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Integro-differential equation analysis and radioisotope imaging systems. Research proposal. [Testing of radioisotope imaging system in phantoms]

Description: Design modifications of a five-probe focusing collimator coincidence radioisotope scanning system are described. Clinical applications of the system were tested in phantoms using radioisotopes with short biological half-lives, including /sup 75/Se, /sup 192/Ir, /sup 43/K, /sup 130/I, and /sup 82/Br. Data processing methods are also described. (CH)
Date: March 9, 1976
Creator: Hart, H.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Circumferential Distribution of Propeller-Slipstream Total-Pressure Rise at One Radial Station of a Twin-Engine Transport Airplane

Description: Note presenting flight tests on a twin-engine transport airplane to determine the effects of fuselage-nacelle interference on the circumferential distribution of the rise in total pressure at one radial station behind the propellers. The effects of the flow interference on the operation of a simple propeller-thrust indicator are investigated. Results regarding the effect of airspeed at full power, effect of wing flaps in approach condition, effect of power in cruise condition, effect of angle of yaw in the cruise condition, effect of engine cowl flaps in the approach condition, and thrustmeter-tube locations are provided.
Date: April 1955
Creator: Vogeley, A. W. & Hart, H. A.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Test results for a Bi-2223 HTS racetrack coil for generator applications

Description: Testing, results and analysis of a Bi-2223 model superconducting generator coil produced under the DOE Superconductivity Partnership Initiative are presented. The test arrangement enables coil energization with dc and transient currents over a range of operating temperatures to explore coil performance under conditions analogous to those that would be experienced by a superconducting generator field coil. Analytical calculations of coil ac and ohmic losses and temperature rise compare well with experimental measurements. Good performance is predicted for a typical 3-phase fault condition. Coil steady state and transient performance can be predicted with confidence for full scale superconductor application.
Date: December 31, 1996
Creator: Salasoo, L.; Herd, K.G.; Laskaris, E.T.; Hart, H.R. Jr. & Chari, M.V.K.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Phoenix, Arizona, revisited : indications of aerosol effects on O{sub 3}, NO{sub 2}, UV-B, and NO{sub 3}.

Description: Fine particulate matter and tropospheric ozone levels are of concern because of their potential for health impacts, as well as their radiative effects. Both ozone and PM-2.5 standards are being exceeded in many urban and regional areas where transport and background levels can appreciably affect observed concentrations. Anthropogenic nitrogen oxides and other primary pollutant species can interact with natural organics to form secondary aerosol products via synthesis of nitric acid and its subsequent reaction with ammonia to yield ammonium nitrate. In addition, natural organics and lower-reactivity organic compounds, particularly aromatic species and monoterpenes, can generate secondary organic aerosols, both of which contribute to the formation of PM-2.5. Long-range transport and chemical transformation of hydrocarbons and NO{sub x} via both photochemical reactions and nighttime chemistry can generate significant regional levels of ozone (O{sub 3}) and other oxidants, such as peroxyacyl nitrates.
Date: September 30, 1999
Creator: Gaffney, J. S.; Marley, N. A.; Drayton, P. J.; Cunningham, M. M.; Baird, J. C.; Dintaman, J. et al.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department