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An Attitude Survey of Current Texas High School Teachers Toward Oral Interpretation Contests in the University Interscholastic League

Description: The primary purpose of this study is to survey the attitudes of high school teachers toward the oral interpretation contests of the University Interscholastic League in Texas. The secondary purpose is to trace the development of those contests from their inception to the present time. The thesis contains four chapters: I -- An explanation of the purposes and procedures followed in the study. II -- A history of the interpretation competition in the Texas University Interscholastic League. III -- A compilation of the results of a questionnaire mailed to 240 selected teachers. IV -- A summary of the attitudes reflected in the questionnaires and recommendations for changes in the current structure of the University Interscholastic League.
Date: May 1975
Creator: Hester, Kay
Partner: UNT Libraries

Drafting in Texas: A Survey of Course Content as It Related to Teacher Usage of Information Compiled by the Texas Education Agency

Description: This study measures the extent to which the Texas Education Agency's 1963 monograph on drafting, Drafting, Grades 7-12, A Tentative Bulletin, is used in the state's secondary schools and its effects upon classroom activities. Information for the study comes from a questionnaire completed by a random selection of seventy-eight drafting instructors.
Date: December 1972
Creator: Crutchfield, J. Stuart
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Study of Teachers' Attitudes Toward the "New" Social Studies

Description: The purpose of this study is to determine the effects of three different types of in-service or preservice training on the attitudes of sixth-grade teachers in selected Texas school districts toward the "new" social studies. The types of preparation compared are the following: completion of a social studies methods course within the last two years, attendance at a social studies in-service training session at least three hours in length within the past year, a major or minor in one of the social science disciplines, or combinations of these. Additional variables such as age, teaching experience, classroom organization, degrees held, and textbooks being used are also considered. Three hundred twenty-four respondents from thirteen school districts completed a two-part questionnaire. Part A seeks biographical, educational, and experiential information. Part B contains thirty-nine statements about social studies education to which the participants respond on a six-point Likert-type scale. Data are treated with a one-way analysis of variance, and hypotheses are retained or rejected at the .05 level of significance. When a significant F-ratio is found on data having more than two groups, the Fisher's t for multi-type comparisons is applied to determine where the significant differences occur.
Date: August 1973
Creator: McIntosh, Carolyn Jo Johnson, 1938-
Partner: UNT Libraries

An Analysis of Inter-Rater Reliability in Selection of Beginning Teachers

Description: The problem with which this investigation is concerned is that of achieving reliability of administrative judgment in the selection of beginning teachers. This study has a threefold purpose. The first is to determine the type and extent of investigation necessary to achieve reliability of judgment in the ratings of teacher applicants. The second is to investigate the feasibility of a Regional Education Service Center's providing personnel selection services to independent school districts. The final purpose is to develop recommendations relating to reliability in teacher selection.
Date: December 1973
Creator: Roberts, John Franklin
Partner: UNT Libraries

In the Midst of Tears and Loud Voices, and Other Short Stories

Description: In the Midst of Tears and Loud Voices, and Other Short Stories consists of five short stories. The first story, in the Midst of Tears and Loud Voices, is set in the Missouri Ozarks and told by Becky Bricker about an odd aunt. The second story relates an aged man's transition experience in Belgrave Leaves New York. The third story, Dorcas and Deborah, is told by Deborah about her unusual relationship with Dorcas Weatherby. The next, story is a Southern "local color" piece about a single day, The First of May in Battle Ridge. The fifth story, Good Coffee. Cheap Ketchup, Cold Sheets, details the strange meeting of a man and woman whose lives have other, unknown, connecting threads.
Date: December 1988
Creator: Dean, Nancy D. (Nancy Diane)
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Comparison of Opinions of Three Professional Groups with Regard to Various Levels of Deviant Behavior in Children

Description: The purpose of this study is to examine the extent to which fifth-grade teachers, teachers in special education, and child psychiatrists hold similar views regarding the seriousness of commonly observed student behaviors. In addition, the views of these three groups are compared to research regarding which behaviors in children are predictive of future delinquency. The Wickman Scale, consisting of fifty commonly observed children's behaviors, and a fifteen-pair Semantic Differential Scale, designed for use in this study, were administered to a group of fifth-grade teachers, a group of special education teachers, and a group of child psychiatrists.
Date: December 1973
Creator: Woodruff, Ralph S.
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Educational Policy-Making Process in the Republic of Korea: A Systems Analysis

Description: This study was concerned with examining the process of educational policy-making at the central government level in the Republic of Korea through an application of systems analysis. The purposes of this study were (1) to examine the relationship existing between politics and education; (2) to construct a systems analysis for examining the process of educational policy-making; and (3) to identify problems and limitations in the educational policy-making process in the Republic of Korea. To accomplish these purposes analytic and descriptive methods were used as a research technique.
Date: May 1974
Creator: Kim, Myung Han
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Role Expectations of the Texas Public High School Counselor as Perceived by Various Professional Groups

