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The Texas Film Commission and Its Effect on Filmmaking in Texas

Description: The Texas Film Commission has actively been in existence since 1971, yet there has not been any published study that examines its history, how it functions, or its impact on the film industry in Texas. Using information gathered from magazine and newspaper articles, the State laws of Texas, letters from people associated with the Texas Film Commission, and interviews, this study explores these aspects of the Film Commission. Texas has been popular as a filmmaking state since the early 1900's. It was through the interest of the State legislators that a film commission was established in Texas. Guidelines for the Texas Film Commission are described in the State Statutes of Texas. The goal of the Texas Film Commission is to encourage and promote both out-of-state and in-state production. It does receive assistance in promoting Texas as a filmmaking state from other State agencies, but is solely responsible for increasing Texas' popularity with filmmakers through marketing seminars and advertising campaigns.
Date: August 1984
Creator: Mason, Betty J. (Betty Jean)
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Role of Contingent-Anxious Versus Temporally Yoked Conditioned Stimulus Termination in the Enhancement or Conservation of Learned Fear

Description: This study investigated whether contingent-anxious conditioned stimulus termination was more important than temporally yoked termination in producing conservation or enhancement of learned fear. Thirty psychology students, twenty-six females and four males, were administered item thirty-nine from the Fear Survey Schedule and an avoidance test. After in vivo treatment exposure to a harmless snake, post-test measures identical to pretests revealed that contingent-anxious subjects retained significantly more fear (p <.05) on both indexes than temporally yoked subjects. No enhancement was found and only on the subjective measure did contingent-anxious subjects show fear conservation when contrasted with no-treatment controls (p >.05). Implications for "implosive" therapies were discussed.
Date: December 1974
Creator: Dial, Miles H.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Identification of Professional Competencies Required by the Generic Special Educator

Description: The problem of this study was to identify professional competencies considered essential for the generic special educator. The purpose of this study was to identify competencies essential to the successful performance of a generic special educator to be used in the development of special education personnel. The identified competencies were utilized in the newly developed competency-based generic special education program at North Texas State University. To accomplish this study, a non-proportional stratified random sample of fifty-one school districts was selected from Regions VII, VIII, X, and XI. An instrument was developed, pilot tested, and revised. The instrument was administered to the sample of selected professional personnel within each selected school district. Descriptive data from the questionnaire were compiled and presented in tables by position and sub-group. The Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient was applied as a measure of association among the various sub-groups on the basis of the rank ordering of items. In order to determine significant differences among sub-groups on the variable of importance of competency item, analyses of variance were calculated. Trainability ratings were analyzed using the chi square test of independence to test the degree of agreement of training environment among the four sub-groups.
Date: May 1974
Creator: Cooper, Bobbye Williams
Partner: UNT Libraries

Career Path Patterns of Public School District Superintendents in the State of Texas and Perceptions of Superintendents and a Panel of Experts Regarding Desirable Professional Development and Experience for the Superintendency

Description: The purposes of this study were to determine the predominant career paths of superintendents within the State of Texas and to determine the most important professional positions and areas of professional development as perceived by superintendents and educational experts. The study also compares actual experience and professional development of superintendents with those perceived as most important.
Date: December 1986
Creator: Peters, Melonae
Partner: UNT Libraries

Attribution Retraining: Effects on Persistence in Special Education Students' Mathematics Behavior

Description: To investigate the effects of attribution retraining under conditions of intermittent success and failure, 14 helpless subjects were given 15 days of treatment in one of two procedures. Except for the attribution of all failures to lack of effort in the attribution retraining condition, the two procedures were identical in all respects. After training, both groups showed significant and equivalent improvement in reactions to failure, suggesting that intermittent success and failure increase the persistence of helpless children, rather than attribution retraining as suggested by Dweck (1975). Recommendations included follow-up studies and exploration of the attributional patterns of children under conditions of intermittent success and failure.
Date: May 1978
Creator: Benson, Patricia Ann
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Effect of a Physical Conditioning Program on Physical Fitness and Health Locus of Control Among Adolescent Substance Abusers

