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In-Situ observation of wet oxidation kinetics on Si (100) via ambient pressure x-ray photoemission spectroscopy

Description: The initial stages of wet thermal oxidation of Si(100)-(2x1) have been investigated by in-situ ambient pressure x-ray photoemission spectroscopy (APXPS), including chemical-state resolution via Si 2p core-level spectra. Real-time growth rates of silicon dioxide have been monitored at 100 mTorr of water vapor. This pressure is considerably higher than in any prior study using XPS. Substrate temperatures have been varied between 250 and 500 C. Above a temperature of {approx} 400 C, two distinct regimes, a rapid and a quasi-saturated one, are identified and growth rates show a strong temperature dependence which cannot be explained by the conventional Deal-Grove model.
Date: August 24, 2007
Creator: Hussain, Zahid; Rossi, Massimiliano; Mun, Bongjin S.; Enta, Yoshiharu; Fadley, Charles S.; Lee, Ki-Suk et al.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Standing-wave excited soft x-ray photoemission microscopy: application to Co microdot magnetic arrays

Description: We demonstrate the addition of depth resolution to the usual two-dimensional images in photoelectron emission microscopy (PEEM), with application to a square array of circular magnetic Co microdots. The method is based on excitation with soft x-ray standing-waves generated by Bragg reflection from a multilayer mirror substrate. Standing wave is moved vertically through sample simply by varying the photon energy around the Bragg condition. Depth-resolved PEEM images were obtained for all of the observed elements. Photoemission intensities as functions of photon energy were compared to x-ray optical calculations in order to quantitatively derive the depth-resolved film structure of the sample.
Date: October 29, 2010
Creator: Gray, Alexander; Kronast, Florian; Papp, Christian; Yang, See-Hun; Cramm, Stefan; Krug, Ingo P. et al.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department