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SNAP-III--Thermoelectric Generator Safe Handling Procedures

Description: A method for the safe handling of the SNAP-III thermoelectric generators is presented. It provides information regarding shipping regulations, general handling instructions for packing, unpacking, and demonstrating the device, and procedures to follow in an event of an accident. Possible hszards involved in handling the device, and the probability of any of these hazardous incidents occurring while it is being demonstrated, are summarized. Containment of the radioisotope fuel used in the SNAP-III device was assured under rigorous conditions, including short time external thermal temperature excursions to 1600 deg C, when in the shipping container. The probability of the device encountering such temperatures are remote. (auth)
Date: April 1, 1959
Creator: Dobry, T. J., Jr. & Guinn, P.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

SNAP-III--Thermoelectric Generator Radiological Safety Analysis

Description: A radiological safety analysis is presented for the SNAP-III thermoelectric generator. Since the fuel of the device is polonium-210, a toxic radioisotope, certain safety measures have been designed into the device and its shipping container to prevent a release of the contaminant into any environment during normal operation or a catastrophic accident. Once containment is assured, the direct radiation problem is considered. It has been shown that the direct radiation from the thermal source is kept within tolerance limits by surrounding materials and spatial and temporal factors. It must be emphasized that this device should not be deliberately abused or mishandled since this would serve to increase the probability of accident. The device has been evaluated with respect to internal forces such as heat and helium pressure and external forces such as impact and chemical attack. The mechanical thermal and chemical integrity of the thermoelectric generator is shown to be quite reliable. The basic physical, chemical, thermal, atomic and nuclear characteristics of polonium-210 have been presented. Potential internal and external radiation hazards have been set forth. (auth)
Date: February 1, 1959
Creator: Dix, G. P.; Dobry, T. J., Jr. & Guinn, P.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department