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Love is the Answer: a Creative Thesis Production Combining Multi-Media and Oral Interpretation

Description: The problem of this thesis in creative production is concerned with the use of multi-media in an oral interpretation program so as not to obscure the author's message. The production attempted to utilize literature chosen to represent a basic theme and present it with selected media so that a positive response is evoked from the audience. The study also attempts to show, through example, that a program of oral interpretation using multi-media can sustain audience interest for a full evening of entertainment. An attempt is also made to show that multi-media need not be in constant use, that some literature can best utilize the "subtractive theory" which intensifies the message by deleting a majority of media.
Date: August 1971
Creator: Lane, Todd K.
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Contributions of Gordon McLendon to the Broadcast Profession

Description: The purpose of this study is to describe Gordon McLendon's contributions to the broadcast profession and to explain why he is regarded as a leader of that profession. There has been no effort to provide a unified statement of the contributions made by him to the broadcast profession. To provide a complete picture of McLendon's contributions to the broadcast profession, an account is needed of his various innovations and activities.
Date: January 1970
Creator: Wolff, Harvey A.
Partner: UNT Libraries

John Donne's Double Vision : Basic Dualities in the Sermon Literature

Description: This thesis is concerned with establishing the basis for evaluating John Donne's sermon literature as a thematic whole. In order to demonstrate this thematic unity and continuity, this study shows how Donne employes several bodies of imagery which reflect his double vision of man and sin and provide the basis for discussing the basic dualities in the bulk of Donne's 160 extant sermons.
Date: May 1971
Creator: Beck, Allen D.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Mark Twain's Writings on Oral Interpretation

Description: Mark Twain is universally recognized as an important author in American literature, and in addition to his success as an author, he was equally successful as an oral interpreter. His career as an interpreter and lecturer commenced at the age of twelve in Hannibal, Missouri, and in later years expanded to cover the globe. Twain lectured throughout the United States, Europe, Australia, India, South Africa, England, New Zealand, Scotland, and Canada. Throughout his writings, Mark Twain included statements pertaining to his delivery of these lectures and platform readings, and he also included comments on techniques for oral interpretation in general.
Date: June 1965
Creator: Mello, Edward C.
Partner: UNT Libraries

An Analysis of Three Modes of Group Interpretation in the Speech Arts Curriculum

Description: Four objectives guided the research and writing of this thesis. First, there was an attempt to identify and establish specific educational goals for a group interpretation production. Second, there was an effort to describe certain procedures for selecting, adapting, arranging, and presenting a piece of literature to an audience through a group interpretation performance. Third, this thesis attempted to relate the three modes of group interpretation—Choric Interpretation, Readers Theatre, and Chamber Theatre—as a single art form. Fourth, there has been an attempt to suggest specific evaluative criteria and evaluation sheets for group interpretation performances.
Date: August 1968
Creator: Young, Jerry D.
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Practice and Procedures of Broadcasting for the Play-by-play Sports Announcer

Description: The problem is twofold. There have been short chapters on sports announcing included in most broadcasting textbooks. These chapters have given a limited, cursory explanation of the preparation necessary for aspiring sportscasters. Secondly, most authors have approached the field from the viewpoint of the researcher. This investigation approaches the problem from the viewpoint of a sports announcer who has started in small market radio and worked his way through to a responsible position in a major broadcasting area.
Date: August 1966
Creator: Mercer, William A.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Examination of Narrative Point of View Through Production by Two Media

Description: Narrative point of view should be the initial place of focus in the study of prose fiction, but it is often difficult to understand or teach. This study proposes that stage or screen production of narrative fiction may be purposefully structured to enhance the understanding of narrative perspective. The study details grammatical analysis of narrative language and describes implications drawn from that language which influence production decisions. The thesis examines the techniques and technology of stage and screen production which may be manipulated to underscore narrative point of view, suggesting ways in which each medium can borrow from the techniques of the other for point of view production.
Date: August 1986
Creator: Rosewell, Susan Tilden
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Wonderful World of Dr. Seuss: A Group Interpretation Script for the Primary Classroom

Description: This thesis proposed the idea of oral interpretation of children's literature as a pedagogical tool in the primary classroom. A group interpretation script entitled "The Wonderful World of Dr. Seuss" was compiled for performance in the primary classroom as a viable vehicle for teaching children to understand and appreciate literature. The script was evaluated by qualified teachers in the areas of English, oral interpretation, and elementary education as well as a critical analysis by the author. The thesis concluded that oral communication is necessary in the primary grade and that group interpretation is an exciting way to enhance learning.
Date: August 1985
Creator: Dodds, Karen Page Kalmbach
Partner: UNT Libraries

Suicide: a Solo Interpretation Performance

Description: The purpose of this project was to determine if oral interpretation in a social context setting can be used as a persuasive means of suicide prevention. A script on suicide was compiled, directed and performed as a solo performance by the writer. The thesis includes the script, a history of suicide prevention, the process of compiling a script for solo interpretation performance, and an overall evaluation of the production. This Author's evaluation was influenced by audience and critic responses.
Date: May 1990
Creator: Duncan, Bobby Charles
Partner: UNT Libraries

