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Centroid Position as a Function of Total Counts in a Windowed CMOS Image of a Point Source

Description: We obtained 960,200 22-by-22-pixel windowed images of a pinhole spot using the Teledyne H2RG CMOS detector with un-cooled SIDECAR readout. We performed an analysis to determine the precision we might expect in the position error signals to a telescope's guider system. We find that, under non-optimized operating conditions, the error in the computed centroid is strongly dependent on the total counts in the point image only below a certain threshold, approximately 50,000 photo-electrons. The LSST guider camera specification currently requires a 0.04 arcsecond error at 10 Hertz. Given the performance measured here, this specification can be delivered with a single star at 14th to 18th magnitude, depending on the passband.
Date: May 27, 2010
Creator: Wurtz, R E; Olivier, S; Riot, V; Hanold, B J & Figer, D F
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department