference flowsheet is planned to incorporate filtration of the settleable TRU and cesium and strontium decontamination of the LLLW. Presently a feasibility study is evaluating the process alternatives for segregating LLLW from remote-handled transuranic (RH-TRU) sludges, decontamination of the LLLW for beta-gamma radionuclides such as cesium and strontium, and the handling and storage of the RH-TRU sludges and decontamination media. 14 refs.
Date: January 1, 1987
Creator: Schultz, R.M.; Monk, T.H.; du Mont, S.P.; Helms, R.E.; Keigan, M.V. & Morris, M.I.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

ORNL PWR Blowdown Heat Transfer Program

Description: The PWR-Blowdown Heat Transfer Program is an experimental, separate effects, study of the relations among the principal variables that can alter the rate of blowdown, the presence of flow reversal and re-reversal, and time delay to critical heat flux, the rate at which dryout progresses, and similar time- related functions that are important to LOCA analysis. Primary test results will be obtained from the Thermal Hydraulic Test Facility (THTF), a large, non-nuclear pressurized-water loop which incorporates a 49-pin electrically heated bundle. Ancillary experiments are carried out in two additional test loops--the Forced Convection Test Facility (FCTF), a small, high-pressure facility in which single heater pins can be tested in annular geometry, and an air-water loop which is used to evaluate two-phase flow-measuring instrumentation. (auth)
Date: January 1, 1975
Creator: Thomas, D.G.; Bennett, R.F.; Hedrick, R.A.; Sheppard, J.D.; Eads, B.G.; Helms, R.E. et al.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department