The History and Development of Casa Mañana Musicals, 1958-1980

Description: The investigation is a historical survey tracing the development of Casa Mañana Musicals, Inc., Fort Worth, Texas, from its experimental beginning in 1958 as the first permanent musical arena theatre in the United States, through twenty-three subsequent seasons. The study includes a chapter on the origins of theatre and the influences behind its concept dating back to the 1936 Casa Mañana produced by Billy Rose. Subsequent chapters deal with the theatre's seasons and its struggle to gain acceptance. The theatre's more recent financial and labor problems are also considered. Major sources include such unpublished data as production and financial records of the theatre, contracts, correspondence, minutes of the board of directors, and interviews. Published sources include accounts in newspapers and periodicals.
Date: May 1981
Creator: Jones, Jan Lynn
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Contemporary Native American: a Group Interpretation Script Based upon Vine Deloria, Jr., "God is Red", N. Scott Momaday, "The Way to Rainy Mountain", and Hyemeyosts Storm, "Seven Arrows"

Description: The purpose of this project was to prepare a group interpretation script which is derived from the books cited in the title. An effort was made to prepare a unified script reflecting contemporary American Indian concepts of mysticism, philosophy, ecology, psychology, and education by selecting appropriate portions from the three books. The thesis includes a production concept, production procedures, the rationale for selection of excerpts, and the finished script, It is designed to employ seven readers and is divided into six parts. Those elements may be altered to fit various physical arrangements and program lengths.
Date: May 1978
Creator: Hudson, Jo Gayle
Partner: UNT Libraries

An Examination of Martin Esslin's Concept of the Absurdist Theatre as an Expression of Camus' Concept of Absurdity Set Forth in "The Myth of Sisyphus"

Description: This work is an effort to investigate the relationship between Albert Camus' philosophic concepts of the absurd presented in "The Myth of Sisyphus" and the Absurdist Theatre as defined by Martin Esslin. Included in this thesis is a discussion of each of the above concepts. Focus is placed upon the characteristics of the Absurdist Theatre which constitute the basis for the label "Absurdity." The conclusion indicates that while the playwright's personal experiences and philosophies correspond to Camus', their plays fail to communicate or express that concept of absurdity satisfactorily. The major emphasis is on the lack of concrete reality used to communicate a concept based upon concrete reality.
Date: May 1976
Creator: Turney, Sandra Page
Partner: UNT Libraries

An Analysis of the Directing Techniques of Takis Muzenidis as Illustrated in the Staging of "The Libation Bearers"

Description: The purpose of this project was to observe and analyze Takis Muzenidis' methods of casting, rehearsal procedures and philosophy of directing as illustrated.in his production of The Libation Bearers at North Texas State University. Chapter I is an introduction to Muzenidis' background, qualifications and purpose for being at North Texas. Chapter II is a subjective description of Muzenidis' methods of casting, style of directing and relationship with the cast and crew. Chapter III discusses problems that occurred in the production. Chapter IV examines the production results through an audience analysis and interviews with the cast and crew. Chapter V is a summary of the thesis with a personal evaluation of the production and the director.
Date: August 1976
Creator: Evans, David L.
Partner: UNT Libraries

An Analysis of Mark Twain's Oral Interpretation on the Reading Tour of 1884-1885

Description: This oral interpretation thesis analyzes the influences on Mark Twain's reading, traces his development as an oral interpreter, and studies his techniques for revising selections of his literature to make them more suitable for oral delivery. This study concentrates on Twain's 1884-1885 reading tour with George W. Cable because in that period Twain made his greatest advances as an oral interpreter. The impact that this tour had on Twain's later reading is also analyzed. It was discovered that the interpretation theories developed by Twain are consistent with contemporary theory and practice.
Date: August 1978
Creator: Strong, William F.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Oral Interpretation as a Catalyst for Social Awareness Ann's Haven: Hospice of Denton County

Description: This oral interpretation thesis studies the use of oral interpretation in social contexts. The context chosen was the Hospice movement, which deals with assisting terminally ill persons and their families through the stages of death and bereavement. A readers theatre script was compiled for "Ann's Haven: Hospice of Denton County," which was selected for the locus of this thesis. The script was presented to various civic groups for the purpose of informing the public and eliciting support for Ann's Haven. It was found that oral interpretation is a viable rhetorical tool and is well liked by audiences as a means of public enlightenment.
Date: August 1981
Creator: Cancilla, Carlajo
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Group Interpretation Script Based on the Life, Works, and Times of Dante Alighieri

Description: The purpose of this thesis has been to prepare a script based on the life and works of Dante Alighieri, with special attention to the effects of medieval culture and politics on him and his works. Chapter I includes a discussion of the reputation and poetry of Dante, as well as the purpose and procedure followed in this thesis. Chapter II describes the historical and cultural background of Medieval Europe during Dante's time. Chapter III describes Dante's life and works. Chapter IV contains the script and a production concept that offers ideas and suggestions concerning the production of the script.
Date: December 1977
Creator: Lambert, Larry Lee
Partner: UNT Libraries