Description: The purpose of this investigation focused on determining the effects of a physical conditioning program on physical fitness and health attitudes on inpatient adolescent male substance abusers during and following participation in a six week fitness program. The fitness measures chosen for this study were the 1 1/2 mile run, skinfold, sit-and-reach, and grip strength. The first four of these measures make up the AAHPERD test battery (AAHPERD, 1980). The Health Attribution Test (Lawlis and Lawlis, 1980) was administered to determine health locus of control.
Date: May 1982
Creator: Owen, Guy Madison
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Comparative Study of Opinions Concerning Faculty Teaching Behaviors Among Faculty Members and Senior Teacher Training Students in Six Teachers Colleges in Bangkok Thailand

Description: The purpose of this study is to compare the opinions concerning faculty teaching behaviors among groups of faculty members and senior teacher training students in six teachers colleges in Bangkok, Thailand. Five research hypotheses guided the data analysis for this study; the variables used were sex, age, teaching experience, and college of employment. A published, validated survey instrument, which lists sixty-one behavioral items and incorporates a Likert-type response scale, was used to collect the data. Random sampling of the population corresponded to existing male-female ratios for each group at each schools, with the exception of one school that has only female students. From the sample of 480, the total response was 85.6 percent. In order to test for significant differences of opinion among the variables and between the groups at the .05 level, t and F tests were applied. The data indicate that 70.5 percent of the 190 responding faculty are females who have taught for more than ten years; females also constitute 72.4 percent of the 221 senior teacher training students. In regard to opinions of appropriate faculty teaching behaviors, significant differences were found between faculty and students (faculty members had higher mean scores) and between male and female faculty members (female faculty had higher mean scores). Conclusions drawn from these and other findings for this sample population include that (1) faculty and students do not agree upon what constitutes appropriate faculty teaching behaviors; (2) faculty members have stronger opinions than students about the appropriateness of such behaviors; and (3) there is more agreement among students than among faculty regarding the items that constitute appropriate faculty teaching behavior. The data findings are also discussed in the context of cultural differences that could have affected findings which were different from those discussed in the literature on evaluation of faculty teaching ...
Date: December 1984
Creator: Bhulapatna, Prakit
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Delphi Study of Roles and Responsibilities of State Developmental Disabilities Planning Councils

Description: The purpose of the study was to explore and examine the roles and responsibilities of state councils related to planning, influencing, monitoring, and evaluating activities. These activities had been mandated by Congress for the improvement of services for the target population of the Developmentally Disabled Assistance and Bill of Rights Act of 1975, Public Law 94-103. Forecast responses were sought to twelve questions that addressed issues relating to roles and responsibilities identified for the councils (a) in the law, (b) the regulations issued pursuant to enactment of the law, and (c) the program guidelines that covered operation of the program. Based upon the findings from the analysis of data in the study and feedback from the panel, implications and conclusions were drawn and recommendations were made. Five of the most important conclusions made were 1. A continuing trend in accountability is demonstrated by the increased emphasis on performance of councils, progress of clients, and effectiveness of service programs; 2. Evaluation activities are being seen from a broad scope and comprehensive viewpoint rather than on a narrow, localized scale; 3. Influencing activities for state councils may be approached from a practical as well as political viewpoint; 4. The voice of the consumer will be stronger in council affairs and service activities; 5. The role of the councils as a planning and coordinating body is finding acceptance.
Date: August 1979
Creator: Dickson, Claudia B. (Claudia Blair)
Partner: UNT Libraries

An Affective-Cognitive Group Counseling Procedure for Use with Parents of Handicapped Children: A Comparative Study of its Effectiveness for Changing Attitudes and Training Parents in a Method of Child Guidance