Description: This study seeks as its purpose to establish an .objective evaluation of the counselor and his role as seen by various professional groups. The primary purpose of the investigation is to compare the perceptions of these various groups as to the tasks a counselor may perform. The study involves the distribution of an opinionn-aire to one hundred public high school counselors, one hundred public high school principals, sixty-three counselor-educators, and forty-two administrator-educators. A return percentage of seventy-nine has been realized.
Date: August 1972
Creator: Wills, Curtis Edwin, 1941-
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Relationships Between College Aptitude, Race, College Hours Completed, and P-PST Scores for Education Students in Texas Public Colleges and Universities

Description: The purpose of this study was to determine the relationships between the scores of students on the Pre-Professional Skills Test (P-PST) and the scores of students on college aptitude tests, the race of students and the number of college hours that students had completed. The subjects who participated in this study were education students who sought admittance to Texas public colleges and universities and took the P-PST in March, 1984. A total of 642 students participated in the study, 512 White or other, 48 Blacks and 82 Hispanics. P-PST scores, race, number of college hours completed, and college aptitude scores were obtained from the student's college or university as a result of the signed release forms each student completed at the March, 1984 testing date.
Date: May 1985
Creator: Griffin, Annette T. (Annette Teer)
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Relationship of Selected Factors to Teacher and Student Preferences in Simulated Situations

Description: The problem of this study was to determine the relationship of teacher and peer preferences of selected fifth grade students to socio-economic level as measured by the occupation of the head of the household, academic standing as computed from the marks assigned by the teacher, achievement test score results, intelligence test scores, and the sex of the child.
Date: June 1970
Creator: Williams, Eva Louise
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Relationship of Selected Factors Associated with Middle-class Oriented Reading Materials and the Preferences of Socio-economic Groups for Pictorial Representations and Story Themes

Description: The purpose of this study was to determine the preferences of two racial and two socio-economic groups for selected aspects of class-oriented reading materials. This was accomplished by checking each subject's visual perception of pictorial representations typical of both the lower-class and the middle-class, and by checking his preferences of story themes typical of both the middle and lower-classes.
Date: August 1971
Creator: McEwin, Charles Kenneth
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Relationships and Effects of Attitude Toward Educational Concepts and Selected Personal Measures of Some Secondary Education Student Teachers

Description: The problem of this study was to determine the differences on specific variables of performance and achievement between secondary education student teachers with high positive attitudes toward educational concepts and those with low positive attitudes.
Date: August 1971
Creator: Foster, Jerry Dee
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Effect of Two Methods of Reporting Pupil Progress on Adjustment and Achievement of Fourth Grade Students in a Suburban Elementary School

Description: The present research was an investigation of the effect of two methods of reporting pupil progress on adjustment and achievement of fourth grade pupils in a suburban elementary school. One method involved the use of an evaluation form reflecting performance in terms of ability, parent-teacher conferences, and work samples. The other method was comprised primarily of competitive grading and marking procedures, utilizing a standard report card to report results.
Date: August 1971
Creator: Horn, John Duane, 1941-
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Relationship of Violence to the Ability, Achievement, and Adjustment of Sixth-Grade Children

Description: The purpose of this research was to compare the scores on the variables of ability, achievement, and adjustment in an effort to locate areas wherein the children who perceive and project verbally a high amount of violence are significantly different from children who perceive and project a low amount of violence.
Date: August 1970
Creator: Garrish, Eunice
Partner: UNT Libraries

An Analysis of Factors Affecting the Creation, Implementation, and Retention or Rejection of Curriculum Change: Three Objective-Based Skills Systems in Reading

Description: The problem with which this study dealt was an identification of the positive or negative factors affecting the creation, implementation, and retention or rejection of curriculum change efforts. As examples, the Fountain Valley, PEGASUS-PACE, and Wisconsin Design skills management systems (SMS) for reading were studied as each was an example of successful curriculum change efforts, in two different settings,
Date: May 1981
Creator: Cutler, K. Don (Kenny Don), 1945-
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Study of Standardized Test Knowledge and Interpretation by Elementary Classroom Teachers

Description: This study surveys a sample of second-, fourth-, and sixth-grade teachers' proficiencies in three areas of standardized achievement test information—knowledge of standardized test terminology, interpretation of standardized tests, and application of standardized test results in program planning. A comparison is also made of teacher knowledge of standardized tests and public school administrators' expectations of teachers' skills. The purposes of the study were to determine elementary teachers' knowledge of standardized achievement test terminology, interpretation and application of test score information. This determination was made across the three variables, grade level taught, highest degree earned, and the number of years teaching experience.
Date: December 1980
Creator: Pugh, Elouise G.
Partner: UNT Libraries