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Design and Prototype Progress toward a Superconducting Crab Cavity Cryomodule for the APS

Description: A squashed, elliptical supercondconducting (SC) cavity with waveguide dampers on the beam pipes has currently been chosen as the baseline design [1] for the Short Pulse X-ray (SPX) project at the Advanced Photon Source (APS). An alternate cavity design, with a waveguide damper located directly on the cavity cell for improved damping characteristics, has also been designed and cold-tested with promising results. In either case, eight cavities would be operated CW in a single cryomodule at 2K to produce an electron bunch chirp of 4MV at a frequency of 2.815 GHz. Detailed analysis of multipactoring (MP), Lorentz force detuning (LFD), and the thermal properties of the baseline design has led to an engineering specification of the basic parameters of the cryomodule.
Date: May 1, 2010
Creator: Haipeng Wang, Guangfeng Cheng, Gianluigi Ciovati, James Henry, Peter Kneisel, Robert Rimmer, Gary Slack, Larry Turlington, Geoff waldschmidt, Alireza Nassiri
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department