Description: This study concerned the paucity of group counseling procedures designed specifically for use with parents of handicapped children. Purposes of the study were- (1) design of an affective-cognitive group counseling procedure, (2) investigation of affective-cognitive group counseling procedural effects with parents of handicapped children, (3) determination of procedural effects in a. changing the intra- and interpersonal attitudes of parents, b. increasing parents' knowledge of Positive Behavior Management, and (4) determining comparative procedure effects. Four research hypotheses related to the efficacy of the affective-cognitive group counseling procedure were formulated and tested at the .05 level of confidence. Statistical analysis of data indicated that parents participating in the affective-cognitive group counseling procedure did not achieve significantly higher posttest mean scores on the Acceptance of Self and Others test or in the five areas of the Parent Attitude Survey Scale than did parents participating in the affective, cognitive, or control group. Data did reveal that parents participating in the cognitive group did achieve significantly higher adjusted posttest mean scores on the Positive Behavior Management Assessment than did parents participating in the affective-cognitive, affective, or control group. Data also indicated that parents in the affective-cognitive group did not obtain greater mean scores on goal-attainment than did parents in the other three groups. On the basis of statistical findings, all four hypotheses were rejected.
Date: August 1978
Creator: Sumlin, Donna Lee
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Effects of the "LEAST" Approach to Discipline with Behaviorally Disordered Junior High School Pupils

Description: This study examined the effectiveness of the LEAST Approach to Discipline with junior high school teachers having behaviorally disordered pupils in their classes. The sample consisted of twenty junior high school teachers who were paired on the basis of quantity and problem severity of behaviorally disordered pupils in their classes. Each matched pair was split and randomly assigned to the experimental and control group. Treatment consisted of eight hours of training in the LEAST approach. Subsequently, each experimental teacher was observed in class and given feedback regarding his application of the LEAST approach. The control group received no treatment. Following treatment, a two-month data collection period ensued. During this time data was collected for both groups on seven dependent variables. Specifically these were (1) teacher deviancy management skills, (2) pupil perception of the classroom environment, (3) pupil compliance, (4) office referrals, (5) teacher-parent conferences, (6) pupil absences and (7) non completed assignments.
Date: August 1983
Creator: Williams, Hadley E. (Hadley Edward)
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Prevalence of Specific Learning Disabilities in School-Aged Hearing Impaired Children

Description: The purpose of this investigation was to determine the prevalence of specific learning disabilities in school-aged hearing impaired children based on the proposed theoretical definition of the National Joint Committee for Learning Disabilities (1981) and the theoretical definition constructed by the Canadian Association for Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities (1981). The operationalization of these theoretical definitions, coupled with the current operational definition issued by the Texas Education Agency (1983), formulated the investigative framework.
Date: December 1985
Creator: Boss, Marion Sutherland
Partner: UNT Libraries

Perceptions of Special Education Teachers in Texas Regarding Selected Job Related Factors

Description: The purpose of this study was to determine the perceptions of special education teachers in regard to selected factors affecting their teaching environment. The problem focused on these professionals' perceptions of factors that can influence decisions to remain in the field or to cause special educators to seek reassignment or to leave the profession.This study utilized a modification of an unstructured Q-sort. After formulating, validating, and establishing reliability, a fifty item instrument divided among personal, administrative, and demographic categories was derived.Personal, administrative, and demographic sections of the questionnaires were studied separately utilizing mean scores and rank order correlation coefficients. The .01 level of significance was utilized.
Date: August 1984
Creator: Johnston, Rebecca L. (Rebecca Lea)
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Study of the Individual Traits of Effective Managers for Residential Facilities for the Mentally Retarded

Description: Studies of Individual traits perceived as necessary to achieve managerial effectiveness, while multitudinous in the world of commerce, have yet to be undertaken as they apply to managers in residential facilities serving mentally retarded individuals. The problem of this study was to identify a group of individual traits perceived as characteristic of effective managers in residential facilities for the mentally retarded. Projectively, the identified traits could constitute valid criterion for consideration in the selection process utilized in employing managers for both public and private facilities. The primary purpose of this study was to develop an instrument which would enable the interviewer to secure information regarding specific individual traits. An informed predictive decision regarding the effective management potential, of the individual, for a residential facility for mentally retarded individuals would be greatly enhanced. The secondary purpose of the study was to focus on a comparison between group responses for each of the 25 trait items. The study will identify significant differences and relationships between the responses of State Directors of Mental Retardation Programs, Assistants to Texas Deputy Commissioner for Mental Retardation, Superintendents of Texas State Schools for the Mentally Retarded and a select group of managerial personnel within Texas State Schools for the Mentally Retarded. Comparison of response profiles contribute to an index of preferential traits for each of the managerial groups by contrasting patterns of preferences between all managerial groups and delineating traits which were common in preference among all groups. The tertiary purpose of the study was to identify patterns of personal traits which should constitute valid criterion for consideration in the selection process utilized in employing managers for both public and private facilities. Specific attention was given to the managerial trait preferences of each group of managers included in the study.
Date: August 1981
Creator: Lane, James E. (James Edward)
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Comparison of the Linguistic Competence of Learning Disabled and Emotionally Disturbed Pupils