Space--Our Future: A Script for Group Interpretation

Description: The purpose of this thesis has been to prepare a group interpretation script based on the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and its major manned programs. The script is designed to inform high school students and the general public of the space program. Available literature on oral interpretation and readers theatre have been investigated with particular attention given to the value of readers theatre as a means of instruction. Questionnaires were circulated among aerospace professors throughout the country and companies involved in the space industry. In their responses, aerospace company officials indicate strong support of this thesis and indicate a pressing need for such an informative script.
Date: August 1983
Creator: Bishop, Laura M. (Laura Maria)
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Readers Theatre Approach to Grief Intervention for the Single-Again Adult

Description: Grief is the reaction to the loss of anything valuable, and therefore both the widowed and the divorced experience the grief process. Research shows that learning about the cyclic stages and symptoms of grief and knowing that others have successfully recovered can be helpful to the griever. The purpose of this thesis has been to develop and produce a compiled Readers Theatre script containing factual material about the stages and symptoms of the grief process as it relates to the widowed and divorced, and also personal testimonies of people who have successfully worked through their grief. In addition to the script, the thesis includes a discussion on pathological grief and on the similarities and differences in widowed and divorced grief.
Date: May 1984
Creator: Stringer, Bobbi Rhe
Partner: UNT Libraries

Oral Interpretation in a Public Awareness Campaign Denton County Probationer Education and Employment Program

Description: This study investigates the use of oral interpretation in social contexts. The context chosen was a community corrections program which provides education and employment assistance to adults on probation in Denton County, Texas. A solo interpretation script was incorporated into a public awareness presentation about the Denton County Probationer Education and Employment Program. The presentation was presented to a pilot audience to test the effectiveness of combining oral interpretation with public speaking to inform audiences about and elicit support for community corrections. It was determined that integrating an interpretative performance into an informational presentation is an effective method of employing oral interpretation outside the classroom and expanding its rhetorical dimensions.
Date: August 1982
Creator: Truitt, Gary
Partner: UNT Libraries

An Historical and Attitudinal Study of the Oral Interpretation Events in the Arkansas State Speech Festival

Description: The primary purpose of this study is to survey the attitudes of Arkansas speech teachers toward the oral interpretation events in the Arkansas State Speech Festival. The secondary purpose is to trace the development of oral interpretation from its inception in the festival to the present time. The thesis contains four chapters: I--an explanation of the purposes and procedures followed in the study; II--a history of the interpretation events and present structure of the festival; III--a compilation of the results of a questionnaire mailed to seventy-one Arkansas teachers; IV--a summary of the attitudes reflected in the questionnaires and recommendations for change in the current structure of the Arkansas State Speech Festival.
Date: December 1976
Creator: Benson, Priscilla Lee
Partner: UNT Libraries

An Oral Interpretation Program of Selected Navajo Literature

Description: This study selects and arranges Navajo literature for an oral interpretation program. The presentation includes an introduction, a statement of purpose, an explanation of the limitations of the study, and the procedure used. There is a brief examination of the history of the Navajo Tribe. Also included is information for selection of material for the oral interpretation program and a discussion of the selection and arrangement of Navajo literature. A summary and conclusion are included, as well as an appendix which comprises the script of Navajo literature for the oral interpretation program. Through the oral interpretation program, this study conveys the beauty and poetry of the Navajo language.
Date: December 1974
Creator: Kerr, Barbara
Partner: UNT Libraries

Multimedia, Mixed-Media, and Intermedia: Their Utilization in the Oral Interpretation of Literature

Description: This study deals with the use of media in oral interpretation performances. The modes of media performance which are defined and examined are multimedia, mixed-media, and intermedia. Multimedia uses media devices exclusively; mixed-media employs media and live performers; intermedia utilizes media to create an environment in which the performer, literature, and audience participate to form an experience. These modes of media performance are analyzed and then related to oral interpretation. The advantages and disadvantages of incorporating media into oral interpretation are examined, and theoretical statements are made regarding the use of media in oral interpretation performances.
Date: August 1975
Creator: Hurdis, Sara M.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Transactional Analysis in the Elementary Classroom: PAC for Children

Description: The focus of this study is on the development of an original script designed to introduce concepts of structural and transactional analysis to elementary school children. Included in Chapter One are reviews of Transactional Analysis and the PAC communication model. Classroom application of Transactional Analysis principles is examined in Chapter Two. Chapter Three examines needs and characteristics of young children. Qualities of good children's literature are discussed in relationship to the selection and explication of script material. The manuscript appears in Appendix B. This report accepts evidence that Transactional Analysis training can be an additive part of the elementary school curriculum. It further proposes that story material conscientiously designed for young children could prove effective and entertaining training vehicles for Transactional Analysis concepts.
Date: May 1974
Creator: McClung, Jadie-Anne
Partner: UNT Libraries