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WIPP Gas-Generation Experiments

Description: An experimental investigation was conducted for gas generation in contact-handled transuranic (CH TRU) wastes subjected for several years to conditions similar to those expected to occur at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) should the repository eventually become inundated with brine. Various types of actual CH TRU wastes were placed into 12 corrosion-resistant vessels. The vessels were loosely filled with the wastes, which were submerged in synthetic brine having the same chemical composition as that in the WIPP vicinity. The vessels were also inoculated with microbes found in the Salado Formation at WIPP. The vessels were sealed, purged, and the approximately 750 ml headspace in each vessel was pressurized with nitrogen gas to approximately 146 atmospheres to create anoxic conditions at the lithostatic pressure estimated in the repository were it to be inundated. The temperature was maintained at the expected 30°C. The test program objective was to measure the quantities and species of gases generated by metal corrosion, radiolysis, and microbial activity. These data will assist in the specification of the rates at which gases are produced under inundated repository conditions for use in the WIPP Performance Assessment computer models. These experiments were very carefully designed, constructed, instrumented, and performed. Approximately 6 1/2 years of continuous, undisturbed testing were accumulated. Several of the vessels showed significantly elevated levels of generated gases, virtually all of which was hydrogen. Up to 4.2% hydrogen, by volume, was measured. Only small quantities of other gases, principally carbon dioxide, were detected. Gas generation was found to depend strongly on the waste composition. The maximum hydrogen generation occurred in vessels containing carbon steel. Visual examination of carbon-steel coupons confirmed the correspondence between the extent of observable corrosion and hydrogen generation. Average corrosion penetration rates in carbon-steel of up to 2.3 microns per year were deduced. Conversion ...
Date: May 1, 2007
Creator: Felicione, Frank S.; Frank, Steven M. & Keiser, Dennis D.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Adjustable cutting tool holder

Description: This patent application describes a device for varying the geometry of a cutting tool for use in machining operations.
Date: September 21, 2000
Creator: Steinhour, William Lee III; West, Drew; Honeycutt, Steve; Frank, Steven & Krishnamurthy, Kallutla
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Faculty Recital: 2014-02-24 - William Scharnberg, horn, Steven Harlos, piano, John Holt, trumpet, and Tony Baker, trombone

Description: A faculty recital performed at the UNT College of Music Voertman Hall.
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Date: February 24, 2014
Creator: Scharnberg, William; Harlos, Steven, 1953-; Holt, John, 1959- & Baker, Tony (Trombonist)
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Partner: UNT Music Library