Description: The problem of this investigation was to compare the linguistic competence of learning disabled and emotionally disturbed pupils by means of two performance tasks. Sixty subjects, seven-and-eight-year old monolingual public and private school pupils, were assigned to three groups of twenty subjects each, learning disabled, emotionally disturbed and normally achieving children. The majority of those in the learning disabled and the normally achieving groups were from middle-class families, with the majority of fathers owners of small businesses. A majority (17) of the emotionally disturbed group attended the public schools.
Date: June 1981
Creator: Hook, Pauline Pepper
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Efficacy of Utilizing the Adaptive Behavior Inventory for Children for Educational Planning Purposes

Description: The study investigated adaptive behavior, as measured by the Adaptive Behavior Inventory for Children (ABIC), in diagnosing mental retardation among elementary school age children who were referred for special education services. Specifically, the study attempted to determine whether or not those children diagnosed as not mentally retarded and denied special education services on the basis of the ABIC data were statistically different, on the variables of intellectual development, academic achievement, and classroom behavior, from those children who were diagnosed mentally retarded and accepted for special education services on the basis of the ABIC data. Further, the study investigated the relationship between adaptive behavior and the prediction of academic achievement in elementary school age children.
Date: May 1982
Creator: Tiritilli, Wayne E. (Wayne Ernest)
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Effects of Specific Interventions with Supervisors on Paraprofessional Turnover in Selected Mental Health and Mental Retardation Facilities

Description: The problem of this study was the identification of ways and means of reducing paraprofessional turnover in mental health and mental retardation facilities. The high turnover rate of mental health and mental retardation paraprofessionals has major implications for the quality and cost of client services. Several researchers have suggested that adequately trained supervisors can influence the turnover rate among employees as well as their motivation and production. A six-month study of the Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation released in March, 1980 by a blue ribbon audit team blamed bad management practices, not low pay and poor working conditions, for the high rate of employee turnover. However, few studies have investigated the effect of supervisory training on turnover and researchers have called for additional studies in the area. The purpose of this study was to employ two specific intervention techniques with supervisory personnel in order to determine their effectiveness in reducing the rate of paraprofessional employee turnover in mental health and mental retardation facilities.
Date: August 1981
Creator: Baxter, Nick A.
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Effects of a Classroom Social Skills Training Program on Socially Maladaptive Learning Disabled Elementary Students

Description: This study examined the effectiveness of the Human Resource Development model of classroom social skills with intermediate elementary learning disabled children. A pretest posttest control group design was employed. The sample consisted of 40 fourth-, fifth-, and sixth-grade LD pupils who scored in the bottom fourth of their classes in peer acceptance. The subjects were randomly assigned to the treatment or control group. Treatment consisted of six daily one hour training sessions covering the five skills of physically attending, psychologically attending, greeting, making polite requests and complying with requests. Subjects met in groups of six to eight in lieu of learning assistance and were instructed through methods including modeling, demonstration, role playing, didactic instruction, feedback and self-monitoring. The control group received no treatment but went to learning assistance as usual.
Date: May 1983
Creator: Williams, Victoria R. (Victoria Riggs)
Partner: UNT Libraries

Superintendents' and Special Education Directors' Perceptions Regarding a Minimum Competency Testing Framework in Texas

Description: The purpose of this study was to determine superintendents' and special education directors' perceptions regarding a special education minimum competency testing framework in Texas. Additionally, this study attempted to determine a relationship between school districts' demographic characteristics and superintendents'and special education directors' perceptions. Questionnaires were mailed to a random sample of seventy five superintendents, seventy-five special education directors of single districts and seventy-five special education directors of cooperatives in the State of Texas.
Date: May 1985
Creator: Clary, Elaine D. (Elaine Devenport)
Partner: UNT Libraries