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Plasma rotation and the radial electric field during off-axis NBI in the DIII-D tokamak

Description: Experiments have been carried out on the DIII-D tokamak to investigate whether off-axis NBI can: (a) drive significant perpendicular flow to lead to increased suppression of turbulence and improved confinement, and (b) be used to control the radial electric field profile. Measurements of both impurity ion poloidal and toroidal rotation profiles were made using charge exchange recombination spectroscopy. These experiments used a low current, low elongation (I{sub p} = 0.5 MA, {kappa} = 1.2) plasma whose magnetic axis was shifted 36 cm vertically upward from the vessel midplane and then shifted downward to be centered on the midplane later in the discharge. 10.7 MW of beam power was applied to maximize NBI effect while operating at low target densities and high temperature to minimize poloidal damping. Results from these experiments show a slight increase in impurity ion poloidal rotation velocity during the vertical shifted phase of off-axis NBI discharge. The toroidal rotation profile is more peaked during off-axis NBI. Both these effects lead to a change in the V x B contribution to the radial electric field during off-axis NBI.
Date: December 1, 1995
Creator: Gohil, P.; Burrell, K.H.; Osborne, T.H. & Hassam, A.B.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Nonlinear dynamics and plasma transport

Description: In this paper we summarize the progress made over the last year in three different areas of research: (a) shear flow generation and reduced transport in fluids and plasma, (b) nonlinear dynamics and visualization of 3D flows, and (c) application of wavelet analysis to the study of fractal dimensions in experimental and numerical data.
Date: January 1, 1992
Creator: Antonsen, T. M., Jr.; Drake, J. F.; Finn, J. M.; Guzdar, P. N.; Hassam, A. B. & Sagdeev, R. Z.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department